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How did attack breach Saudi defences and what will happen next?
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Escalation is dangerous because infrastructure could be exposed to retaliationSaudi Arabia’s state-of-the-art missile defence systems could do nothing to stop the swarm of drones and cruise missiles that struck some of its most important oil infrastructure at the weekend. They were designed to deal with different threats – and they were looking in the wrong direction.The audacious strike against the Abqaiq petroleum processing facilities and Khurais oil field on Saturday morning – which the Saudis say was “unquestionably sponsored by Iran” – has exposed the limits of the defences of the world’s largest military spender per capita. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Hong Kong protests: The Taiwanese sending 2,000 gas masks
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Fears that Taiwan will also one day face Chinese control has rallied people to support the Hong Kong protests. (BBC News)
Supreme Court: What happened with Brexit on Wednesday?
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The Brexit battle returned to the Supreme Court as judges decide whether the suspension of Parliament is lawful. (BBC News)
Why 'hypebeasts' have fallen for Asian streetwear
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Asian street fashion is growing in popularity around the world, helped by fashion bloggers and social media. (BBC News)
Five years with turbulent Turkey's 'militant people'
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Turkey's recent history has been an extraordinary and violent drama, the BBC's Mark Lowen writes. (BBC News)
Consumers' credit card spending 'overtakes cash'
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Debit cards were most used, but falling cash use pushed notes and coins to third place, say retailers. (BBC News)
The Kurdish massacre survivor's 'mission from God'
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The sole survivor of a massacre of women and children from a Kurdish village in 1988 now wants justice. (BBC News)
Burger King ditches free toys and will 'melt' old ones
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The fast food chain says it will no longer give away plastic toys with children's meals. (BBC News)
The cheat hackers ‘ruining’ gaming for others
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The use of cheats is a major problem in video games and it’s becoming increasingly lucrative as esports take off. We meet a teenage hacker’s making thousands. (BBC News)
Bournemouth mum takes up boxing to improve mental health
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Bournemouth mum Gemma Ruegg has won a regional title ten weeks after giving birth to her daughter. (BBC News)