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Trafalgar Square stabbing: Man knifed in central London
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The man was found with stab injuries in the square in central London just after 21:00 BST. (BBC News)
Amazon fires: President Jair Bolsonaro suggests NGOs to blame
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Jair Bolsonaro says NGOs may be setting fires in the Amazon to embarrass the government after they cut funding, despite offering no evidence. (BBC News)
President Trump: 'I am the chosen one'
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Discussing the China trade war, President Trump looks up to the sky and strikes a man-of-destiny tone. (BBC News)
Argentina minister defends peso amid default risk
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Debt ratings agency Fitch says the peso's recent depreciation "suggests a real risk of default". (BBC News)
Yousef Makki: Sentence appeal by stabbed boy's family refused
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The family of Yousef Makki believe two boys convicted in the case got unduly lenient sentences. (BBC News)
Prince Andrew's links to Jeffrey Epstein
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The Duke of York has come under scrutiny for his connection to the late US financier. Here's what we know. (BBC News)
Federal Reserve policymakers divided over US rate cuts
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Some Federal Reserve officials wanted a bigger rate cut last month - something Donald Trump wants. (BBC News)
Libby Squire death: Man arrested on suspicion of murder
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Police arrest a 25-year-old over the death of the student whose body was found in the Humber. (BBC News)
Boy, 12, falls to death from apartment in Spain
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Lucas Briscoe was on holiday with his mother in the Costa del Sol when he fell from a balcony. (BBC News)
Robot battles wrongly banned for 'animal cruelty'
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YouTube restores some videos of robots fighting after wrongly removing hundreds. (BBC News)