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Care home worker thought cancer misdiagnosis was a 'cruel joke'
pred 16 urami in 26 minutami
Janice Johnston had 18 months of needless chemotherapy, causing her numerous physical problems. (BBC News)
Learning disability vaccine plea: 'Don't leave us to rot'
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As high risk groups continue to be immunised there are growing concerns that people with learning disabilities have been missed out. (BBC News)
'I couldn't breathe': The 26-year-old with Covid
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Twenty-six-year-old Mae Mamaril and her family all tested positive for Covid-19 at the end of 2020. Mae was the only one who was moved to an intensive care unit. (BBC News)
'Record number' of Covid intensive care patients transferred
22. januar 2021 (14:26)
Around one in 10 patients admitted to intensive care is now being sent to a different hospital. (BBC News)
TikTok: GP posts videos to tackle vaccine fake news
22. januar 2021 (07:00)
Dr Nighat Araf records messages in Urdu and Punjabi, urging people to trust the Covid jab. (BBC News)
Vaccine volunteers: 'It's felt good to fight back against Covid'
22. januar 2021 (01:57)
Some of those leading the nation's vaccination effort have told of their experiences. (BBC News)
Covid-19: Scientists challenge 'flawed' lateral flow tests report
21. januar 2021 (16:06)
They say the devices, which are used in local councils, have a key role to play in the battle against Covid. (BBC News)
Covid: Nearly 2m people got first Covid vaccine in last week
21. januar 2021 (11:06)
Around 200 vaccines are being given per minute in England, the health secretary says. (BBC News)
Covid: 'No evidence' virus levels decreasing in England
21. januar 2021 (00:55)
Imperial College London research suggests rates may have risen over the first 10 days of the third lockdown. (BBC News)
Joe believes playing video games helps his mental health
21. januar 2021 (00:15)
Many argue the positives outweigh the negatives when it comes to gaming and mental health (BBC News)