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A huge number of mystery microbes are living on your skin
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We thought we knew about most of the species in our bodies’ microbiomes, but a study has revealed a large number of previously-unidentified organisms (New Scientist)
Special cells could let you control your diabetes with coffee
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A cup of coffee after a meal might be enough to keep diabetes under control, thanks to caffeine-triggered cells that have been engineered to release insulin (New Scientist)
IBM’s debating robot argues it out with human for first time
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IBM's AI has taken on humans in a public debate. Though it made some very robot-like errors, the AI won one debate and lost the other, based on a crowd vote (New Scientist)
Alien preppers could hoard stars to survive in a doomed universe
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Dark energy is accelerating the expansion of the universe, meaning eventually all galaxies will be inaccessible, but aliens could be working on a solution right now (New Scientist)
Time to end the cruel ban on using cannabis therapy for epilepsy
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Ill-conceived and outdated drug laws in the UK are denying children with severe epilepsy vital medicinal cannabis treatments. That must change, says David Nutt (New Scientist)
Football’s a mess: don’t let technology spoil that
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The video-assisted refereeing technology being introduced in this year's World Cup will supposedly cut errors – but that ignores what makes football great (New Scientist)
Trump has directed the US military to establish a Space Force
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President Trump has announced the creation of a Space Force, the first new US military branch since 1947, but it’s not yet clear what this new corps will do (New Scientist)
HIV prevention drugs could delay diagnosis if you get infected
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HIV tests may be giving incorrect results for people taking PrEP to avoid getting the virus, meaning they may be HIV positive for months without knowing (New Scientist)
A robot has performed eye surgery on humans for the first time
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For the first time, six people have had eye surgery performed by a robot that was able to filter out the tremors from a surgeon's hand (New Scientist)
Male peacocks can make females’ heads vibrate at a distance
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Peahens have fan-shaped crests on their heads, and it seems males can make these crests resonate by making a specific noise with their tails (New Scientist)