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Mexico arrests 30 marines over disappearances in Tamaulipas
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The victims went missing in 2014 when the marines were deployed near the US border, officials say. (BBC News)
Beachgoers and swimmers clear washed-up polystyrene balls
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Campaigners urge people to help pick up thousands of balls which have washed up on Brighton beach. (BBC News)
Iran Natanz nuclear site suffered major damage, official says
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Thousands of centrifuges were taken out in the deliberate blast deep underground, the official says. (BBC News)
Greensill: Top civil servant 'joined firm before quitting'
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Bill Crothers' position was "agreed" to by the Cabinet Office, a letter from a lobbying watchdog reveals. (BBC News)
Rudolf Anschober: Austrian health minister resigns due to exhaustion
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Rudolf Anschober said his 15 months in office during the coronavirus pandemic "felt like 15 years". (BBC News)
George Reynolds: Ex-Darlington FC chairman with criminal past dies
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George Reynolds was once one of Britain's richest people but he also had a long criminal history. (BBC News)
Users can appeal Facebook's editorial decisions
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The Oversight Board will review user content allowed to remain on the site after calls to remove it. (BBC News)
Cécile Djunga case: Belgian jailed for racism targeting TV presenter
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One man gets two weeks in jail for targeting Cécile Djunga, whose revelations shocked Belgium. (BBC News)
Grab set for $40bn valuation in US share listing
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The Singapore-based firm started as a ride-hailing company and has since expanded. (BBC News)
Covid: Strike 'possible' over longer job centre opening
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A union calls a return to normal hours a health risk, but the government says it takes safety seriously. (BBC News)