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AI conquers challenge of 1980s platform games
25. februar 2021 (17:00)
A computer program that can solve 1980s exploration games could help improve robot intelligence. (BBC News)
Bill Gates: Bitcoin not for me, says ex-Microsoft chief
25. februar 2021 (16:53)
The billionaire said he preferred to invest in "companies that make products" such as vaccines. (BBC News)
Drought hits Taiwan chip supply as Biden asks for more
25. februar 2021 (15:53)
Taiwan is one of the world's largest manufacturers of chips and the US wants it to speed up production. (BBC News)
Npower app attack exposed customers' bank details
25. februar 2021 (12:35)
The energy provider, owned by Eon, reports a breach to the UK's data watchdog. (BBC News)
Pokemon Go players banned for cheating
25. februar 2021 (10:00)
More than 5 million players have been punished for cheating, with 20% being permanent bans. (BBC News)
Mary Anning: Fossil hunter celebrated with Jurassic 50p coins
25. februar 2021 (08:03)
The 19th Century fossil hunter's achievements were often overlooked during her own lifetime. (BBC News)
How 30,000 elephant 'selfies' will help in conservation
25. februar 2021 (00:53)
Researchers are developing new technology to help reduce human-elephant conflicts. (BBC News)
'My campaign outperformed non-disabled influencers'
25. februar 2021 (00:08)
Disabled influencer Pippa Stacey says "brands are beginning to see our value". (BBC News)
Rare bird: 'Half-male, half-female' cardinal snapped in Pennsylvania
24. februar 2021 (19:32)
Jamie Hill said taking the stunning photos of the northern cardinal was "once in a lifetime". (BBC News)
Palantir: NHS faces legal action over data firm contract
24. februar 2021 (19:31)
Controversial data-crunching firm Palantir's deal with the UK health service is under the spotlight. (BBC News)