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'Rampage': 14 Unanswered Questions About the Rock’s New Movie
16. april 2018 (13:00)
Almost none of them are about wigs. (Wired)
How Russian Facebook Ads Divided and Targeted US Voters Before the 2016 Election
16. april 2018 (13:00)
New research shows just how prevalent political advertising was from suspicious groups in 2016—including Russian trolls. (Wired)
How to Be an Amateur Cinematographer—250 Miles Above the Earth
16. april 2018 (12:00)
Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli had to learn in a hurry in order to capture footage for the NatGeo docu-series 'One Strange Rock.' (Wired)
Watch SpaceX Loft NASA’s New Planet-Hunting Mission Into Orbit
16. april 2018 (11:00)
The TESS satellite will hitch a ride atop a Falcon 9 rocket to search out new worlds. (Wired)
SoftBank's Futuristic Vision Fund Takes on the Real (Estate) World
16. april 2018 (11:00)
SoftBank's $93 billion Vision Fund is making big bets on real-estate-focused startups. (Wired)
Uber Makes Peace With a Data-Sharing Deal for Cities
16. april 2018 (11:00)
The ride-hailing company is working with DC to share info—and the much coveted curb. (Wired)
Paul Ryan's Eventual Exit From Congress Tops This Week's Internet News
15. april 2018 (13:00)
Last week, the internet was locked in heated discussions about Michael Cohen, Facebook, and House Speaker Paul Ryan. (Wired)
Inside Nokia’s 3310 and 8110 Feature Phone Nostalgia Trip
15. april 2018 (12:00)
With the Nokia 3310 and 8110, feature phones are back and better than ever. (Wired)
Exploring the Mirror Link Between Two Geometric Worlds
15. april 2018 (11:00)
Decades after stumbling upon a stunning coincidence, researchers are close to understanding the link between two seemingly unrelated geometric universes. (Wired)
TED 2018: Netflix Sees Itself as the Anti-Apple
15. april 2018 (11:00)
Reed Hastings, CEO and founder of the streaming giant said he believes in sharing information broadly, while Apple locks everything down tight. (Wired)