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The coronavirus is leaving some people with permanent lung damage
25. junij 2020 (12:20)
Lung inflammation and blood clots caused by covid-19 can lead to scarring and long-term breathlessness and coughing in some people, for which there is no treatment (New Scientist)
BAME scientists half as likely to get funding from UK research council
25. junij 2020 (10:24)
Black, Asian and ethnic minority scientists in the UK are almost half as likely to be awarded funding to research environmental science than their white peers  (New Scientist)
Accumulating fewer genetic mutations linked to living a longer life
24. junij 2020 (19:24)
People who accumulate genetic mutations more slowly than others live longer and have children later in their life – which could mean we can predict lifespan using these mutations (New Scientist)
US police kill up to 6 times more black people than white people
24. junij 2020 (19:00)
Police in the US kill black people at a higher rate than they kill white people. In some areas the rate is as much as six times higher (New Scientist)
Clouds may explain why climate models are predicting a warmer future
24. junij 2020 (19:00)
More realistic representation of clouds and aerosols seems to explain why a new generation of climate models are projecting the world is more sensitive to rising CO2 levels (New Scientist)
Acknowledging odd coronavirus symptoms is vital to stopping its spread
24. junij 2020 (18:27)
Covid-19 can have long-lived symptoms including exhaustion, weight loss and rashes. Unless we officially recognise them, we can’t identify people who may have caught it or trace their contacts (New Scientist)
Black Lives Matter could also help fight environmental injustices
24. junij 2020 (18:00)
The Black Lives Matter movement is primarily about social justice, but it will tackle environmental injustices too, says Graham Lawton (New Scientist)
How the coronavirus kills people – and how to stop it
24. junij 2020 (17:26)
We now know that the coronavirus kills by disrupting both our immune systems and blood clotting. But doctors are finding ways to beat this and boost survival rates (New Scientist)
Honeywell claims it has built the most powerful quantum computer ever
24. junij 2020 (17:08)
Honeywell, a US-based tech firm, has built the most powerful quantum computer ever by some measures, but some experts say it isn’t actually better than other quantum computers on the market (New Scientist)
Covid-19 news: UK health leaders warn of 'real risk' of a second wave
24. junij 2020 (17:00)
The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic (New Scientist)