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Grab set for $40bn valuation in US share listing
pred 9 urami in 23 minutami
The Singapore-based firm started as a ride-hailing company and has since expanded. (BBC News)
Denmark charges six from UK and US with cum-ex fraud
pred 14 urami in 22 minutami
They are accused of defrauding the Danish treasury in a trading scam through a German bank. (BBC News)
Defence giant Babcock International to cut 1,000 jobs
pred 14 urami in 53 minutami
The government contractor also expects a "significant" £1.7bn write-off as part of a company review. (BBC News)
Brexit prompts JD Sports to open Dublin warehouse
pred 15 urami in 3 minutami
The firm's imports to GB now incur tariffs when they are distributed onward to its stores across Europe. (BBC News)
Goldmans backs office life with Birmingham tech hub
pred 17 urami in 22 minutami
The investment bank is creating a new Midlands outpost which will eventually employ up to 500 staff. (BBC News)
UK exports to EU rebound partially after January's slump
pred 17 urami in 37 minutami
Despite the improvement, exports still remain below 2020 levels, the UK statistics body says. (BBC News)
China forces Jack Ma's Ant Group to restructure
pred 22 urami in 33 minutami
The overhaul will force the Alibaba-backed group to become a financial holding firm. (BBC News)
Microsoft makes $20bn bet on speech AI firm Nuance
pred 1 dnevom, 8 urami in 54 minutami
The US tech giant is buying artificial intelligence firm Nuance, best known for developing Apple's Siri (BBC News)
Only two in five pubs in England reopen
pred 1 dnevom, 10 urami in 21 minutami
Less than half the pubs in England reopened on Monday, the industry says, and many face a fight for survival. (BBC News)
Cyber-firm Darktrace eyes '£3bn' London share listing
pred 1 dnevom, 11 urami in 59 minutami
Boss Poppy Gustafsson says London is a "logical choice" despite Deliveroo's flop flotation. (BBC News)