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Secrets of the 'uncrushable' beetle revealed
pred 2 urama in 42 minutami
How a tiny insect with super-tough body armour can survive being stamped on or run over by a car. (BBC News)
PayPal allows Bitcoin and crypto spending
pred 4 urami in 10 minutami
Cryptocurrencies are being added to one of the world's biggest online payment networks. (BBC News)
Climate change: 'Cooling paint' could cut emissions from buildings
pred 6 urami in 26 minutami
Researchers have developed a white paint that reflects sunlight and helps cool buildings. (BBC News)
Snapchat hits nearly 250m daily users
pred 8 urami in 22 minutami
The 'forgotten social network' sees shares surge after its latest user numbers. (BBC News)
Satellites picture methane across the globe
pred 9 urami in 6 minutami
The GHGSat company releases a tool to show how methane varies in the atmosphere across the world. (BBC News)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Among Us game watched by 400,000
pred 9 urami in 51 minutami
More than 400,000 watch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez play Among Us - one of the most-watched streams ever. (BBC News)
Domestic abuse: ‘Tech allowed him to track my location’
pred 13 urami in 24 minutami
Two survivors of domestic abuse explain how technology was used by an abusive partner against them. (BBC News)
Sir David Attenborough polar research ship set to begin sea trials
pred 15 urami in 47 minutami
Four years in the making, Britain's new £200m polar ship is leaving the builder's yard for testing. (BBC News)
Elation as Nasa's Osiris-Rex probe tags asteroid Bennu in sample bid
pred 23 urami in 17 minutami
Osiris-Rex makes brief contact with asteroid Bennu in an effort to pick up fragments of rock. (BBC News)
Covid Symptom Study regrets Samantha Cameron mask ad
pred 1 dnevom, 5 urami in 2 minutama
Users of the Zoe app received an email promoting face coverings designed by Samantha Cameron. (BBC News)