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The Mall: Man carrying axe arrested by Met Police
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The Met Police say no-one was injured in the incident and are appealing for information. (BBC News)
Daunte Wright shooting: Police chief resigns over black motorist's death
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The shooting of Daunte Wright in Minneapolis was described by police as accidental but sparked unrest. (BBC News)
Murder probe after shooting at Birmingham industrial site
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A man has died and another is seriously injured in a shooting in Birmingham. (BBC News)
Going out, dressing up
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Recent financial results show there are contrasting fortunes in the business of fashion and apparel. (BBC News)
Norfolk's 'unique' purple sea sponge named by schoolgirl
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The sponge species was unnamed for a decade before nine-year-old Sylvie suggested Parpal Dumplin. (BBC News)
India's Maharashtra state announces 15 days of tough new Covid measures
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Maharashtra announces two weeks of measures just short of a full lockdown amid a wave of cases. (BBC News)
Masked men destroy printers at controversial Hong Kong newspaper
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CCTV shows four men storming the Epoch Times newspaper printing plant and destroying equipment. (BBC News)
Students returning to university in England from 17 May
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A million students currently learning online will go back to university campuses next month. (BBC News)
Buckinghamshire farmer 'trampled to death by bulls', inquest hears
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A colleague tells an inquest he was also attacked while trying to protect the injured man. (BBC News)
US troops 'to leave Afghanistan by 11 September'
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US President Joe Biden set to announce troops will leave Afghanistan by 11 September - media reports. (BBC News)