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NASA has selected SpaceX to build a lander to take humans to the moon
16. april 2021 (22:31)
SpaceX has been awarded a $2.9 billion contract to build the lunar lander that will take astronauts to the surface of the moon as part of NASA's Artemis programme (New Scientist)
Covid-19 news: Infections in England at lowest level in 7 months
16. april 2021 (16:36)
The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic (New Scientist)
Physicists have created a new and extremely rare kind of uranium
16. april 2021 (15:27)
A team of physicists in China has produced the lightest uranium atom ever, which is more than 10 per cent smaller than the most common type of uranium (New Scientist)
Facebook says its AI could help find drug combinations to treat cancer
16. april 2021 (14:00)
Facebook claims that its new artificial intelligence can predict the way drugs interact with each other inside cells, but other researchers say it may not translate into results that will be useful in humans (New Scientist)
The alphabet may have been invented 500 years earlier than we thought
16. april 2021 (10:00)
Many researchers think the alphabet emerged in Egypt about 3800 years ago – but possible examples of alphabetic writing from a 4300-year-old site in Syria challenge that idea (New Scientist)
Robotic elephant trunk can learn new tasks on its own
16. april 2021 (09:00)
A robotic elephant trunk made of a chain of motorised segments is operated by an artificial intelligence that can allow on-the-job training (New Scientist)
Meteorologists can predict strength of Asian monsoon a year in advance
16. april 2021 (08:00)
A climate model can reliably predict the strength of the Asian summer monsoon – and the tropical cyclone activity associated with it – more than one year ahead of time, which could help governments better prepare for damaging weather events (New Scientist)
Blue Origin’s latest launch brings it close to sending humans to space
15. april 2021 (22:38)
The 14 April launch of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket may have been the spacecraft’s last test flight before it begins taking passengers to the edge of space (New Scientist)
Whitest paint ever reflects 98 per cent of light and could cool homes
15. april 2021 (19:00)
An ultra-reflective white paint absorbs so little sunlight that it becomes cooler than its surroundings, so it could replace energy-intensive air conditioners to cool buildings (New Scientist)
Heat overrides genes to make bearded dragon embryos change sex
15. april 2021 (19:00)
Some Australian lizards that begin developing as males will hatch as females if the egg is particularly warm, because the heat triggers genes that override their sex chromosomes (New Scientist)