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Democrats to interview state department watchdog fired by Trump
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Trump fired Steve Linick at recommendation of Mike PompeoPresident has removed series of independent oversight officialsMembers of three House and Senate committees will on Wednesday interview Steve Linick, the state department inspector general who was fired abruptly by Donald Trump. Related: Trump justice department forces out top FBI lawyer in Flynn case – report Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Health officials make last-minute plea to stop lockdown easing in England
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Royal College of Nursing also fears lifting of more restrictions on ‘happy Monday’ is too earlyCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageSenior public health officials have made a last-minute plea for ministers to scrap Monday’s easing of the coronavirus lockdown in England, warning the country is unprepared to deal with any surge in infection and that public resolve to take steps to limit transmisson has been eroded.The Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH) said new rules, including allowing groups of up to six people to meet outdoors and in private gardens, were “not supported by the science” and that pictures of crowded beaches and beauty spots over the weekend showed “the public is not keeping to social distancing as it was”. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Coalition gave private pathology companies lucrative Covid contracts
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Government has shielded closed collection centres from takeover and provides big subsidy increases after industry lobbyingThe Australian government handed major pathology companies lucrative Covid-19 contracts through limited tenders, shielded their closed collection centres from takeover, provided large subsidy increases after industry lobbying, waived normal registration fees and promised to provide additional assistance outside of jobkeeper.Guardian Australia has spent the past week examining aspects of the federal government’s response to coronavirus, investigating problems with jobkeeper, the childcare support package, and the potential economic impact of the sudden cessation of stimulus. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Covid-19 misinformation: pro-Trump and QAnon Twitter bots found to be worst offenders
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Researchers find coordinated effort to promote conspiracy theory that coronavirus is a bioweapon engineered by ChinaMisinformation about the origins of Covid-19 is far more likely to be spread by pro-Trump, QAnon or Republican bots on Twitter than any other source, according to a study commissioned by the Australia Institute’s Centre for Responsible Technology.In late March, when the coronavirus pandemic was taking hold in the US and across much of the rest of the world, two researchers at Queensland University of Technology, Timothy Graham and Axel Bruns, analysed 2.6m tweets related to coronavirus, and 25.5m retweets of those tweets, over the course of 10 days. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
'These cops love you': Michigan sheriff joins George Floyd protesters in Flint – video
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A sheriff in Michigan on Saturday was welcomed with cheers as he gave a rousing speech before joining demonstrators on a George Floyd protest. 'The only reason we're here is to make sure you have a voice, that's it' said Chris Swanson. 'I want to make this a parade, not a protest.' Swanson then joined the demonstrators after they chanted 'walk with us' at him George Floyd: protests and unrest coast to coast as US cities impose curfews Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Coronavirus: millions shielding in England can go outside from Monday, says Robert Jenrick – video
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Goverment guidance requiring 2.2 million people in at-risk groups to stay indoors is to be relaxed in England from Monday, the communities minister has announced. Robert Jenrick confirmed that people currently shielding will be able to spend time with their households or, if they live alone, with one person from another household. The full guidance will be posted on the website. 'Now that we’ve passed the peak, the risk to those shielding is lower,' Jenrick said.UK coronavirus live: 'shielding' people can go outside for first time from Monday Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Brazil’s left and right unite to launch pro-democracy manifesto
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Call for unity comes as criticism of Jair Bolsonaro’s handling of coronavirus growsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageProminent figures from across Brazil’s political spectrum have a published a high-profile manifesto calling for a united front to protect Brazilian democracy and lives amid growing alarm over president Jair Bolsonaro’s authoritarian outbursts and shambolic response to coronavirus.The Movimento Estamos Juntos (We’re In This Together Movement) was launched on Saturday as Brazil overtook France to become the country with the fourth highest official death toll. About a thousand coronavirus deaths are being confirmed each day as Latin America’s biggest economy cements itself as a major focus of the pandemic. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
'Ginormous challenge': boy with cerebral palsy completes marathon
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Tobias Weller raises £60,000 for charity by walking up and down Sheffield road for 70 daysThere were cheers from physically distanced crowds as nine-year-old Tobias Weller, a boy with autism and cerebral palsy, completed his remarkable challenge to walk a marathon to raise money for charity.Nicknamed Captain Tobias, he has been walking up and down the Sheffield road where he lives for 70 days. He initially hoped to raise £500. A flood of support led to him raising the target to £30,000. On Sunday evening the total stood at more than £60,000. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
SpaceX Dragon crew capsule docks at International Space Station
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A milestone for two Nasa astronauts in historic missionFirst such rendezvous by US spacecraft since 2011A mere 19 hours after blasting off from Florida, and with a short break for some Black Sabbath music in between, two Nasa astronauts docked the SpaceX Dragon crew capsule to the International Space Station (ISS) on Sunday in another milestone moment for their historic mission. Related: Trump wants America looking at the stars as he drags it through the gutter Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Global report: fears of coronavirus surge from US protests as world cases hit 6m
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The pope warns that people are more important than economies as countries ease lockdownsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageGlobal coronavirus infections have passed the 6 million mark as Latin America hit the grim milestone of 50,000 deaths with Brazil alone accounting for half of those fatalities.With at least 369,000 deaths confirmed worldwide since the pandemic began in China in January – and that number believed to be an underestimate – Brazil’s virus death toll of 28,834 has now surpassed that of France with the country reporting 33,274 new infections in the past 24 hours. Continue reading... (The Guardian)