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NSW minister is cleared of breaking lockdown rules NSW minister is cleared of breaking lockdown rules
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 (Daily Mail Online)
Alarm bells ring over aid spending amid lack of clarity on DfID merger
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NGOs warn of rising uncertainty over programmes to tackle poverty and Covid-19 despite assurances from ministersThe government’s plans to merge the Department for International Development (DfID) with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office have been criticised for a chaotic lack of clarity as NGOs are told to cut aid programmes.DfID said it was due to review its aid spending because of a fall in gross national income, but stressed no decisions had been made. However, experts in the aid sector say there are already signs of cuts among programmes tackling poverty and Covid-19. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Coronavirus: Cardiff man meets doctor who saved his life
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At one stage the oxygen level in Davide Compagnone's blood was lower than on Everest's peak. (BBC News)
Van Morrison, Snow Patrol and Ash in music industry aid plea
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Almost 150 artists write a letter calling for financial support for the music sector. (BBC News)
Fourth of July celebrations increase risk of 'superspreader' events, experts warn
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Officials prevent municipal gatherings in effort to slow spreadExperts urge Americans at barbecues to follow health guidelinesThe Fourth of July is traditionally for barbecues, fireworks, boisterous partying and various hijinks to celebrate Independence Day. But this year, with coronavirus cases soaring to all-time highs, medical experts warn that the normal US holiday exuberance could instead create infection “superspreader” events. Related: 'It's very troubling': alarm grows over Covid-19 spike among young Americans Continue reading... (The Guardian)