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Covid: Ministers 'actively working on' quarantine hotels
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It is understood senior ministers will meet on Tuesday to discuss how the idea could work. (BBC News)
Covid-19: Boris Johnson on quarantine hotels for UK arrivals
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The UK could require anyone arriving in Britain to be taken to a hotel on arrival, the prime minister suggests. (BBC News)
Covid-19: Coffey on future of universal credit extension
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Ministers will decide "shortly" whether to extend the £20-a-week increase in universal credit, the work and pensions secretary has said. (BBC News)
Covid-19: Boris Johnson on date for reopening English schools
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Boris Johnson says teachers and pupils will be told “as much as we can, as soon as we can” about reopening them. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer self-isolates for third time
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Sir Keir Starmer says he will be working from home until next Monday. (BBC News)
Tory MPs demand 'clarity' on school reopenings
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The government is asked to set out a "routemap" for getting pupils back to classrooms in England. (BBC News)
Gordon Brown: UK could become 'failed state' without reform
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Covid has exposed "tensions" between Whitehall and the UK's nations and regions, the former PM warns. (BBC News)
Sturgeon: I did not mislead Scottish Parliament over Salmond
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The first minister denies claims she knew about harassment allegations earlier than she told parliament. (BBC News)
UK firms told 'set up in EU to avoid trade disruption'
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Firms say they have been advised by officials to set up EU hubs, but the government says it is not policy. (BBC News)
David Warburton MP's six stone weight loss secrets revealed
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Somerton and Frome MP David Warburton said he "got a bit obsessed" with his home gym. (BBC News)