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John McAfee charged with fraud over cryptocurrency
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The businessman is accused of promoting cryptocurrency to his followers to inflate prices. (BBC News)
Senegal protests after opposition leader Ousmane Sonko arrested
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Ousmane Sonko is accused of rape but his supporters say the allegations are politically motivated. (BBC News)
Roy Greenslade: The Guardian apologises to Máiría Cahill over column
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The Guardian says Roy Greenslade's 2014 column on Máiría Cahill was "not handled appropriately". (BBC News)
NHS pay: Hancock defends 1% pay rise after union strike threats
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The health secretary said the proposal was "what we think is affordable" after the Covid pandemic. (BBC News)
Covid vaccinators highlight 'injustice' over pay
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Staff speak out after it emerges some professionals are being paid five times more for the same roles. (BBC News)
US and EU suspend tariffs in Boeing Airbus row
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The move comes a day after the US agreed to suspend its tariffs on UK imports stemming from the dispute. (BBC News)
QAnon Shaman: 'I regret entering that building with every fibre of my body'
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Jake Angeli spoke from jail about his role in the Capitol riots. (BBC News)
Sarah Everard: Police 'increasingly concerned' for Brixton woman
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Sarah Everard has not been seen or heard from since Wednesday evening, her best friend says. (BBC News)
China zoo 'tries to pass dog off as wolf'
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The animal in the wolf enclosure turned out to be a watchdog raised at the zoo. (BBC News)
Ellesmere Port: Vauxhall plant pauses production as demand sags
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The owner of the Ellesmere Port plant says the halt is nothing to do with talks over its future. (BBC News)