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Fact check: Trump offers two dangerous falsehoods in a largely straightforward briefing
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Over the past few weeks, President Donald Trump's coronavirus briefings have become a daily occurrence at the White House. They've also become regular venues for falsehoods, misleading information, revisionist history and outright lies.  (CNN)
'Modern Family' turns out the lights with a warm, funny series finale
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After 11 years of family togetherness, "Modern Family" wrapped up its Emmy-winning run with perhaps the most obvious set-up -- namely, a string of fairly sudden developments that would scatter the extended clan in different directions.  (CNN)
Colorado Democrat believes Trump awarded ventilators as political favor to vulnerable GOP senator
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Rep. Diana DeGette, a veteran Democrat, said that President Donald Trump's announcement that he would send 100 ventilators to Colorado smacks of a political favor to vulnerable GOP Sen. Cory Gardner after the federal government had not fulfilled the delegation's request for the devices.  (CNN)
US intelligence agencies started tracking coronavirus outbreak in China as early as November
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US spy agencies were tracking the rise of the novel coronavirus as early as November, weeks before that information was included in President Donald Trump's daily intelligence briefing, a former US military official told CNN.  (CNN)
DHS warns faith community about increase in online hate speech ahead of Passover and Easter
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The Department of Homeland Security warned the faith-based community ahead of Passover and Easter about an "increase in online hate speech intended to encourage violence or use" the ongoing coronavirus pandemic situation as an excuse to spread hatred.  (CNN)
Acting Treasury watchdog sends to House committee report on handling of request for Trump's tax returns
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The Treasury Department's acting inspector general has sent a report to the House Ways and Means Committee that examines the handling of Chairman Richard Neal's request for President Donald Trump's tax returns, a personal familiar with the report tells CNN.  (CNN)
Cargo prices skyrocketing as companies and the federal government rush medical supplies to the US
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The cost to ship goods to the US has jumped up in recent weeks as demand for medical supplies and other goods has skyrocketed and the number of flights has dropped amid the global coronavirus pandemic.  (CNN)
Analysis: US coronavirus predictions are shifting. Here's why
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Things are still getting worse. The US death toll crossed 14,000 on Wednesday, with a record 1,858 deaths reported just on Tuesday. Since the outbreak started, about 425,000 cases have been diagnosed in the US. And researchers say the peak has yet to come.  (CNN)
Former acting Navy secretary's trip to Guam, which led to his resignation, cost almost a quarter of a million dollars
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The recently resigned acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly's Monday trip to Guam where he addressed the crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt and slammed their former commander, cost the Defense Department an estimated $243,000, according to a Navy official.  (CNN)
Analysis: Five reasons Bernie Sanders lost
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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders ended his bid for the 2020 Democratic Party's presidential nomination on Wednesday. Not only did he lose a second time in a row, but he actually ended up with less support.  (CNN)