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US preparing for 'full' and 'rapid' withdrawal from Syria
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Planning is underway for a "full" and "rapid" withdrawal of US troops from Syria, a US defense official told CNN Wednesday.  (CNN)
Government funding and the punt formation
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For a brief half hour or so Tuesday, it seemed like what was impossible just 24 hours prior was on the table: an all-encompassing spending deal that would mean 100% of the government would be funded through the fiscal year at the levels agreed upon in March.  (CNN)
Michelle Obama on 2017 inauguration: 'Bye, Felicia'
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Former first lady Michelle Obama said that as she bid farewell to the White House after President Donald Trump's inauguration in 2017, one thought was clear: "Bye, Felicia!"  (CNN)
The world's richest horse races
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In horse racing, the rich tend to get richer. Prize funds are growing, and in a select handful of uber-rich races the pot can be eye-popping.  (CNN)
House Speaker Paul Ryan to deliver farewell address to Congress
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Outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan will deliver his farewell address Wednesday at the Library of Congress, a final capstone in a series of events marking his departure after more than two decades on Capitol Hill.  (CNN)
New revelations deal blow to Trump's alternative narrative
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Almost daily, reality deals another blow to the alternative narrative that President Donald Trump has constructed around his scandal-plagued presidency, campaign and business legacy.  (CNN)
Most men in politics are clean shaven, but beards are making a comeback
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Politics tends to be the realm of the clean shaven, but as America has grown more lax about facial hair, scruff has become more acceptable in Washington too.  (CNN)
How to read 2020 polling right now
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It might not even be 2019, but political pundits are already hyper-focused on 2020. And with good reason. If history is any guide, the next Democratic nominee is most likely already in the planning phase of a 2020 campaign and will start running in earnest early next year. And he or she likely already figures prominently in polls of primary fields like the one CNN conducted last week.  (CNN)
Nearly two-thirds of US women use contraception, CDC reports
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The most common methods for preventing pregnancy, according to a new government report are female sterilization, oral contraception, long-acting reversible contraception such as IUDs and implants and male condoms.  (CNN)
Up to 319 people dead as Congo Ebola outbreak worsens
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One of the deadliest Ebola outbreaks in history continues to worsen in the Democratic Republic of Congo with as many as 319 people now dead.  (CNN)