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Coronavirus: Thousands of homeless 'back on streets by July'
pred 21 minutami
Rough sleepers who were given emergency accommodation could be evicted within weeks, a charity warns. (BBC News)
Remote hearings for family courts 'horribly cruel'
pred 1 uro in 26 minutami
Lawyers and charities say justice is impeded if sensitive cases are not held face-to-face. (BBC News)
Butchers return to Barnstaple's Butchers Row 'symbolic'
pred 1 uro in 27 minutami
Butchers Row in Barnstaple was once only populated by shops selling meat. (BBC News)
The Welsh towns 'vulnerable' to pandemic impact
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Towns already exposed to "economic shocks" could feel the impact of coronavirus, a study warns. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Bus and train seats may have to be pre-booked
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Train passengers could face similar restrictions as safety from the virus is made the priority on public transport. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: 'I can't get lifeline cancer trial in lockdown'
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Lesley Stephen from Edinburgh says drug trials are often "life or death options" - but most have stopped due to the pandemic. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Scottish health secretary to face coronavirus questions
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Jeane Freeman is to be questioned by MSPs over the impact of coronavirus in Scotland's care homes. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: How the UK is sleeping under lockdown
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More than half the population has struggled with sleep during the lockdown, especially younger people. (BBC News)
George Floyd: Thousands join Black Lives Matter protest in London
pred 2 urama in 32 minutami
Demonstrators condemning the death of George Floyd gathered in Hyde Park then marched to Downing Street. (BBC News)
Shooting in Brent: Young child among four hurt
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Three adults and a child from Brent, north London, are taken to hospital with gunshot injuries. (BBC News)