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Violence at Belgrade protest over renewed lockdown measures
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Protesters clash with police in Serbian capital after weekend curfew announcedCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageProtesters and police clashed violently in Belgrade on Tuesday evening amid anger over the return of strict lockdown measures to tackle coronavirus. Earlier on Tuesday a weekend curfew was announced after a rise in Covid-19 cases in Serbia and across the western Balkans.A group of protesters stormed the parliament in Belgrade, and police responded with teargas and a show of force. A police spokesperson said protesters threw rocks, bottles and other objects at officers and set five police vehicles on fire. Police said 23 people were detained and 43 police officers were injured. Seventeen demonstrators also sustained injuries. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
JK Rowling, Rushdie and Atwood warn against ‘intolerance’ in open letter
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Harper’s letter asserts way to ‘defeat bad ideas is by exposure, argument, and persuasion’, but critics accuse authors of censorious mentalityJK Rowling, Salman Rushdie and Margaret Atwood are among the signatories to a controversial open letter warning that the spread of “censoriousness” is leading to “an intolerance of opposing views” and “a vogue for public shaming and ostracism”.Rowling, whose beliefs on transgender rights have recently seen scores of Harry Potter fans distance themselves from her, said she was “proud to sign this letter in defence of a foundational principle of a liberal society: open debate and freedom of thought and speech”. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
US anti-abortion groups received millions in federal Covid-19 aid
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Planned Parenthood also received funding from Paycheck Protection Program, which some lawmakers demanded it returnChristian anti-abortion lobbying organizations received millions in taxpayer-backed forgivable loans from the US government’s coronavirus aid program, even as lawmakers demanded the nation’s largest abortion provider return federal loans.Pro-reproductive rights groups have also received funding from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Planned Parenthood, America’s largest network of abortion and sexual health clinics, received $80m in PPP loans. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Mexico border towns try to stop Americans crossing amid Covid-19 fears
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Townspeople block road to beach resort popular with US tourists as cases surge in states including Arizona As he campaigned for the presidency, Donald Trump promised to build a “big beautiful wall” along the US-Mexico border, claiming it would keep migrants out of the country and stop everything from drugs to disease.But with Covid-19 cases surging on both sides of the frontier, towns in northern Mexico are pleading to restrict cross-border movement – this time to stop tourists and travellers bringing in coronavirus from the US. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Deadly floods and landslides in Japan – in pictures
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Heavy rain that caused deadly floods in southern Japan has moved north-east, hammering large areas of the country’s main island, swelling rivers, triggering mudslides and destroying homes and roads. At least 58 people have died over several days of flooding Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Kenya calls for help in fight against rising sexual abuse by foreigners
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Anti-trafficking organisations say widespread trust in white outsiders makes children an easy target for abusers from the westChild protection organisations in Kenya say more needs to be done to protect young people from exploitation by overseas perpetrators, as the country reports a rising number of abuse cases.The warning follows the arrest of Gregory Dow, a 61-year-old missionary, who last month pleaded guilty in a US court to sexually abusing girls at an orphanage he ran in Kenya. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
How Bolsonaro downplayed Covid-19 before, and after, he contracted the virus – video
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Jair Bolsonaro has announced live on television he has tested positive for coronavirus - after months of repeatedly trivializing the pandemic and flouting social distancing guidelines.In March, as Covid-19 claimed its first victims in Brazil, the far-right populist leader bragged that, if infected, he would quickly shake off the illness thanks to his 'athlete’s background'. Since then, the president has continued to attend social events and political rallies, often wearing masks incorrectly, if at all.Brazil has suffered one of the world’s worst outbreaks, with more than 1.6m confirmed cases and 65,000 related deaths, according to official data released on 6 July.Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for coronavirusCoronavirus – latest global updates Continue reading... (The Guardian)
'Evidence emerging' of airborne Covid-19 spread, says WHO – video
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Members of the World Health Organization’s technical committee have said they are working on publishing a scientific brief about how and if the coronavirus can spread in the air, following a letter signed by more than 200 scientists who have called for the WHO and others to acknowledge that the disease can spread in the air. Committee member Prof Benedetta Allegranzi said evidence on airborne transmission was emerging but ‘is not definitive’Global report: WHO says ‘evidence emerging’ of airborne coronavirus spreadWarning of serious brain disorders in people with mild Covid symptoms Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Lagos Leap: inside a ballet school in Nigeria's suburbs - in pictures
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The Leap of Dance academy has brought ballet to children in a poor district in Africa’s largest megacity Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Coronavirus live news: US gives WHO official notice of its withdrawal next year
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Joe Biden says he would return US to WHO if elected; Bolsonaro taking hydroxycholoquine to cure his Covid-19 infectionWHO says ‘evidence emerging’ of airborne coronavirus spreadUS officially notifies World Health Organization of its withdrawalBrazilian president Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for coronavirusUK coronavirus updates – liveAustralia: Melbourne lockdown updates – live 7.36am BST In Australia, as the Melbourne metropolitan area goes back into lockdown, it has emerged that almost two dozen healthcare workers and patients have been diagnosed with Covid-19 in recent weeks in Victoria.You can read more here Related: Australia coronavirus: almost two dozen healthcare workers and patients diagnosed with Covid-19 7.18am BST The UK government is facing urgent calls to save Britain’s 250-year-old circus tradition with companies warning that they will go bust within two weeks without help. Related: Walking a tightrope: circuses warn they will go bust ‘within two weeks’ Continue reading... (The Guardian)