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Experimental diabetes device works by killing gut cells with hot water
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A device that carries hot water down a tube into the gut may help manage diabetes by killing overgrown gut cells that release hormones key to metabolising food (New Scientist)
There probably isn’t as much fake news in the media as we think
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An analysis of the media consumption habits of people in the US shows that fake news makes up a tiny fraction of what they watch or read every day (New Scientist)
Coronavirus latest: US hospitals come under increasing strain
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The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic (New Scientist)
Coronavirus will play out very differently in world's poorest nations
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Cases of covid-19 have been slow to appear in developing economies, but now they are ramping up. Slums and refugee camps could be particularly vulnerable (New Scientist)
Why we still don't know what the death rate is for covid-19
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Despite data pouring in many countries, estimates of how many of those infected with covid-19 die still vary widely (New Scientist)
Supermassive stars may have formed by repeatedly eating their siblings
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Some black holes are way bigger than we can explain, and they may have come from supermassive stars that formed by devouring the other stars around them (New Scientist)
Coronavirus: China wildlife trade ban could become law within months
02. april 2020 (17:15)
China’s ban on eating and trading wildlife due to the coronavirus crisis could become law within the next three months, according to conservationists (New Scientist)
Hunt for George Clooney's face explains how stress affects decisions
02. april 2020 (16:00)
Being stressed changes the way we make decisions. An experiment that sees people hunt for George Clooney's face while experiencing electric shocks could help explain why (New Scientist)
Diet and exercise will keep your brain young – depending on your genes
02. april 2020 (16:00)
Following a healthy diet or exercising could impact how your brain ages, but the effects on cognitive skills later in life depend on specific gene variants that not everyone has (New Scientist)
Orangutans and other great apes under threat from covid-19 pandemic
02. april 2020 (14:07)
Many great ape species are already in a precarious situation because of their dwindling numbers. Now they may also be at risk from the coronavirus pandemic (New Scientist)