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US seeks China climate agreements ahead of Biden summit
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US envoy John Kerry will hold talks in Shanghai ahead of a climate summit hosted by President Biden. (BBC News)
UK woodlands 'at crisis point' amid wildlife decline
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A review of the state of Britain's native woods and trees finds only 7% are in good condition. (BBC News)
Norfolk's 'unique' purple sea sponge named by schoolgirl
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The sponge species was unnamed for a decade before nine-year-old Sylvie suggested Parpal Dumplin. (BBC News)
Users can appeal Facebook's editorial decisions
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The Oversight Board will review user content allowed to remain on the site after calls to remove it. (BBC News)
Estate agent's hi-tech house tour exposes personal data
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House listing on Rightmove reveals "treasure trove of private data". (BBC News)
Online racist abuse 'spiralling out of control' says anti-bullying charity
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Online racist abuse is "spiralling out of control", a leading anti-cyberbullying charity says after more footballers are targeted. (BBC News)
Jake Paul accused of sexual assault by Justine Paradise
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The YouTuber has not yet commented on allegations from Paradise, a TikTok star. (BBC News)
Climate Check, from BBC Weather
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With record high CO2 levels and destructive tornadoes, Ben Rich has more on extreme weather around the globe this spring. (BBC News)
The homecoming call for Northern Ireland's gaming industry
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NI Screen and Hypixel Studios launch incentive to encourage people to work in local gaming industry. (BBC News)
World's wealthiest 'at heart of climate problem'
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The so-called “polluter elite” must change their lifestyles to tackle climate change, a report says. (BBC News)