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Covid-19: Boris Johnson on date for reopening English schools
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Boris Johnson says teachers and pupils will be told “as much as we can, as soon as we can” about reopening them. (BBC News)
Skewen flood victims face 'months' before returning home
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Eighty people were evacuated on Thursday and residents are urged to stay away due to safety fears. (BBC News)
Keira Knightley rules out sex scenes directed by men
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The actress explains why she has a "no nudity clause" written into her movie contracts. (BBC News)
Covid: Volunteers in Maesteg clear snow for vulnerable to get vaccine
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Community spirit praised as helpers clear 7cm of snow so vulnerable patients could get Covid jab. (BBC News)
Frank Lampard: Chelsea set to sack manager after 18 months in charge
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Chelsea are set to sack manager Frank Lampard after 18 months in charge at the west London club. (BBC News)
China mine rescue: Nine found dead during rescue in Shandong province
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The discovery comes a day after 11 miners were rescued after two weeks trapped underground. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer self-isolates for third time
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Sir Keir Starmer says he will be working from home until next Monday. (BBC News)
Covid sea shanty video goes viral for Isle of Wight grandad
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Martyn Waitt, 82, was encouraged to record a version of the Wellerman shanty by his granddaughter. (BBC News)
Earnings of wealthiest 10 men during pandemic 'could buy vaccines for all'
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Billionaires' wealth has soared while the pandemic has plunged millions into poverty, Oxfam says. (BBC News)
Dylan Freeman: Mother admits killing disabled son
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Three psychiatric reports found Olga Freeman was suffering from a severe depressive illness. (BBC News)