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Nigeria Sars protest: Unrest in Lagos after shooting
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Amnesty International says at least 12 people were killed on Tuesday during protests in the city. (BBC News)
PayPal allows Bitcoin and crypto spending
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Cryptocurrencies are being added to one of the world's biggest online payment networks. (BBC News)
Covid: UK on course for 'tens of thousands' more deaths
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A government adviser gave MPs his view during evidence on lessons learned from the pandemic. (BBC News)
The Countdown: Avengers stars quiz Kamala Harris and what to wear to vote
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What can you wear when you vote, and who gets to ask Kamala Harris questions? (BBC News)
First baby male gorilla born at Boston zoo
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After a successful Caesarean section, mother gorilla Kiki welcomed a healthy baby. (BBC News)
Pope Francis indicates support for same-sex civil unions
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"They are children of God and have a right to a family," Pope Francis says in a new documentary. (BBC News)
Sadiq Khan on Boris Johnson's Tfl 'bankrupt' claim
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The Mayor of London is “not willing to accept” extending the capital’s congestion change, “regressive” council tax hikes and fare rises above inflation. (BBC News)
Nigeria End Sars protest: Eyewitnesses say ‘the soldiers opened fire’
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There were violent clashes at an End Sars demonstration and protestors claim the army opened fire 'to kill'. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: 'Social media was a positive in lockdown'
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Tatyana tells a committee how being online in quarantine helped her share her body image message. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Call for clarity over half-term travel advice
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The tourism boss for Devon says they have to rely on people sticking to government guidance. (BBC News)