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Pension contribution hike to hit pay packets
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The potential impact on workers with auto-enrolled pensions is "quite substantial", says an expert. (BBC News)
Emiliano Sala: Former coach pays tribute to footballer
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On the day of footballer Emiliano Sala's funeral, his childhood friend and a former coach pay tribute. (BBC News)
Brexit: Theresa May urges Tory MPs to unite and back deal
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Theresa May tells Conservatives "history will judge us all" over the handling of Britain's EU exit. (BBC News)
Heather Nauert withdraws nomination as US envoy to UN
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President Trump's pick to be America's new UN ambassador cites "family interests" for her decision. (BBC News)
Yellow-vest protests: Macron condemns anti-Semitic abuse
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A group of protesters in Paris directed insults and anti-Jewish taunts at a prominent philosopher. (BBC News)
How Lidl learnt to be less German in the UK
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Ronny Gottschlich, the former boss of Lidl, explains how the German discounter grew in the UK. (BBC News)
Has Meghan's accent changed since marrying Prince Harry?
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Linguistics experts are split over whether the Duchess of Sussex has adopted a British twang. (BBC News)
The soldier with a secret talent - ballet
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When Alex Smith joined the Army he didn't reveal to anyone he had spent years training to be a dancer. (BBC News)
Chaka Khan: Why she gets annoyed by her tuneful greeting
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The legendary singer on the "mixed blessing" of that track and how the planet feels different without Aretha Franklin. (BBC News)
The boy who taught himself to play
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Student Nuradean Arreythe loved classical music so much he taught himself how to play, even though he doesn’t read music or own a piano. (BBC News)