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First rapid covid tests for London NHS staff fall short of expectations
11. november 2020 (12:30)
Ten London NHS trusts have been placed at the front of the queue for rapid covid tests for staff – but the first deliveries fell short of expectations. (London News)
Exams must go ahead in England to spare children more torment, say London headteachers
11. november 2020 (12:26)
Exams must go ahead in England to spare young people the anxiety of continual assessments and give them a chance to control their own destiny, London headteachers urged today. (London News)
Police ‘kept in the dark’ by Foreign Office over Harry Dunn suspect Anne Sacoolas claim to diplomatic immunity
11. november 2020 (12:20)
The family of Harry Dunn say police officers were kept “in the dark” by the Foreign Office about the alleged killer’s claim to diplomatic immunity, the High Court heard today.   (London News)
How will the coronavirus pandemic affect Diwali celebrations in India?
11. november 2020 (12:14)
The country has had 8.6 million covid cases, but officials say the rate appears to be slowing. Could Diwali reverse that trend?  (London News)
Bahrain’s long-serving prime minister Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa dies at 84
11. november 2020 (12:14)
Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, one of the world’s longest-serving prime minister, has died at the age of 84. (London News)
Fresh pressure to ‘fix’ test-and-trace amid wait for Covid-19 results
11. november 2020 (12:10)
Ministers came under growing pressure today to “fix” the test-and-trace system which is still leaving people having to wait more than three days for Covid-19 results. (London News)
Saudi Arabia bomb blast leaves four injured at remembrance memorial service
11. november 2020 (11:58)
Four people have been wounded after a device exploded during a Remembrance service at a cemetery in the Saudi Arabian city of Jiddah. (London News)
Boris Johnson warned to ‘get it right’ on coronavirus vaccine rollout as he’s told: You have one shot
11. november 2020 (11:40)
Be open and honest with us over vaccine, ministers told Warning comes after test and trace fiasco  (London News)
Prince Charles lays wreath at tomb of Unknown Warrior to mark Armistice Day
11. november 2020 (11:21)
‘In 1920 we honoured war dead after flu crisis. A century on, it’s right we are doing so again’ (London News)
Millie Bobby Brown calls Alzheimer’s ‘evil’ as she pays tribute to late grandmother
11. november 2020 (10:59)
Millie Bobby Brown has shared a moving tribute of her “guardian angel” grandmother who had Alzheimer’s. (London News)