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Crisp-loving Norfolk parrot flies again after diet
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Bud's new owner claims the bird could "detect a packet of crisps being opened from four miles away". (BBC News)
Facebook apologises for Plymouth Hoe 'error'
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The social media platform removed posts after wrongly identifying the place name as offensive. (BBC News)
Brexit: Police monitoring 'growing unionist discontent'
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A senior police officer says there would probably be street protests if not for the Covid-19 pandemic. (BBC News)
Hotel quarantine for some travellers entering UK
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Boris Johnson says the government is strengthening its border measures to protect the country against new variants. (BBC News)
Covid: Ten South African coronavirus variant cases in Wales
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All the variant cases were recorded in people who had been abroad, a senior official says. (BBC News)
Covid: Wrexham vaccine plant evacuated over suspicious package
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North Wales Police say officers are at Wrexham Industrial estate in Wockhardt. (BBC News)
JCB to recruit 400 staff amid 'surge in production'
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The digger manufacturer says after a "tumultuous year" demand is starting to pick up. (BBC News)
Covid: Scotland 'could go further' on quarantine rules
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Nicola Sturgeon says she is concerned the UK's travel restrictions will not go far enough. (BBC News)
Covid-19: Cough, fatigue, sore throat 'more common' in new variant
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But loss of taste and smell may be less likely to affect those with the new strain, a study suggests. (BBC News)
Three offshore workers left 'semi-submerged' in lift shaft
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The workers narrowly escaped serious harm when the shaft was mistakenly filled with seawater, a report reveals. (BBC News)