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Russia's Putin declares state of emergency after Arctic Circle oil spill
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Russia's President Putin declares a state of emergency after 20,000 tonnes of oil leak into a river. (BBC News)
'My brothers on Europe's last death row'
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Any day now two men may be executed in Europe's only country that still has the death penalty. (BBC News)
Sudan banned FGM - what happens next?
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FGM was outlawed by Sudan's new Sovereign Council, who have been in power since August 2019. (BBC News)
George Floyd: What has Trump done for black jobs, poverty and crime?
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President Trump says he's done more for African-Americans than any president since Lincoln. Has he? (BBC News)
Coronavirus in Russia: 'I don't trust Putin any more'
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In Russia, coronavirus ahs seen the long-time president's approval rating fall to an all-time low. (BBC News)
The 100-year wound that Hungary cannot forget
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Hungary lost two-thirds of its territory in the 1920 Trianon treaty and now aims to revive its past. (BBC News)
The young actors joining an industry on pause
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With theatres closed, and TV and movie filming on hold, acting school graduates are struggling. (BBC News)
Viewpoint: What it's like to be an African in the US
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Kenyan journalist Larry Madowo writes about the racism he has experienced in the US. (BBC News)
Derek Chauvin is charged with second-degree murder
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Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison upgraded charges for officers involved in George Floyd case. (BBC News)
New charges brought over George Floyd's death
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Three US police officers seen watching as another knelt on George Floyd's neck also face charges. (BBC News)