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Tamara Ecclestone burglary: Italian man admits £26m celebrity raids
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A series of burglaries targeted the west London homes of multimillionaire celebrities. (BBC News)
Nicola Faith: Wreck confirmed as missing Conwy fishing boat
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The Conwy vessel Nicola Faith is found more than two months after sinking with three crew on board. (BBC News)
Chelmsford: Porsche crashes in pond and Mercedes in ditch
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The drivers, who police believe had been together, are arrested on suspicion of drink-driving. (BBC News)
Driffield crossbow attack victim begged emergency services to save partner
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An inquest jury hears a transcript of a 999 call made by Shane Gilmer who died in a crossbow attack. (BBC News)
Covid: Norwich pub landlord says staff having to 'police rule-benders'
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A landlord says drinkers meeting big groups of friends are putting pressure on staff and finances. (BBC News)
Nurse punched stopping group igniting petrol on Asda forecourt
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She intervened when she saw a teenager pouring fuel from a pump and trying to set light to it. (BBC News)
Yorkshire's 'largest ever dinosaur print' discovered on coast
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Experts believe it was made by a large meat-eating dinosaur with a body length of up to 30ft (9m). (BBC News)
Estate agent's hi-tech house tour exposes personal data
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House listing on Rightmove reveals "treasure trove of private data". (BBC News)
Bridgerton: Netflix commissions third and fourth series
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"We think audiences will continue to swoon for this show," the streaming giant says. (BBC News)
Jennie Bond: He often had a twinkle in his eyes
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Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond says Prince Philip felt reporters misunderstood his "sense of fun". (BBC News)