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Scots offshore wind farm blades to be made in Isle of Wight
pred 5 urami in 18 minutami
Danish firm Vestas wins the contract to build turbines for Scotland's largest offshore wind farm. (BBC News)
Snapchat stops promoting Donald Trump's account due to 'racial violence'
pred 6 urami in 40 minutami
The social network says it will drop Trump from Discover over 'racial violence and injustice'. (BBC News)
Rolls-Royce confirms 3,000 job cuts across the UK
pred 7 urami in 9 minutami
The cuts, which are part of a previously announced cost-saving plan, follow a dive in demand for jet engines. (BBC News)
US to ban passenger flights from China
pred 7 urami in 29 minutami
It comes after Beijing refused requests by US airlines to resume flights to China. (BBC News)
Bank boss tells lenders to be ready for no-deal Brexit risk
pred 10 urami in 20 minutami
The central bank said the advice was part of its regular weekly call with lenders. (BBC News)
'I’m ready to face quarantine just to get away'
pred 10 urami in 21 minutami
As the UK's 14-day quarantine plan looms, many have decided to take a summer holiday regardless. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Adelie Foods worker says job losses 'devastating'
pred 12 urami in 13 minutami
Lack of demand due to coronavirus forces closure of Adelie Foods at eight sites, administrators say. (BBC News)
Travelodge proposes new deal to end landlord row
pred 14 urami in 45 minutami
The company says temporary rent cuts and will new investment will protect thousands of jobs. (BBC News)
More than half of all payments made by card even before coronavirus
pred 14 urami in 51 minutami
Banks say the UK was "inadvertently" prepared for paying for items in lockdown as our habits had changed. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Australia set for first recession in three decades
pred 20 urami in 56 minutami
Official figures show the economy contracted even before the full impact of the virus pandemic. (BBC News)