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Trump’s Attack on Amazon Actually Has Its Precedents
15. april 2018 (11:00)
From Theodore Roosevelt to John Kennedy, presidents have often taken on big business, in both word and deed. (Wired)
Hollywood Should Make Movies That Grapple with Gamergate
14. april 2018 (13:00)
'Ready Player One' isn't that movie. (Wired)
Russia Bans Telegram, China's Facial Recognition, and More Security News This Week
14. april 2018 (13:00)
Russia bans popular encrypted chat app Telegram, China's facial recognition system flexes, and more security news this week. (Wired)
Best Weekend Tech Deals: LG OLED, Kindle, Alienware, Megaboom
14. april 2018 (12:00)
No matter if you're looking for a Kindle or an OLED TV, we've got what you're looking for this weekend. (Wired)
Space Photos of the Week: Morning Light Hits the Southern Lights
14. april 2018 (12:00)
Unearthly celestial events, Martian craters, and Jovian storms. (Wired)
Smartphone Apps Know Too Much. We Need to Fix Permissions
14. april 2018 (11:00)
The recent Facebook drama has shown that people need more explicit information before they give access to apps. (Wired)
Diamond and Silk Expose Facebook's Burden of Moderation
14. april 2018 (11:00)
The social network's battle with a pair of conservative bloggers show that for the ultimate amplifier, moderation is a necessary game it can't win. (Wired)
At March for Science, Federal Researchers Weather Trump Storm
14. april 2018 (11:00)
Many anti-Trump protesters have turned their attention toward recruiting scientists to run for office in local, state, and congressional offices. (Wired)
Within Facebook, a Sense of Relief Over the Zuckerberg Hearings
13. april 2018 (23:08)
Facebook employees watched the hearings closely, and were pleased by what they saw. (Wired)
Gadget Lab Podcast: How Facebook Will Change After This
13. april 2018 (20:17)
On this episode, we discuss Facebook's future relationship with its users, and with the governments who seek to regulate it. (Wired)