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George Floyd: UK protesters gather in solidarity with US – video report
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Crowds of protesters gathered in parts of the UK in solidarity with the unrest across the US after the killing of George Floyd. Floyd was killed by a police officer who knelt on his neck. In London, hundreds gathered in Trafalgar Square before marching to the US embassy. As they walked chants could be heard of 'I can't breathe' and the name of the organisers, Black Lives MatterRead the latest on the George Floyd story here Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Brexit: UK's smallest firms divert £10bn in exports away from EU
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Companies are ‘jumping before they are pushed’ as fears mount over collapse in trade talks Britain’s smallest companies are “jumping before they are pushed” by diverting £10bn in exports away from the EU as concerns mount over a possible collapse in Brexit trade talks, according to a report. The research from academics at Aston University, which comes before the latest round of Brexit negotiations this week, showed small British firms were ramping up sales to countries in South America and east Asia. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Trafigura investigated for alleged corruption, market manipulation
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Exclusive: oil trading division of global commodities trader thought to be target of probeGlobal commodities trader Trafigura is under investigation by US authorities for alleged corruption and market manipulation relating to oil trading, the Guardian has learned.The Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is leading a far-reaching probe into the activities of the oil and metals trading house, including its operations in South America. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
'She never had a voice': Dawn Sturgess's parents hope TV drama will set record straight
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Caroline and Stan Sturgess say the full truth on the 2018 novichok poisonings is still unknownThe parents of the woman who died in the Wiltshire novichok poisonings have spoken of their ongoing fight to discover the truth about their daughter’s death and described their continuing hurt at the unfair way she was depicted.Speaking to the Guardian ahead of a major BBC drama telling the story of some of those caught up in the attack on the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal, Stan and Caroline Sturgess explained that they cooperated with the project because they wanted the world to understand their daughter, Dawn, was an innocent woman caught up in an atrocity. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Leaning Tower of Pisa among sites in Italy to reopen after lockdown
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Strict safety measures in place, as Colosseum and others also prepare to welcome visitors againCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageSome of Italy’s famous cultural sites are coming back to life after being closed for more than three months owing to the coronavirus pandemic.The Leaning Tower of Pisa reopened on Saturday while the Colosseum and Vatican Museums will welcome visitors again from Monday, and Florence’s Uffizi gallery from Tuesday. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
George Floyd protests: New York police cars filmed driving into crowd – video
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Footage of two police SUVs driving into a crowd of demonstrators in Brooklyn has been widely shared on social media. The incident involving NYPD vehicles occurred near Prospect Park on 30 May, as protests took place across the US following the death of George Floyd, an African American who died after a police officer kneeled on his neck in Minneapolis. New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said: 'Running SUVs in crowds of people should never, ever be normalised. No matter who does it, no matter why.'George Floyd: protests and unrest coast to coast as US cities impose curfews Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Tributes paid to Boys from the Blackstuff actor Michael Angelis
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Writer Jack Thorne among those to pay their respects to Angelis, who has died aged 68Tributes have been paid after the death of Michael Angelis, an actor who will be remembered as the morose rabbit-obsessed Lucien from The Liver Birds, the desperate Chrissie in Boys from the Blackstuff, and the narrator of Thomas the Tank Engine.Angelis died suddenly while at home with his wife on Saturday, his agent said. He was 68. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Yesterday credits row shows trouble's never far away in film writing
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Jack Barth’s claim he did not receive credit he deserved shines light on movie industry machinationsAs a premise, it is surprisingly simple: a young musician who is the only person in the world to know the Beatles’ back catalogue forges a successful career by covering their songs. But the more complex question of who should get credit for the Hollywood film it became has put the opaque machinations of the film industry in the spotlight.The idea ultimately became Yesterday, the Richard Curtis film directed by Danny Boyle and starring Himesh Patel, which made more than £125m at the box office worldwide. But Jack Barth, a writer whose work has appeared on The Simpsons, claimed last week he had not received the full credit he deserves for writing the original screenplay that provided the basis for the film. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Paris cafes, bars and restaurants to reopen to outdoor space row
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Temporary use of pavements or parking spots to be allowed for outdoor-only service, says mayorCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageParis is gearing up for a battle for public space after the city’s mayor, Anne Hidalgo, said cafes, bars and restaurants would be temporarily allowed to set up tables on pavements and in parking spaces when they open this week.Coronavirus lockdown measures are being eased further on Tuesday, with food and drink establishment opening across most of France for the first time since 14 March. However, because Paris remains “orange” on the country’s Covid-19 map, meaning the virus is still circulating, bar, cafe and restaurant owners have been told they can only serve customers outside on terraces and with strict physical distancing and protection measures in place. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Extreme night owls: ‘I can’t tell anyone what time I go to bed’
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What happens when your natural sleeping pattern is at odds with the rest of the world?For as long as she can remember, Jenny Carter has gone to bed late and not woken up until late the following morning, sometimes even the early afternoon. Growing up, she didn’t have a bedtime, and at university she preferred to write her essays between 6pm and 10pm. She loves evenings. They’re when she feels the most creative and can concentrate the best. But that’s not when her employer or society expects her to be productive.“Going to bed at a ‘normal’ time feels so unnatural to me,” she says. “But society just doesn’t cater for people whose sleep cycle doesn’t fit the generic 9 to 5.” She has got into trouble at work for her timekeeping, which has led to disciplinary action. “I’ve had to write off so many events, meetings and opportunities, because they were in the morning and I just knew I wouldn’t be awake.” Continue reading... (The Guardian)