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Jeremy Corbyn accused of 'stupid woman' jibe at Theresa May
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Jeremy Corbyn faces Tory calls to apologise to Theresa May - but Labour say he said "stupid people". (BBC News)
Brain injury rower Anna Thornton fit to return from US
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Anna Thornton was left in a coma after falling down stairs in Seattle last month. (BBC News)
Elon Musk launches high-speed underground tunnel
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The prototype underground tunnel is designed to transport cars at speeds of up to 150mph. (BBC News)
Italy budget deal struck with Europe after months-long row
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The agreement follows a high-profile diplomatic row that has lasted for months. (BBC News)
PMQs: Does Corbyn call May a 'stupid woman'?
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The prime minister teases the Labour leader about his bid for a confidence vote, and he does not look impressed. (BBC News)
Deck the halls without Holly: Presenter rules out I'm a Celebrity return
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"It's definitely business as usual. This was a one-off, once in a lifetime adventure." (BBC News)
Three stabbed at London health centre
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A video posted to social media showed a man dressed only in underwear being led away by police. (BBC News)
Sympathy for overworked Taiwan man who ploughed into Ferraris
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Taiwanese people open their wallets to help a low-paid man foot a rather large bill for the damage. (BBC News)
Jackets left on lampposts in Inverness for homeless
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Notes were attached to the coats with a message inviting the finder to take the clothing if they needed it. (BBC News)
'Misleading' Colgate toothpaste TV advert banned by watchdog
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Colgate-Palmolive has had nine ads banned in seven years, five of which were for dental products. (BBC News)