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Alok Sharma: Cabinet minister tested for virus after being taken ill
pred 4 urami
Business Secretary Alok Sharma is tested for coronavirus after feeling unwell during a debate. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Business secretary appears unwell in Parliament
pred 4 urami in 50 minutami
Alok Sharma was seen wiping his face and is now self-isolating after being tested for coronavirus. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Do not meet others indoors during rain, PM urges
pred 7 urami in 20 minutami
Moving gatherings indoors could "reverse all the progress" made during lockdown, Boris Johnson says. (BBC News)
PM urges public not to gather inside as weather worsens
pred 7 urami in 54 minutami
With rain forecast in the coming days, Boris Johnson has urged the public not to gather inside. (BBC News)
George Floyd: Boris Johnson 'appalled and sickened' by death
pred 8 urami in 17 minutami
The prime minister says people have a right to protest, but should observe social distancing. (BBC News)
Dominic Cummings's Durham cottage plans investigated
pred 8 urami in 52 minutami
A council is looking into whether where the PM's adviser stayed had the correct planning permission. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: UK 'now more vulnerable to infections from abroad' - Priti Patel
pred 10 urami in 7 minutami
Home Secretary Priti Patel confirms plans to force almost all arrivals to the UK to isolate for 14 days. (BBC News)
Tory MP's inbox 'exploded' during Dominic Cummings row
pred 10 urami in 19 minutami
Stephen Crabb said he received 700 emails about the issue from constituents. (BBC News)
An uncertain future: Young people and the pandemic
pred 10 urami in 46 minutami
Young people are more likely to have lost work due to the Coronavirus pandemic. (BBC News)
PMQs: Blackford and Johnson on George Floyd death
pred 11 urami in 6 minutami
SNP Westminster leader asks the PM if he has talked to Donald Trump about the death of George Floyd. (BBC News)