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Novichok victim back in hospital with sight problems, says brother
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Charlie Rowley is in intensive care and can’t see, according to his brother MatthewThe Salisbury novichok victim Charlie Rowley has been readmitted to hospital suffering with vision problems, his brother has claimed.Rowley’s older brother, Matthew, claimed that Charlie had been “knocked sideways” by the development, which comes a month after he was discharged from Salisbury district hospital following treatment for the effects of the nerve agent poisoning. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Kerala floods: Tales of humanity and hope from deadly monsoon in southern India – video
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The southern Indian state of Kerala has endured its worst monsoon rain in a century, leaving more than 200 people dead in the past fortnight. Amidst the destruction and loss, small tales of hope and humanity have emerged – from the pregnant woman who was airlifted from her flooded home just in time to give birth in hospital to the Sikh community preparing meals for hundreds of displaced people now living in campsKerala flood waters recede as thousands remain trapped Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Morning mail: Unrest swirls around Turnbull but is Dutton eligible?
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Tuesday: the stark divisions in the Liberal party will be on display again in Canberra. Plus: huge surge in measles casesGood morning, this is Richard Parkin bringing you the main stories and must-reads on Tuesday 21 August. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Flash floods in Italian gorge leave at least eight hikers dead
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Search for missing people continues after heavy rainfall causes flooding in deep mountain gorge in Pollino national park At least eight people were killed in southern Italy on Monday when the level of a raging white-water creek in a deep mountain gorge swelled suddenly after heavy rainfall upstream, officials said. The national civil protection department said 18 people were rescued and six of those were injured in the flash flooding in the Calabria region. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Ice found on moon surface
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Patches of frost around moon’s north and south poles could provide a source of water for humans, say astronomersAstronomers have found patches of frost scattered around the moon’s north and south poles which could one day provide a source of water for human visitors.The scientists spotted the telltale signature of frozen water in infrared measurements taken by Nasa’s moon mineralogy mapper, an instrument that flew on India’s Chandrayaan-1 mission to the moon a decade ago. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Kenya burial site shows community spirit of herders 5,000 years ago
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Large-scale cemetery in Africa points to shared workload without social hierarchyHerders in east Africa 5,000 years ago lived in peaceful communities that shunned social hierarchies, communicated intensively and worked together to build massive cemeteries, new research by archaeologists has revealed.Work by a team of US-based experts on a remote site near Lake Turkana in Kenya contradicts longstanding beliefs about the origins of the first civilisations. It suggests that early communities did not inevitably develop powerful elites or compete violently for scarce resources, but may have worked together to overcome challenges instead. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
South Carolina woman killed in alligator attack while walking her dog
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Witnesses said the woman was pulled under the water by an alligator but the dog did not appear to have been hurtAuthorities in South Carolina said an alligator attacked and killed a woman who was walking her dog by a lagoon. Related: Body of woman killed by alligator found in Florida lake Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Woman gives birth in coastguard helicopter over Cornwall
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Torran MacDonald was born 426 metres above Penzance on the Cornish coastA woman has thanked medical staff and aircrew who helped in the birth of her son, who was born inside a helicopter almost half a kilometre above the Cornish coast.Torran MacDonald was born in a coastguard helicopter over Penzance on Saturday night, weighing 3.4kg (7lb 8oz), after his mother, Alicia MacDonald, went into labour while visiting the Isles of Scilly. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Trump dares 'worst CIA director' Brennan to sue as security row deepens
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177 ex-national security officials sign open letter accusing Trump of revoking Brennan’s clearance for political reasonsDonald Trump continued to attack the former CIA director John Brennan on Monday, seemingly in response to the release of a remarkable open letter criticizing the president’s decision last week to revoke Brennan’s security clearance. Related: Trump attacks 'disgraced' Mueller and rails against 'phony' obstruction claims Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Yoga fitness and singing helped Briton survive 10 hours in Adriatic
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Cruise ship passenger Kay Longstaff was rescued after going overboard on SaturdayA British cruise ship passenger rescued after spending 10 hours in the Adriatic Sea has credited singing and her fitness through yoga with helping her to survive her ordeal. Kay Longstaff, 46, went overboard off the coast of Croatia as the Norwegian Star made its way to Venice. She remained at the naval hospital in Pula, Croatia, on Monday afternoon, although she spoke to a Croatian news channel after her rescue on Sunday and her condition is not believed to be serious. Continue reading... (The Guardian)