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Labour would lose voters with 'stop Brexit' policy, poll suggests
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Leaked Best for Britain survey shows almost a third would be less likely to back their partyA leaked poll commissioned by the pro-EU Best for Britain campaign suggests that voters would be less likely to back Labour if the party was committed to stopping Brexit.According to the poll, passed to the Guardian, almost a third of respondents said they would be less likely to vote Labour, a similar number to those who said it would not make a difference. Twenty-five per cent said it would make them more likely to back Labour, with the rest saying they did not know. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Kelly O'Dwyer quits politics in shock resignation before election
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Federal minister for women says she will not recontest her Melbourne electorate of HigginsFederal government minister Kelly O’Dwyer has announced she won’t recontest the next election, citing the “very personal reasons” of wanting to spend time with her young children.The resignation of one of the government’s most senior women is a serious blow to the Coalition, already expected to lose the federal election in May. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Myanmar army kills 13 in attack on Rakhine rebels
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Rakhine state has seen new levels of violence in recent weeks between the Arakan Army and security forcesMyanmar’s army says it killed 13 ethnic Rakhine fighters in counter attacks, after the well-armed group carried out deadly strikes on police posts earlier this month.Rakhine state has seen new levels of violence in recent weeks between the Arakan Army (AA) – insurgents fighting for greater autonomy for ethnic Rakhine Buddhists – and security forces. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Women's March 2019: thousands to protest across US
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Policy platform to be revealed at main event in Washington DCMovement has suffered infighting over antisemitism claimsThousands of protesters will take to the streets across the US on Saturday to resist Donald Trump and stand up for women’s rights at the third annual Women’s March.Though this year’s event has been marred by controversy, participants will seek to channel the spirit of the first massive march in 2017 that saw hundreds of thousands of protests take over the nation’s capital the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, spurring activism and political campaigns by women around the country. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Could flexitarianism save the planet?
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Scientists say a drastic cut in meat consumption is needed, but this requires political willIt has been known for a while that the amount of animal products being eaten is bad for both the welfare of animals and the environment. People cannot consume 12.9bn eggs in the UK each year without breaking a few.But the extent of the damage, and the amount by which people need to cut back, is now becoming clearer. On Wednesday, the Lancet medical journal published a study that calls for dramatic changes to food production and the human diet, in order to avoid “catastrophic damage to the planet”. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
North American glaciers melting much faster than 10 years ago – study
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Satellite images show glaciers in US and Canada, excluding Alaska, are shrinking four times faster then in previous decadeGlaciers in western North America, excluding Alaska, are melting four times faster than in the previous decade, with changes in the jet stream exacerbating the longer-term effects of climate change, according to a new study.The retreat hasn’t been equal in the US and Canada. The famous alpine ice masses in the Cascade Mountains in the north-west US have largely been spared from the trend. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
What’s on TV Saturday: ‘Brexit’ and ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’
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 (New York Times)
Arizona: Four women convicted after leaving food and water in desert for migrants
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Federal judge finds activists guilty of entering a national wildlife refuge without a permit to give aid to migrantsA federal judge has found four women guilty of entering a national wildlife refuge without a permit as they sought to place food and water in the Arizona desert for migrants. US magistrate Judge Bernardo Velasco’s ruling on Friday marked the first conviction against humanitarian aid volunteers in a decade. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Blast at leaking Mexico pipeline kills 21 and injures dozens
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Dozens of people were scrambling to steal some of the leaking oil when they were engulfed in flames. (BBC News)
Hot-shooting Villanova beats Xavier for 6th straight win Hot-shooting Villanova beats Xavier for 6th straight win
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Phil Booth scored 22 points, Collin Gillespie added 18, and No. 22 Villanova beat Xavier 85-75 for its sixth straight win          (USA Today)