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Greensill: Top civil servant 'joined firm before quitting'
pred 8 urami in 55 minutami
Bill Crothers' position was "agreed" to by the Cabinet Office, a letter from a lobbying watchdog reveals. (BBC News)
Covid: Strike 'possible' over longer job centre opening
pred 9 urami in 36 minutami
A union calls a return to normal hours a health risk, but the government says it takes safety seriously. (BBC News)
Bernard Jenkin's tearful tribute to MP Cheryl Gillan
pred 11 urami in 57 minutami
An MP becomes emotional as he calls for Cheryl’s Vote to allow ill MPs to get a proxy in the Commons. (BBC News)
Gmail 'safer than parliament's email system' says Tory MP
pred 12 urami in 37 minutami
Tom Tugendhat, Foreign Affairs Select Committee chair, says he was advised Gmail was 'more secure'. (BBC News)
Liberty Steel: Kwarteng defends rejecting request for £170m bailout
pred 13 urami in 17 minutami
The business secretary says the government had to ensure that any money provided would stay in the UK. (BBC News)
UK coronavirus: PM on vaccine rollout
pred 14 urami in 20 minutami
Lockdown measures more effective in reducing the disease than vaccines, says Boris Johnson. (BBC News)
Covid: People 45 or over in England invited to book vaccine
pred 15 urami in 28 minutami
It comes after all over-50s and those in high-risk groups in the UK have been offered a first dose. (BBC News)
Greensill: Labour to press ministers over Cameron lobbying
pred 15 urami in 49 minutami
The former prime minister has been criticised for lobbying on behalf of Greensill Capital. (BBC News)
Government's LGBT advisory panel disbanded
pred 16 urami in 3 minutami
Three advisors quit last month in protest at the government's handling of LGBT rights. (BBC News)
Theresa May's memories of meeting the Duke of Edinburgh
pred 1 dnevom in 8 urami
Theresa May shares memories of meeting Prince Philip, as MPs pay tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh. (BBC News)