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Turkey-Syria offensive: Russia vows to prevent clashes with Assad forces
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Moscow says it will not allow fighting between the two, amid Turkey's offensive in northern Syria. (BBC News)
Man who ran over PC Gareth Phillips with patrol car jailed
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PC Gareth Phillips was badly hurt when he was struck by "habitual dangerous driver" Mubashar Hussain. (BBC News)
Curbing MP abuse 'not high priority' for leaders, says watchdog
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The intimidation of MPs and their staff is threatening democracy, claims the UK standards watchdog. (BBC News)
Do party election broadcasts matter any more?
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On the anniversary of the first appearance of the campaign tool on our screens, we look at their impact. (BBC News)
Primark warns shoppers not to buy online
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The High Street chain says that it does not have a commercial relationship with Amazon. (BBC News)
Brazil building collapse: Seven-storey block crashes down in Fortaleza
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Firefighters fear that 10 people may be buried underneath the rubble in the city of Fortaleza. (BBC News)
Hunter Biden defends Ukraine and China business dealings
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Hunter Biden says he made a mistake not predicting political fallout from his foreign dealings. (BBC News)
Ballymurphy Inquest: Soldier thanked for providing names
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The soldier, who was screened, denied there is a "limit to his assistance" in the Ballymurphy Inquest. (BBC News)
Dutch family 'waiting for end of time' discovered in basement
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A 58-year-old man and six others spent nine years in a secret room at a Dutch farm, reports say. (BBC News)
India newborn girl found in shallow grave 'fighting for life'
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The baby girl found buried alive in a clay pot is in a critical condition, her doctor tells the BBC. (BBC News)