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New Zealand's scandal-hit National party to investigate safety of female workers
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Leader Simon Bridges talks of ‘worst week in living memory’ for partyNew Zealand’s opposition National party is reeling after its “worst week in living memory”, with leader Simon Bridges announcing a culture inquiry to investigate whether its female employees feel safe at work.Last week the party threatened to implode after former chief whip Jami-Lee Ross accused Bridges of being a “corrupt politician” and released a phone recording in which the pair discussed the higher value of Chinese MPs over Indians and Bridges described a colleague as “fucking useless”. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Mock German fighter plane crashes on California freeway
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Pilot uninjured in incident near Los AngelesPlane used for air shows, memorials and other eventsA pilot escaped injury after his vintage single-engine plane crashed and burst into flames on a southern California freeway Tuesday, authorities said.The North American AT-6 was painted with second-world-war-era German air force markings, said Chris Rushing, president of Condor Squadron. The plane belonged to the group, which performs mock dogfights for air shows and flies in formation over parades, memorial services and events commemorating veterans, Rushing said. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
'New trajectory': Abe heads to China as Trump trade threats help bury old tensions
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Talks between Xi Jinping and Shinzo Abe have warmed since a 2012 dispute over islands in the East China Sea Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, will arrive in Beijing on Thursday amid a thaw in bilateral ties that would have seemed impossible just a few years ago.Relations between the Asia’s two biggest economies deteriorated dramatically in 2012 when the Japanese government “nationalised” a group of disputed islands in the East China Sea known as the Senkakus in Japan and the Diaoyu in China. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Geoffrey Rush made inappropriate gestures to second woman at theatre, court hears
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Actor denies Daily Telegraph defamation trial lawyer’s claim he made ‘groping’ gestures at stage hand as well as actorActor Geoffrey Rush has been forced to deny making inappropriate comments and gestures to a second member of the 2015 production of King Lear, but has said he might have told a younger co-star she looked “yummy”.On the third day of his defamation trial against Sydney newspaper the Daily Telegraph, the barrister acting for the paper, Tom Blackburn SC, pushed Rush on his behaviour towards female cast members during the play. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Man faces attempted murder charge after stabbing at Russia's Antarctic outpost
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Suspect placed under house arrest after alleged attack at Bellingshausen station on King George Island A researcher at Russia’s Antarctic station has allegedly stabbed and injured a colleague, possibly after an emotional breakdown, the Interfax news agency has reported.The alleged attack occurred on 9 October in the canteen of Bellingshausen station on King George Island, the agency said on Tuesday. It said the suspect had voluntarily surrendered to the station manager without resistance. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Canadian rapper dies after falling off plane during wing walking stunt
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Cessna went into spiral during filming of a music video and Jon James McMurray failed to open parachute in timeA Canadian rapper died during a filmed stunt that involved rapping while walking on the wing of a plane.The British Columbia’s coroner’s service said 34-year-old Jon James McMurray had been with a team making videos of plane stunts and parachuting on Saturday. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Jamal Khashoggi: Trump says Saudi cover-up was 'one of worst' in history
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US curbs 21 Saudi officials’ visas and mulls more sanctionsPompeo: ‘These penalties will not be the last word’Donald Trump has said that the operation to kill Jamal Khashoggi in Riyadh’s consulate in Istanbul led to “one of the worst cover-ups” in history, as the US announced it would sanction Saudi officials who were implicated in the writer’s death.However, the president stopped short of blaming the senior Saudi royals, King Salman and the crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
New Zealand deploys art of conversation to save foreign hikers' lives
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Police and department of conservation appeal to locals to share knowledge with visitors, after a spate of avoidable deathsNew Zealanders are being called on to talk to tourists in hotels, pubs and shops to educate them about the dangers of the nation’s countryside, after a spate of emergency rescues and fatalities.Police and the Department of Conservation [DOC] have taken the unusual step of appealing to Kiwis to tap into their famed friendliness and share their local knowledge with visitors, after an Indian man died this month on the popular Tongariro alpine crossing, the second preventable death in the area in weeks. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
China's appetite for 'stinky' durian fruit threatening endangered tigers
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Forests in the region of Raub in Malaysia are being burned and cleared to make way for durian plantationsThe habitat of one of the world’s most endangered tigers is under threat, according to environmental groups, as forests in Malaysia are cleared to meet growing demand for durians, the divisively pungent fruit hugely popular in China.Forests in the region of Raub in Malaysia, which has become a popular destination for Chinese and Singapore tourists on “durian tours”, are being burned and cleared to make way for plantations to grow the Musang King variety of the spiky but stinky fruit. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
White nationalist Richard Spencer accused of physical abuse by wife
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The far-right leader allegedly told his wife: ‘The only language women understand is violence’The wife of the white nationalist Richard Spencer has accused him of emotional and physical abuse, including choking her, dragging her by her hair and attempting to punch her while she was pregnant, according to divorce filings in the Flathead county district court in Montana.“One of [Spencer’s] favorite statements to me is, ‘The only language women understand is violence,’” Spencer’s wife Nina Koupriianova alleged in divorce filings. She claimed he called her “genetically defective” and a “parasite”, and that he verbally abused her in front of their young daughter. Continue reading... (The Guardian)