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Minneapolis' top cop sued the department in 2007. Here's why it matters today
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The killing of George Floyd isn't the first time the Minneapolis Police Department has faced scrutiny over its treatment of people of color.  (CNN)
Facebook, Netflix, Peloton and other companies take a stand on protests
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Facebook is donating $10 million to groups fighting racial inequality as mass protests sweep across the United States after an unarmed black man died at the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  (CNN)
Court rules Nestlé can't call its plant-based burgers 'incredible'
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Nestlé will stop marketing its plant-based burgers as "incredible" in Europe after a Dutch court found that using the word infringes on an Impossible Foods trademark.  (CNN)
Las Vegas reopens this week
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Detailed housekeeping checklists. Half-empty casinos. Reservations-only dining. No shows, nightclubs or sporting events. These are just some of the realities that travelers can expect when Las Vegas reopens for tourist traffic this week.  (CNN)
Belgian prince with coronavirus apologizes for breaking quarantine and attending party
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A Belgian prince has apologized, after testing positive for coronavirus two days after attending a social gathering in Córdoba, Spain.  (CNN)
This brewery is turning into a park to help people socially distance
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On a typical weekend before the pandemic hit, about 2,000 people would flock to Jester King Brewery located on a scenic ranch on the outskirts of Austin, Texas.  (CNN)
Pier 1 is officially going out of business
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Pier 1 is officially closing up shop after receiving approval from a bankruptcy court to cease and liquidate its retail operations.  (CNN)
The risks are piling up. How long can investors ignore them?
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US stocks have been on a tear since March even as the coronavirus pandemic cost tens of millions of Americans their jobs, shut down huge swaths of the global economy and depressed trade.  (CNN)
Police and protesters unite to grieve George Floyd's death while violent instigators spark new clashes
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While police leaders join protesters in denouncing the death of George Floyd, those behind the violence in cities across the country are getting more diverse as well.  (CNN)