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Coronavirus: 24-hour test results 'by end of June'
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But Boris Johnson told MPs difficulties turning around postal tests would have to be considered. (BBC News)
Norfolk health worker reunited with daughters after nine weeks
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Suzie Vaughan says she thought her "heart was going to burst" when she saw her daughters again. (BBC News)
'Mating midge' swarms invade Nottinghamshire villages
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One academic suggests lack of human activity near waterways during lockdown has led to the problem. (BBC News)
George Floyd: Black Lives Matter solidarity as England buildings go purple
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Purple lights symbolise solidarity with anti-racism protests and the Black Lives Matter campaign. (BBC News)
Coronavirus contact tracers 'paid to watch Netflix'
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A clinician on the NHS Test and Trace scheme tells the BBC of her frustration at not receiving work. (BBC News)
Nude sunbather mistaken for dead body near railway line in Essex
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Rail workers spotted a pair of feet "but no signs of life" within the railway boundary in Essex. (BBC News)
Man charged with murdering wife and daughter in Salisbury
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Nikoletta Zdun, 18, and Aneta Zdun, 40, died at a home in Salisbury on Monday. (BBC News)
Peak District blazes prompt call for barbecues ban
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Park officials say the easing of lockdown has led to a rise in people using disposable barbecues. (BBC News)
Urban foxes 'more like domesticated dogs'
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Red foxes living in cities are diverging from their country cousins, according to new research. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: NI to bring in 14-day quarantine for travellers
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The health department is finalising new rules for anyone arriving from outside the Common Travel Area. (BBC News)