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Why the Music Industry Hasn't Had Its #MeToo Moment
13. april 2018 (18:26)
Emboldened by silent colleagues and apologist supporters, music artists and executives continue to misbehave with impunity. (Wired)
Inside 'Problem Areas'—Wyatt Cenac's Bold HBO Experiment on Policing in America
13. april 2018 (17:56)
The comedian's new show 'Problem Areas' takes a serious look at the problems plaguing law enforcement. (Wired)
Photographing the Lights of America's Prisons—and the Lives Inside
13. april 2018 (15:00)
Stephen Tourlentes has spent more than two decades photographing the bright glow of prisons on the periphery of society.  (Wired)
Tesla's Autopilot Fight, Uber's Bikes, and More Car News This Week
13. april 2018 (13:00)
Plus: Aistream's cozy new trailer, Luminar starts cranking out lidars, and more.  (Wired)
'Nier: Automata''s Yoko Taro, Videogames' Most Interesting Designer
13. april 2018 (13:00)
With 'Automata,' Taro created a game that wasn't just thorny and ambitious, but humanistic. (Wired)
Catching up With Pepper, the Surprisingly Helpful Humanoid Robot
13. april 2018 (12:00)
Pepper is part of the first wave of intelligent machines that promise to not only make our lives easier, but to bring a strange new form of interaction into being. (Wired)
What Hearings? Advertisers Still Love Facebook
13. april 2018 (11:00)
All that noise in Washington won't mean much for Facebook's bottom line. (Wired)
How the March For Science Became a Movement
13. april 2018 (11:00)
"In 2017 we marched for science. In 2018, we vote for science." (Wired)
Tesla Fights the NTSB Over Its Latest Autopilot Death
12. april 2018 (20:49)
Elon Musk's automaker has quit the investigation led by the agency, and the sniping is getting serious. (Wired)
Despite Zuckerberg Pledge, Facebook Fights State Privacy Laws
12. april 2018 (20:12)
The social network has pushed back against consumer-focused legislation in places like Illinois and California. (Wired)