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Purdue Pharma to plead guilty in $8bn opioid settlement
pred 1 uro in 45 minutami
The deal with the US Department of Justice settles some of the most serious claims against the OxyContin-maker. (BBC News)
Shortage of poultry workers could hit Christmas dinner
pred 5 urami in 26 minutami
There are not enough EU workers to process the meat, says the British Poultry Council. (BBC News)
Waitrose and Co-op cut prices for 'tough times'
pred 7 urami in 13 minutami
The supermarkets are dropping prices in time for Christmas as many shoppers count their pennies. (BBC News)
Manchester United financial statement shows £70m loss during coronavirus pandemic
pred 8 urami in 48 minutami
Manchester United lose £70m in the period to 30 June 2020 as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic. (BBC News)
UK borrowing jumps in September as Covid support continues
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The government borrowed £36bn in September, the third-highest in any month since records began. (BBC News)
UK inflation rises after Eat Out to Help Out ends
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The inflation rate increased to 0.5% in September after the discount meals scheme ended, figures show. (BBC News)
Trump maintains a Chinese bank account, says NYT
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Mr Trump, who sparked a trade war with Beijing, is critical of US firms doing business in China. (BBC News)
Cathay Pacific axes regional carrier and 8,500 jobs
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Hong Kong’s flag carrier is closing Cathay Dragon and cutting jobs as part of a restructuring plan. (BBC News)
Amazon parcel scam targets woman eight months after her death
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David Henderson found an Amazon account had been opened using his late wife's name and address. (BBC News)
Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao swaps punching for payments
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The legendary fighter is launching PacPay to help streamline online payments for social media influencers. (BBC News)