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Coronavirus: Care homes 'refused kit because stock reserved for England'
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An owner of two homes says two of her usual suppliers are holding back stock for England. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Government agrees emergency funding deal with Bank
pred 1 uro in 5 minutami
The government is set to borrow billions of pounds from its emergency Bank of England overdraft. (BBC News)
NI health trusts 'stopped from carrying out early abortions'
pred 2 urama in 46 minutami
NI abortion laws changed last month to permit terminations in all circumstances up to 12 weeks. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Miss England returning to her job as an NHS junior doctor
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Bhasha Mukherjee is heading back to work at a hospital in Boston, Lincolnshire due to coronavirus. (BBC News)
Giuseppe Conte: EU needs to help coronavirus hit countries
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Italian PM Giuseppe Conte tells the BBC EU leaders need to rise to the challenge of the pandemic. (BBC News)
Virus could push half a billion people into poverty
pred 4 urami in 43 minutami
UN research warns the coronavirus pandemic could put a further 8% of world's population in poverty. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Ministers to discuss UK lockdown review
pred 4 urami in 49 minutami
Political leaders will evaluate the restrictions, as Boris Johnson spends a fifth day in hospital. (BBC News)
Porous borders where virus cannot be controlled
pred 6 urami in 2 minutama
People surging unmonitored over borders in a volatile part of the world has sparked dire warnings. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Why do we talk about 'fighting' illness?
pred 6 urami in 29 minutami
Dominic Raab's been criticised for his comments on Boris Johnson's coronavirus, but is this fair? (BBC News)
Disney Plus racks up 50m subscribers in five months
pred 6 urami in 39 minutami
Disney's new video streaming service almost doubles its subscription base during coronavirus lockdowns. (BBC News)