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More deaths in Nicaragua violence as talks collapse
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At least three people die and many are injured as security forces move on the city of Masaya. (BBC News)
GCHQ director urges co-operation after Brexit
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Jeremy Fleming says the agency has helped foil at least four European terror plots in the past year. (BBC News)
World Cup 2018: How to party like a Russian
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With Russia virtually in the World Cup second round, thousands of people partied through the night. (BBC News)
The FBI said I was my parents' stolen baby - but I found the truth
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Foundling Paul Fronczak was given to a family whose baby had been stolen - but was he really their son? (BBC News)
Migrant family separations: Republicans scramble as border crisis grows
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President Trump meets with lawmakers as outcry grows over the separation of migrant families. (BBC News)
Canada legalises recreational cannabis use
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The country is the first in the G7 group of nations to legalise the drug's recreational use. (BBC News)
Meet Kamille: The stockbroker who writes hits for Little Mix and Jess Glynne
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Meet Camille Purcell - a former economist who's written some of pop music's biggest hits. (BBC News)
Author on surviving 'gay conversion therapy'
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Garrard Conley's parents put him through "conversion therapy" - now he's dedicated a book to them. (BBC News)
Is Sara a 'refugee' or a 'would-be surgeon'?
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On World Refugee Day, one Syrian girl talks about doing homework in a tent and her future ambitions. (BBC News)
From Twitter wars to assassinating Caesar
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Mary Beard is a public thinker fighting back against sexist social media and fake news. (BBC News)