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How Android Phones Hide Missed Security Updates From You
12. april 2018 (11:00)
A study finds that Android phones aren't just slow to get patched; sometimes they lie about being patched when they're not. (Wired)
Astronomers Suggest Some Exoplanet Signals Are False Alarms
12. april 2018 (11:00)
What if some of the Earth-like planets discovered by Kepler aren’t there at all? (Wired)
Best Amazon Device Deals: Huge Kindle, Fire Sale (April 2018)
12. april 2018 (11:00)
The 8-Inch Fire HD tablet, 4K Fire TV, and Kindle are now $50 (among others) in Amazon's biggest spring sale. (Wired)
The Questions Zuckerberg Should Have Answered About Russia
12. april 2018 (02:09)
Russian agents used Facebook to influence the 2017 election. Congress missed the chance to delve into what the company knows about it—and how they’ll stop it in 2018. (Wired)
Why Facebook's 2011 Promises Haven't Protected Users
12. april 2018 (01:02)
Facebook didn't notify the Federal Trade Commission when it learned that Cambridge Analytica had improperly obtained personal information of users. (Wired)
Mark Zuckerberg's Congress Testimony Day Two: Republicans and Democrats Diverge
11. april 2018 (23:49)
In his second day of Congressional testimony, Democrats wanted to know about privacy. Republicans wanted to hear about Diamond and Silk. (Wired)
Mark Zuckerberg's Testimony Birthed a Memepocalypse—Which Is a Good Thing
11. april 2018 (22:56)
Give the internet some credit: people watched hours upon hours of testimony just to get some jokes off. (Wired)
SpaceX’s President is Thinking Even Bigger Than Elon Musk
11. april 2018 (21:50)
Gwynne Shotwell tells the TED conference that plans to take humans to Mars are "risk reduction for the human species." (Wired)
Everything Mark Zuckerberg Will Follow Up On for Congress
11. april 2018 (21:36)
If you're a member of Congress, Mark Zuckerberg's team will get back to you. (Wired)
Mark Zuckerberg Is Revealing Facebook’s Terrible Power in Congress
11. april 2018 (17:52)
Mark Zuckerberg's testimony is not just about Cambridge Analytica. He's answering for the un-checked influence that Facebook wields—on its users, and the world. (Wired)