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More than 2million vulnerable coronavirus 'shielders' to be allowed outdoors again from Monday as lockdown eases in England
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Vulnerable people in England who have been asked to stay at home since the start of lockdown will be allowed outdoors once a day from Monday, the Prime Minister has confirmed. (London News)
Hyde Park stabbing: Four arrested after knife attack in central London
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Four men have been arrested after a suspected knife attack at a central London park. (London News)
Donald Trump marvels at 'dangerous roar' of SpaceX rocket as violent protests rock US
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Watch all the live SpaceX action HERE (London News)
I can't breathe: Peckham protests over George Floyd killing as riots rage across US
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Protesters gathered in south London on Saturday to speak out against the death of unarmed African-American man George Floyd. (London News)
LIFT-OFF: SpaceX makes history as NASA astronauts blast off into space
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Watch all the live SpaceX action HERE (London News)
Durdle Door beach: Three seriously injured after jumping off cliffs at Dorset beauty spot
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Three people have been seriously injured after jumping into the sea from cliffs in Dorset. (London News)
Boris Johnson urged to 'draw back' from reopening primary schools on Monday in union's final plea
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A teaching union has urged ministers to "draw back" from plans to reopen primary schools on Monday after scientific advisers warned it may be premature to ease lockdown. (London News)
Jonathan Van Tam responds to Dominic Cummings row saying 'rules have always been clear and apply to all'
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England's deputy chief medical officer has responded to questions over Dominic Cummings's conduct, insisting the "rules apply to all." (London News)
'Justice for George' - Kylian Mbappe and Weston McKennie show support for George Floyd as US protests continue
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World Cup winner Kylian Mbappe and USA star Weston McKennie displayed their support for George Floyd as protests continue to flare up across the United States following his death. (London News)
Belly Mujinga: 'No evidence of spitting' before Victoria station worker died with coronavirus, police say
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Police found no evidence that a London Victoria station worker was spat at before her death from coronavirus, they have clarified. (London News)