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Will Young questions why twin brother Rupert was not sectioned
pred 1 uro in 2 minutama
The entertainer speaks out after an inquest rules his twin brother Rupert had intended to kill himself. (BBC News)
Prince's Diamonds and Pearls guitar to be sold
pred 3 urami in 1 minuto
The way Prince chose his guitar has a place in "music industry legend", an auctioneer says. (BBC News)
Asia Argento accuses Fast and Furious director Rob Cohen of sexual assault
pred 8 urami in 56 minutami
The actress says Cohen assaulted her while filming 2002 movie xXx, but he denies the claim. (BBC News)
Will any festivals happen this summer?
23. januar 2021 (06:09)
As Glastonbury cancels for 2021, other festivals are also likely to fall victim to the pandemic. (BBC News)
Emily Eavis hopes for live-streamed Glastonbury
22. januar 2021 (20:25)
The festival organiser also confirms that this year's cancellation won't bankrupt the event. (BBC News)
Sea shanty: Can viral success make a music career?
22. januar 2021 (18:42)
Ex-postman Nathan Evans, TikTok's sea shanty star, lands a music deal, but can his new career last? (BBC News)
Emmerdale and Coronation Street 'pause' filming because of pandemic
22. januar 2021 (16:21)
Emmerdale has had a Covid outbreak, while Corrie is being halted so scripts can be rewritten. (BBC News)
Mira Furlan: Babylon 5 and Lost actress dies at 65
22. januar 2021 (14:17)
Mira Furlan starred as Minbari Ambassador Delenn in 1990s sci-fi drama Babylon 5. (BBC News)
Framing Britney Spears: Documentary to delve into #FreeBritney case
22. januar 2021 (11:27)
The first trailer lands for Framing Britney Spears, which will address the singer's conservatorship. (BBC News)
Why Sigourney Weaver had to say yes to Call My Agent
22. januar 2021 (00:57)
The Hollywood star explains why a role in the hit French comedy series was too good to refuse. (BBC News)