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Climate change: Longest talks end with compromise deal
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Exhausted delegates reach agreement on the key question of ambition with tricky issues postponed. (BBC News)
Botswana cancels hunters' licences for killing elephant
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The professional hunters had shot dead a collared elephant in Botswana, angering conservationists. (BBC News)
General election 2019: Welsh MP tells Tories to repay voters' faith
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A senior Tory says people in north Wales rejected a Labour party which failed to deliver for them. (BBC News)
Australia bushfires: Footage shows fire 'crowning' across treetops
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The phenomenon was filmed by firefighters in Wollemi National Park, New South Wales. (BBC News)
Harry Clarke 'sorry' for Glasgow bin lorry 'accident'
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The driver of the truck apologises ahead of the fifth anniversary of the crash which killed six people. (BBC News)
Labour's John McDonnell: 'I own this disaster'
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Jeremy Corbyn has apologised for the party's election defeat but the shadow chancellor says: "This is on me". (BBC News)
British Steel takeover 'making progress'
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China's Jingye denies a newspaper report suggesting its bid to rescue the firm could collapse. (BBC News)
Mesut Ozil: Arsenal-Manchester City game removed from schedules by China state TV
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China's state broadcaster CCTV has removed Sunday's Arsenal-Manchester City game from its schedule after comments made by Gunners midfielder Mesut Ozil, state media has reported. (BBC News)
M4 crash: One dead and one injured in four-vehicle collision
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The road is closed westbound between junction 17 and junction 18. (BBC News)
General election 2019: Labour leadership takes blame over result
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Jeremy Corbyn says he is "sorry we can up short", while John McDonnell says he "owns this disaster". (BBC News)