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DNC warns of heightened disinformation activity ahead of debate
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The Democratic National Committee warned presidential campaigns on Monday of "heightened disinformation and discourse manipulation activity" around the Democratic debate hosted by CNN and The New York Times.  (CNN)
Why do Iowa and New Hampshire get to go first?
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It's completely unfair to the other 48 states, but Iowa and New Hampshire always get to pick first in the presidential primary process.  (CNN)
Ruth Davidson to chair ITV mental health advisory group
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The group was created following the deaths of participants who had appeared in two ITV shows. (BBC News)
Democrats fight to keep Ohio a 2020 battleground
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As a dozen Democratic presidential candidates descend on Ohio for their debate on Tuesday, a larger political question looms: Is Ohio still a winnable swing state worth fighting for in the general election?  (CNN)
John Bolton decried Giuliani effort to pressure Ukraine as 'drug deal,' ex-aide Fiona Hill testifies, reports say John Bolton decried Giuliani effort to pressure Ukraine as 'drug deal,' ex-aide Fiona Hill testifies, reports say
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Fiona Hill, an ex-White House adviser on Russia, reportedly testified that Bolton called Giuliani "a hand grenade who’s going to blow everybody up."          (USA Today)
Turkey-Syria offensive: UK government halts arms export licences to Turkey
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Exports will be kept under review amid Turkey's military actions in Syria, the foreign secretary says. (BBC News)
How to watch the CNN/New York Times Democratic presidential debate tonight
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The stakes are high for candidates participating in Tuesday's CNN/New York Times Democratic debate, as the presidential hopefuls look to remain competitive in the crowded primary field.  (CNN)
Hunter Biden says he used 'poor judgment' in serving on board of Ukraine gas company
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Former Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden said he used "poor judgment" in serving on the board of a Ukrainian gas company because it has become a political liability for his father.  (CNN)
US troops express anger at Trump's Syria policy: 'We betrayed' the Kurds
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A wide range of American military personnel and defense officials are expressing a deep sense of frustration and anger at the Trump administration's refusal to support Syrian Kurds facing a Turkish military assault, over half a dozen US military and defense officials have told CNN.  (CNN)
Another career diplomat caught in the Ukraine scandal set to testify
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Another career diplomat caught in the tangles of the Ukraine scandal is slated to appear as the latest witness in the House Democrats growing impeachment inquiry.  (CNN)