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Black Sea palace not mine, says Putin
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President Putin denies links to a palace featured in a video by his arch-critic Alexei Navalny. (BBC News)
Burnt bodies found in vehicles on US-Mexico border
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The 19 victims were discovered in an area where violent drug cartels operate. (BBC News)
Malka Leifer: Israel extradites ex-principal accused of child sex abuse in Australia
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Malka Leifer is being flown to Australia, where she is accused of sexually assaulting schoolgirls. (BBC News)
Covid: Dutch PM Mark Rutte condemns curfew riots as 'criminal violence'
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Rioters attacked police and set fires to protest against a night-time curfew introduced on Saturday. (BBC News)
Keira Knightley rules out sex scenes directed by men
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The actress explains why she has a "no nudity clause" written into her movie contracts. (BBC News)
China mine rescue: Nine found dead during rescue in Shandong province
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The discovery comes a day after 11 miners were rescued after two weeks trapped underground. (BBC News)
Earnings of wealthiest 10 men during pandemic 'could buy vaccines for all'
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Billionaires' wealth has soared while the pandemic has plunged millions into poverty, Oxfam says. (BBC News)
Uganda ordered to end Bobi Wine's house arrest
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Soldiers prevented him leaving his house in case he organised protests against disputed elections. (BBC News)
Flaming Lips stage unique 'space bubble' concert in Oklahoma
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Both the band and their audience were inside individual inflatable bubbles. (BBC News)
Protecting the last wild lions in Africa
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Photographer George Logan highlights the decline of wild lions using conceptual images. (BBC News)