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Life may have begun on Earth 100 million years earlier than we thought
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A new timeline of early evolution suggests life on Earth began 100 million years earlier than we thought, while meteorites were still pummelling the planet (New Scientist)
Send in the lawyers to win the fight against climate change
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A rash of court cases is challenging governments and fossil-fuel interests on climate inaction. Some question whether such actions are legitimate – they are (New Scientist)
Paper batteries use electron-harvesting bacteria to make electricity
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Many small devices require batteries, but they can be expensive and environmentally unfriendly. Paper batteries powered by bacteria may be the solution (New Scientist)
The galaxy is full of ‘water world’ exoplanets where life could evolve
17. avgust 2018 (21:45)
Analysis of data from 4000 exoplanets reveals that around a third are rich in water – and many have more water than Earth (New Scientist)
Watch 4D-printed ceramics form elaborate, shape-shifting structures
17. avgust 2018 (19:00)
A new technique for printing ceramics in 4D could be used to make strong, complex parts for rockets and mobile phones (New Scientist)
This AI will draw whatever you want – but it’s utterly terrible
17. avgust 2018 (16:43)
Just type in a few words, and this AI will try to draw them. It’s good at textures and colours, but the details can get a bit mixed up (New Scientist)
Genoa bridge collapse – what went wrong and are other bridges at risk?
17. avgust 2018 (12:18)
A large portion of motorway bridge in Genoa, Italy has collapsed killing 38 people. Here’s what we know so far about what went wrong (New Scientist)
Eating a low-carb diet may shorten your life – unless you go vegan too
16. avgust 2018 (23:30)
People following low-carb diets have been found to have a higher risk of mortality, except when people shun animal fats and protein too (New Scientist)
Oldest galaxies in the universe discovered right on our doorstep
16. avgust 2018 (22:00)
Astronomers have previously looked for ancient galaxies by peering into the deep reaches of the universe, but it turns out they were right here all the time (New Scientist)
Future robot swarms should copy lazy ants who let others do the work
16. avgust 2018 (19:00)
The optimum strategy for tunnelling ants is to leave all of the digging to just a few workers. Swarms of robots could use similar techniques for clearing rubble (New Scientist)