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A planet could have been stolen from the solar system as it formed
pred 23 urami in 30 minutami
Stars like our sun formed in a dense cluster with thousands of others, during which time they may have swapped planets (New Scientist)
A wobbling star may explain pattern of weird radio signals from space
21. februar 2020 (17:50)
We’ve spotted strange blasts of radio waves from space in a pattern that may be produced by a magnetised neutron star wobbling as it spins (New Scientist)
CRISPR safety switch can make cells self-destruct if they go rogue
21. februar 2020 (16:18)
A genetic tweak can make cells self-destruct in the presence of CRISPR and could be used to make cells tamper-proof or shut them down if they go wrong (New Scientist)
Robots are taking manufacturing jobs but making firms more productive
21. februar 2020 (13:02)
Robots are replacing manufacturing workers in France, making companies more productive and reducing employment across the industry (New Scientist)
Earliest known cave-dwelling animal is a 99-million-year-old cockroach
20. februar 2020 (19:24)
The earliest cave-dwelling animal identified from the dinosaur era is a ghostly white cockroach with tiny eyes and wings that was preserved in amber (New Scientist)
We don't know how covid-19 spread on the Diamond Princess cruise ship
20. februar 2020 (17:03)
There are a number of open questions as to how the covid-19 coronavirus spread on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship, where passengers were quarantined since 3 February (New Scientist)
Some ants disinfect food by drinking the acid they spray at enemies
20. februar 2020 (15:53)
A number of ant species produce acid in a poison gland in their abdomen to spray at enemies, and now it seems they also drink it to kill pathogens in their food (New Scientist)
Opening your windows doesn't help reduce indoor air pollution
20. februar 2020 (12:00)
Cleaning and cooking can produce potentially harmful chemicals that stay in the air, and now researchers have found that briefly opening a window doesn't help as these substances also stick to surfaces (New Scientist)
Blue tits learn to avoid gross food by watching videos of other birds
20. februar 2020 (05:01)
Blue tits and great tits don’t need to taste unpleasant foods to avoid them – they can learn not to try them by seeing another bird’s disgusted response, even if it’s only on video (New Scientist)
Cretaceous insect discovered with extremely weird antennae
19. februar 2020 (21:33)
Amber from the Cretaceous period trapped a leaf-footed bug with extremely long and wide antennae, which may have helped disguise the insect or confuse predators (New Scientist)