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China says it's ditching GDP targets. That could be good news for the world | Keyu Jin
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Coronavirus has forced Beijing to pause in its relentless pursuit of GDP. Its people, and the environment, will benefitFor years, GDP growth targets have been the be-all and end-all of China’s economy. They were the imperfect but convenient measure of economic expansion and prosperity, the ultimate economic objective for the central government, and the yardstick of achievement for local governments.Officials at various levels – provincial, county and city – competed in a tournament of who could generate the highest GDP growth rates, and who could expand their local economies the fastest. Some transformed their municipalities into export hubs, some into manufacturing powerhouses, while others mined coal and constructed housing. It mattered less how it was achieved – the goal was to meet, and to exceed, these targets. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
‘Many girls have been cut’: how global school closures left children at risk
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Covid-19 lockdown made children vulnerable to abuses including FGM and child marriage say NGOs, as schools in England prepare to reopenCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageCovid-19 school closures have exposed children around the world to human rights abuses such as forced genital mutilation, early marriage and sexual violence, child protection experts say.Globally, the World Bank estimates that 1.6 billion children were locked out of education by Covid-19. As schools in England and around the world prepare to reopen this week, NGOs warn that millions of the world’s most vulnerable children may never return to the classroom, and say that after decades fighting for girls’ education the pandemic could cause gender equality in education to be set back decades. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
'Men don't trust we're strong enough': Somali women push into fish industry
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Selling fish has enabled some to quadruple their usual earnings but sexist attitudes are harder to overcomeEvery morning before sunrise, when most residents in the southern coastal city of Kismayo are asleep, Fardowsa Mohamed Ahmed, 32, goes to the beach to purchase fresh fish, which she will sell in the market.Like most women in this business, she depends on men to catch the fish. Men dominate the fishing sector. It is considered “men’s work” in Somali society. But Ahmed is determined to push her way in. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
UK hospitals to trial five new drugs in search for coronavirus treatment
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Exclusive: thirty hospitals looking to sign up hundreds of patients to take part in studiesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageFive new drugs are to be trialled in 30 hospitals across the country in the race to find a treatment for Covid-19, it has emerged.Just days after global trials of hydroxychloroquine, the drug promoted by Donald Trump as a cure, were halted, British scientists are looking to sign up hundreds of patients for trials of medicines they hope will prevent people becoming ill enough to need intensive care or ventilators. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Total Recall at 30: a thrilling reminder of Paul Verhoeven at his best
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The 1990 adaptation of a Philip K Dick short story slickly combined biting satire with a deliriously entertaining Arnold Schwarzenegger action thrillerTotal Recall is a movie about a totalitarian government that’s colonized another planet so it can charge ordinary people to breathe. There would be no conflict in the film without it: no serpentine Philip K Dick plot about a construction worker whose dreams of being a secret agent on Mars are rooted in real memories. No skirmishes between the authorities and the pocket of mutants, deviants and ne’er-do-wells who rebel against them from Martian red-light district of Venusville. And certainly none of the scrotum kicks, impalings or gruesome fusillades of machine-gun fire that audiences had come to expect from an Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie.  Related: The Shining at 40: will we ever fully understand what it all means? Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Bid for first eco-labelled bluefin tuna raises fears for protection of ‘king of fish’
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Conservationists warn the species, which was almost extinct 10 years ago, could be under threat if Japanese fishery is MSC certifiedA decade ago, the highly prized “king of fish”, the bluefin tuna, was taken off menus in high-end restaurants and shunned by top chefs, amid warnings by environmentalists that it was being driven to extinction. Recent assessments of Atlantic bluefin tuna, which can grow to the size of a small car and live for up to 40 years, have shown much healthier populations.But now conservationists and scientists are warning that the largest and most valuable tuna species could once again be under threat if a Japanese bluefin fishery in the Atlantic Ocean is awarded an internationally recognised “ecolabel” they claim is based on flawed science. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Australia’s NRL fan cardboard cut-out scheme turns sour after use of Hitler and mass murderer Harold Shipman
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League says screening process is being reviewedFox Sports issues apology for ‘poor taste’ TV sketchWhat started out as a fun and inclusive initiative has turned sour after the NRL’s scheme to put cardboard cut-outs of fans in stadiums was hijacked.Over the weekend a photograph of mass murderer Harold Shipman made an appearance in the stands, then a TV sketch featured an image of Adolf Hitler, prompting furious criticism from Australia’s Jewish community. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Global report: Wuhan reports no asymptomatic cases for first time
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Chinese city marks recovery milestone; English health officials voice concern over loosened lockdown; Brazil pass 500,000 casesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe Chinese city of Wuhan, where the Covid-19 pandemic began, reported no new asymptomatic cases for the first time on Sunday, according to Chinese health officials.Mainland China reported 16 new cases overall on Sunday, the highest daily number in three weeks. All were reported as imported cases – 11 in Sichuan province, three in Inner Mongolia, and two in Guangdong. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
'Deaths in our backyard': 432 Indigenous Australians have died in custody since 1991
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Aboriginal people whose family members have died in custody express solidarity with people on the streets of US cities protesting against the death of George FloydAustralia’s track record on deaths in custody is again under scrutiny, as Aboriginal people whose family members died in similar circumstances to George Floyd express solidarity with protestors on the streets of major US cities following the death of the unarmed black man.The family of 26-year-old David Dungay, a Dunghutti man who said “I can’t breathe” 12 times before he died while being restrained by five prison guards, said they have been traumatised anew by the footage of Floyd’s death. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Warm UK weather to continue into next week after sunniest spring on record
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Crowds flock to beaches and beauty spots ahead of lockdown easing while Met Office expects to confirm the driest May for 124 yearsCoronavirus latest updatesThe weekend’s sunny weather, which saw crowds of people flock to beaches and beauty spots across the UK as lockdown restrictions began to be eased, will continue into the beginning of next week, forecasters said. Britons enjoyed temperatures of up to 28C (82.4F) and the nation recorded its sunniest spring since records began in 1929.  Continue reading... (The Guardian)