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Giuliani says Trump signed 'bullshit' letter of intent to build Moscow tower – live updates
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Speaker Paul Ryan to deliver farewell speech to CongressCongress has two days to pass spending bills and avert shutdown• Protect independent, fact-based journalism with a year-end contribution and help us reach our $1m goal. 1.31pm GMT Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said that the president signed a “bullshit” letter of intent to build a Trump Tower in Moscow during the 2016 presidential campaign.Giuliani made the comments to the New York Daily News - just days after saying on CNN that Trump did not sign the letter. 1.31pm GMT Outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan is set to deliver a farewell speech Wednesday at the Library of Congress.Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, announced earlier this year that he would not run for re-election. Democrats are set to take control of the House next month. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Journalists' death toll nearly doubles in 2018
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Number of journalists killed worldwide because of their work rose to 34, says reportThe number of journalists killed worldwide in retaliation for their work nearly doubled this year, according to a report by the Committee to Protect Journalists.The New York-based organisation found that 34 journalists were killed because of their work in the year to 14 December, while at least 53 were killed overall. That compares with 18 retaliation killings among 47 deaths documented by the committee in 2017. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
South African police issue arrest warrant for Grace Mugabe
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Zimbabwe’s former first lady accused of assaulting woman with electrical cord in hotelSouth Africa has issued an arrest warrant for Zimbabwe’s former first lady Grace Mugabe in relation to an alleged assault on a woman in a hotel in Johannesburg last year.Gabriella Engels accused Mugabe of beating the “hell out” of her with an electrical extension cord in a room at the Capital 20 West hotel in Johannesburg’s Sandton district. After the alleged assault came to light in August 2017, the South African government granted Mugabe diplomatic immunity. That immunity was overturned by a court this year after Engels, a model, challenged the decision. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
May's cabinet split over £30,000 immigrant salary threshold
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Post-Brexit immigration policy says more talks needed on pay level, which would exclude key workersFollow all the day’s politics news – liveMinisters are expected to consult for another year on where to set the post-Brexit salary threshold for skilled immigrants after Theresa May failed to get cabinet approval for her preferred £30,000 level.Home Office sources indicated on Wednesday morning there would be a lengthy period of consultation, after a cabinet row in which Philip Hammond led opposition to the £30,000 proposal. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Jeremy Corbyn accused of calling Theresa May a 'stupid woman'
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Conservative MPs say Labour leader insulted PM during prime minister’s questionsFollow all the day’s politics news – liveConservative MPs have accused Jeremy Corbyn of calling Theresa May a “stupid woman” after their final exchanges during prime minister’s questions.The Labour leader appeared to mutter the insult after the prime minister ended her exchange with him by mocking his decision not to call a vote of confidence. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Disney accused of colonialism over 'hakuna matata' trademark
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Petition urges company to drop trademark on Swahili phrase before summer release of Lion King remakeMore than 50,000 people have signed a petition accusing Disney of “colonialism and robbery” after it trademarked the Swahili phrase “hakuna matata”.The expression means “no problem” in Swahili, which is spoken across east Africa and is a national language of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
EU coal subsidy phase-out 'completely inconsistent with Paris deal'
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Stay of execution for coal subsidies has been heavily criticised by climate analystsAn EU deal to slowly phase out coal subsidies is “completely inconsistent” with the bloc’s Paris climate agreement commitments, analysts say.Marathon negotiations ended early on Wednesday with a benchmark CO2 emissions standard of 550 grams per kWh for all European power plants by 2025. But coal-dependent Poland secured a loophole allowing countries another year to negotiate new “capacity mechanisms” that would be exempted from the deadline. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Swedish women-only music festival found guilty of discrimination
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The Statement festival was found to be in breach of gender discrimination law but will not be penalisedA Swedish event billed as “the world’s first major music festival for women, non-binary and transgender only” has been found in breach by Sweden’s discrimination ombudsman (DO).The inaugural Statement festival was held in Gothenburg in August following a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised 533,120SEK (£46,555). The DO opened an investigation into the festival in July. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
What would Jesus do? Talking with evangelicals about climate change
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In our new column about the American south and climate change, we go towards Christians who have been resistant to ideas of environmental stewardship - perhaps it’s a message they need to hear in their own termsI was, frankly, nervous about speaking to people of faith in the south about climate change. I wrestled with my own preconceived notions and past experiences, and was surprised when conversations took inspiring, if not transcendent, turns.Secular as I am now, I still think fondly of my childhood minister, Dr Lehman, who loved college basketball and Honda Accords (he drove 13 of them during his lifetime). At the conclusion of each Lakeside Baptist service, he’d call the eastern North Carolina congregation to action. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Taking stock: Flynn is yet another Trump aide facing prospect of jailtime | Richard Wolffe
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Michael Flynn stares at a now familiar fate for those who get too close to Trump: swapping the White House for the Big HouseYou can surely understand the unseemly haste from Sarah Sanders. If you were the White House press secretary, you’d definitely want to wrap up your rare media briefing after just 15 minutes. You’d also want a shiatsu massage, a large hot toddy and the best lawyer money can buy.“Do your job Sarah,” shouted one reporter, clearly frustrated by a press secretary whose last on-camera briefing was 21 days ago. But she was doing her job, guys. Her job is to dodge all the pesky questions, so 42 seconds of daily briefing time seems about right. Continue reading... (The Guardian)