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Sadiq Khan on Boris Johnson's Tfl 'bankrupt' claim
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The Mayor of London is “not willing to accept” extending the capital’s congestion change, “regressive” council tax hikes and fare rises above inflation. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: 'Social media was a positive in lockdown'
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Tatyana tells a committee how being online in quarantine helped her share her body image message. (BBC News)
Covid: Do all Tier 3 area workers get 80% of their wages?
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The prime minister claims workers will get 80% of their wages. Will they? (BBC News)
Clarkson, Rayner and Laing on 'scum' comment in Commons
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Labour’s deputy leader is rebuked by the deputy Speaker after the word “scum” is heard in the Commons. (BBC News)
PMQs: Johnson on Khan and TFL finances and congestion charge
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Boris Johnson says any measures needed to rescue the finances of Transport for London (TfL) are “entirely down” to the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan. (BBC News)
PMQs: Starmer and Johnson on Manchester Covid payments
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Sir Keir Stammer says the PM has "crossed the Rubicon" with the "miserly" way he has treated Greater Manchester. (BBC News)
Covid: Greater Manchester given £60m support package
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Local leaders requested £90m but lowered their demand to £65m during talks to move into tier three. (BBC News)
Spending review dropped amid Covid uncertainty
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Chancellor Rishi Sunak will instead outline government plans for just one year. (BBC News)
Covid: Labour urges 'one nation deal' for most restricted areas
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Ministers must end "divide and rule" and base Covid support on "clear and fair" criteria, Labour says. (BBC News)
Lord Sedwill: Former civil service head on Trump, Covid and Cummings
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The former civil service head speaks out for the first time since stepping down from his post. (BBC News)