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New York Times: Boeing's South Carolina plant faces production issues that 'have threatened to compromise safety'
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Former and current employees at a Boeing plant in South Carolina that produces the company's 787 Dreamliner claim the factory is overrun by "shoddy production and weak oversight that have threatened to compromise safety" -- a revelation that surfaces as Boeing is under fire over a separate aircraft, the New York Times reported Saturday.  (CNN)
A peep into the history of Easter's marshmallow icon
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Easter is a popular time for America's bunny- and chick-shaped marshmallows friends known as Peeps. Every day, about 5.5 million Peeps are produced, roughly 2 billion a year.  (CNN)
Washington state senator slammed for saying nurses 'play cards' for 'considerable amount of the day'
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A Washington state senator has drawn the ire of nurses after remarks she made suggesting that nurses in smaller hospitals "probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day."  (CNN)
From 'total exoneration' to 'total bullsh**': Trump lingers on damning report
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By the time President Donald Trump had passed through the prime rib buffet at Mar-a-Lago on Thursday to sit for dinner with family and a top aide, the damning picture Robert Mueller's report painted of his presidency had become clear.  (CNN)
Why the Mueller report probably isn't a game changer for voters
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First things first: The theme song of the week is from the television show WKRP in Cincinnati.  (CNN)
Pompeo insists he's 'still in charge' on North Korea negotiations
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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo emphasized Friday that he is "still in charge" of the diplomatic team running negotiations with North Korea and made it clear that he plans to continue serving in that capacity despite a blistering rebuke by Pyongyang earlier this week that called for the top US diplomat to be removed from denuclearization talks.  (CNN)
FDA OKs first medical device to treat ADHD in children
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The first medical device to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, was approved Friday by the Food and Drug Administration. Instead of medication, the device delivers a low-level electrical stimulation to the parts of the brain that regulate emotion, behavior and attention.  (CNN)
Feds arrest man in connection with a February raid on the North Korean Embassy in Madrid
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Federal authorities arrested a man in California Thursday in connection with a brazen February raid on the North Korean Embassy in Madrid.  (CNN)
Armed Mexican troops question American soldiers on US side of border
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Two US soldiers were questioned by Mexican troops earlier this month while conducting a surveillance operation on the US side of the southern border, two US defense officials tell CNN.  (CNN)
Maria Butina asks to be released from jail and sent back to Russia in new filing
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Maria Butina has asked a federal judge to release her from prison and send her home to Russia after she spent nine months in jail since her arrest for acting as a foreign agent of the Russian government.  (CNN)