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AstraZeneca: Irish health body recommends vaccine restriction
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The National Immunisation Advisory Committee says the AstraZeneca vaccine should be limited to over-60s. (BBC News)
Covid: Asthma drug 'speeds up recovery at home'
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GPs can now prescribe it to treat Covid patients on a case-by-case basis, the NHS has announced. (BBC News)
Covid-19: G7 nations 'should finance global vaccine scheme' - Brown
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Former PM Gordon Brown says £22bn is needed so vaccines can be administered in lower income countries. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: UK reports largest number of second jabs in one day
10. april 2021 (15:55)
A total of 450,136 second doses were received on Friday - with 106,878 first doses also given. (BBC News)
Coronavirus infections 'a sixth of January peak'
09. april 2021 (16:23)
ONS estimates that one-in-350 people in the UK currently have coronavirus (BBC News)
Lockdown easing: What to watch for when you’re out and about
08. april 2021 (23:21)
The BBC’s David Shukman on how to navigate lockdown easing while keeping yourself and others safe. (BBC News)
'I was told my BMI wasn't low enough to get help'
08. april 2021 (23:06)
Victoria Spence says she was refused NHS help for her eating disorder because her BMI was too high. (BBC News)
Covid: Unpaid carers 'struggled to get pain relief' for terminally ill
08. april 2021 (05:00)
Susan Lowe is among the carers who struggled to get pain relief for a loved one during the pandemic. (BBC News)
Covid: Vaccines 'break link' between infections and death
07. april 2021 (23:59)
A study of 140,000 people in England found one in 500 were infected. (BBC News)
Livingston's Valneva vaccine shows 'strong immune response'
07. april 2021 (12:13)
Biotech firm Valneva reports promising results from early trials as it begins testing on 5,000 people. (BBC News)