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How Cuba and Uruguay are quashing coronavirus as neighbours struggle
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The Americas have become the biggest covid-19 hotspot with almost half of all the world's cases, but some countries in the region have found strategies to buck the trend (New Scientist)
A sugary diet changes gut bacteria and worsens brain function in rats
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Rats fed a sugar syrup early in life develop an unusual gut microbiome that seems to worsen the rodents’ memories by changing the way their brains work (New Scientist)
Blackbeard crashed his pirate ship on purpose because it leaked
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Queen Anne’s Revenge, the flagship of the notorious pirate Blackbeard, ran aground in 1718 and was abandoned by its crew. A new analysis says this may have been done on purpose (New Scientist)
Circles in space made of radio waves are like nothing we've ever seen
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Astronomers have discovered four circles of radio waves in space, but have no explanation for their origin. We don't even know how big or far away they are (New Scientist)
Eating seaweed can genetically modify the bacteria in our guts
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The gut bacteria in some people have acquired genes for digesting seaweed fibres in a transfer from marine bacteria. We don't know what effect this has on health, but it could be harmful (New Scientist)
Medics who changed history wouldn't get into modern medical schools
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Many of the people behind world-changing medical discoveries wouldn't have got into medical school by today’s standards, thanks to poor grades or misbehaving (New Scientist)
Climate change will make world too hot for 60 per cent of fish species
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Fish are at a far greater risk from climate change than previously thought, after researchers showed embryos and spawning adults are more susceptible to warming oceans (New Scientist)
Canadian sparrows are ditching traditional songs for a new tune
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White-throated sparrows normally end their song with repeated triplets, but a new song ending in repeated double notes has been sweeping a population in Canada (New Scientist)
Horror movie fans are better at coping with the coronavirus pandemic
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Good news for fans of zombie movies and people with an interest in the dark side of life: they may be more psychologically resilient to the covid-19 pandemic (New Scientist)
Water-filled windows could keep your home cool and save energy
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Windows filled with water rather than argon gas could save energy in most of the world, partly because they can provide a cheap source of hot water (New Scientist)