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Coronavirus: GPs not told when patients removed from 'shielding lists'
29. maj 2020 (23:51)
This has caused confusion and anxiety among extremely vulnerable people staying at home. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: What happens next?
29. maj 2020 (23:00)
Clive Myrie meets patients and staff on the Covid ward at the Royal London Hospital. (BBC News)
DIY dentistry: What is safe to do to your own teeth?
29. maj 2020 (23:00)
How can you treat your own teeth while waiting to see a dentist? (BBC News)
Monkeys snatch blood samples of suspected Covid-19 patients in India
29. maj 2020 (15:16)
A troop of monkeys snatched the blood samples of suspected coronavirus patients at a government hospital in the Meerut district of the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.  (CNN)
Politics and poverty hinder Covid-19 response in Latin America
29. maj 2020 (15:16)
Wuhan was the original epicenter. Then the coronavirus migrated to Europe. New York was the next hotspot, and now world health authorities are worried about South America.  (CNN)
We have different attitudes toward social distancing, and it's straining relationships
29. maj 2020 (14:58)
Andrew remembers the week everything changed.  (CNN)
Need a plumber or babysitter to come to your home? Here's how to keep everyone safe
29. maj 2020 (14:48)
Until there's an effective vaccine available, every new person you let into your house increases your risk of exposure to the coronavirus.  (CNN)
This incredibly popular store is one of the hardest to socially distance in
29. maj 2020 (14:20)
TJ Maxx built its appeal on the "treasure hunt" shopping experience. Now it must persuade shoppers that it's safe to return to scavenging stores in the age of a pandemic.  (CNN)
What you need to know about coronavirus today
29. maj 2020 (11:54)
The risks of reopening the economy too soon have been outlined by scientists in stark terms. Without taking proper precautions to keep the coronavirus in check, returning to normal life could trigger new outbreaks that swiftly spiral out of control, experts have warned.  (CNN)
If you have ADHD, here's how to manage working from home
29. maj 2020 (11:52)
As some companies shifted to working from home, some adults with ADHD hit a wall.  (CNN)