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WHO calls for ban on ‘virginity tests’ used by police and employers
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The World Health Organization wants governments worldwide to ban the ‘virginity tests’ used by some police, doctors and employers to assess women and girls (New Scientist)
New clues to unravelling link between pregnancy and breast cancer risk
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Women are less likely to get breast cancer if they give birth before the age of 30. Now we know the effect kicks in specifically after 33 weeks of pregnancy (New Scientist)
Bone hormone released during exercise may lead to new memory-loss drug
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Age-related memory loss might be reversed by boosting the effects of a hormone released by bones during exercise (New Scientist)
World’s longest sea bridge opens between Hong Kong and mainland China
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The world's longest sea bridge has opened, connecting Hong Kong, Zhuhai, and Macau. It is 55 kilometres or 20 times longer than the Golden Gate Bridge (New Scientist)
Tiny supercomputers could be made from the skeleton inside your cells
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Building a computer out of the skeletons that hold our cells together could make them smaller and far more energy efficient (New Scientist)
Hot baths could improve depression as much as physical exercise
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Taking a hot bath twice a week may help relieve mild depression. It may work by resetting circadian rhythms, which are often disrupted in people with depression (New Scientist)
Salty Martian groundwater may have enough oxygen to support life
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Mars gets its red colour from oxygen rusting its surface, and it may be hiding even more oxygen in underground brine, which could help microorganisms survive (New Scientist)
7 explanations for why mysterious radio bursts are coming from space
19. oktober 2018 (10:30)
Astronomers are scratching their heads over extremely fast radio bursts. Now they're making a list of all the theories for what - or who - is making them (New Scientist)
AI tries to help you protect your children from cyberbullying
19. oktober 2018 (10:00)
Artificial intelligence is being trained to spot cyberbullying on social media so that hurtful posts can be removed before they reach vulnerable teens (New Scientist)
Old honeybees make a drumming sound to get young slackers working
19. oktober 2018 (06:00)
The more experienced bees in a colony sometimes run around the honeycomb drumming with their bodies - which seems to energise younger colony members (New Scientist)