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Impeachment could lead to a first in the 2020 election
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President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly shattered political tradition, may find himself in another unprecedented circumstance in 2020: He could become the first president ever to be impeached by the House and then seek another term in the next election.  (CNN)
12 Democrats face high stakes on biggest primary debate stage ever
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Twelve Democrats will line up in swing state Ohio on Tuesday for a crucial debate in their White House battle, which will unfold as their party gears up to consider impeachment -- the ultimate political sanction -- against President Donald Trump.  (CNN)
READ: White House response to letter on executive privilege from former top Trump Russia adviser's attorneys
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The White House said it waived executive privilege claims for former top Russia adviser Fiona Hill related to President Donald Trump's July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. However, White House deputy counsel Michael Purpura said it had not waived privilege related to "any other diplomatic communications or to deliberative process related to the call."  (CNN)
Corbyn: Voter ID plans discriminate against ethnic minorities
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The government plans will "disproportionately" affect ethnic minorities, the Labour leader says. (BBC News)
Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney faults Democrats' impeachment inquiry for Turkey's invasion of Syria Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney faults Democrats' impeachment inquiry for Turkey's invasion of Syria
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Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney told Fox & Friends that it wasn’t an 'accident that the Turks chose this moment to roll across the border.'          (USA Today)
Brexit: EU ministers to be updated as talks continue
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The bloc's chief negotiator will update ministers after saying "big gaps" remain between the EU and the UK. (BBC News)
READ: Letter from former top Trump Russia adviser's attorneys to White House counsel over privilege
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Attorneys for President Donald Trump's former top Russia adviser argued in a letter sent on Sunday that no executive privilege issues were in play for her testimony, citing potential "government misconduct" as one reason for their decision.  (CNN)
Mark Allen, soldier injured in 2009 search for Bowe Bergdahl, dies
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A soldier shot in the head a decade ago while searching for Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan died on Saturday.  (CNN)
Former Trump Russia adviser Fiona Hill testifies for 10 hours in impeachment probe
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Fiona Hill, President Donald Trump's former Russia adviser, testified Monday before Congress as part of the House's impeachment inquiry examining Ukraine.         (USA Today)
Analysis: As Trump threatens to destroy Turkey's economy and Kurds die, many wonder if penalties will have teeth
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President Donald Trump said Monday that he is prepared to "swiftly destroy" Turkey's economy with sanctions if it continues its attack against US-allied Kurds in northeastern Syria -- provoking a "let's see" response from some analysts and Turkey experts.  (CNN)