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Emoluments: Trump's profits from private businesses to get hard look from federal appeals courts Emoluments: Trump's profits from private businesses to get hard look from federal appeals courts
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Even as impeachment dominates Congress and the Supreme Court looks into his tax returns, Trump's real estate holdings will get a hard look this week.          (USA Today)
Brandon Lewis: 'We are not going to have a border down the Irish sea'
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Security minister Brandon Lewis says some checks on some goods leaving Great Britain and the UK will be required. (BBC News)
For Elizabeth Warren, government can fix society's problems
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren has big plans for America.  (CNN)
Sturgeon: SNP would support minority Labour government
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SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon tells the BBC's Andrew Marr she would never do anything to put Boris Johnson into Downing Street. (BBC News)
DOJ inspector general, set to release major report on FBI's Russia investigation, spent years prosecuting corrupt officials
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Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz will release his report Monday about the FBI's surveillance of a former Trump campaign aide.         (USA Today)
Is Donald Trump's bromance with Benjamin Netanyahu over? Bibi not cited in Florida speech
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Donald Trump's address to an Israeli-American group in Florida could signal changes in U.S.-Israeli policy and his close bond with Benjamin Netanyahu.         (USA Today)
General election 2019: Parties in final campaign push as poll nears
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The leaders make fresh appeals to voters - defining the poll as a chance to set the UK's future direction. (BBC News)
Iowa voters experience pragmatic awakening ahead of 2020
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CNN's Jeff Zeleny speaks to Iowa voters who are weighing the "electablilty' of the the 2020 Democratic candidates.  (CNN)
Election 2019: Who are the Scots who won't vote?
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Why will about a third of the record four million people registered to vote not turn up next Thursday? (BBC News)
Trump names Secret Service official as new chief of staff for operations
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President Donald Trump on Saturday named Anthony Ornato, an official with the Secret Service, as his new White House chief of operations.  (CNN)