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AI autotune makes your terrible karaoke singing more tolerable
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Autotune can often sound robotic because it shifts off notes into perfect pitch, a new version listens to the notes you've already sung and uses them to help fill in the gaps (New Scientist)
Fears of OpenAI’s super-trolling artificial intelligence are overblown
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Elon Musk-backed firm OpenAI has built a text-generating AI that it says is too dangerous to release because of potential misuse (New Scientist)
A dialect quiz shows we still cling to our regional identities
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The New York Times' online quiz can pinpoint where in the UK or Ireland you grew up by the words you use and how you say them. We asked a linguist to explain why dialects persist (New Scientist)
The children striking over climate change speak to New Scientist
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New Scientist went to meet the UK schoolchildren who have left their classrooms to join a global protest that calls for the government to declare a climate emergency (New Scientist)
Meet the man who made CRISPR monkey clones to study depression
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Hung-Chun Chang told New Scientist about his team’s controversial project to find drugs for depression and schizophrenia using clones of gene-edited monkeys (New Scientist)
Russia’s plan to unplug from the internet shows cyberwar is escalating
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Media reports suggest Russia is contemplating disconnecting from the global internet. The move is not about isolationism but security, says James Ball (New Scientist)
Interstellar ‘Oumuamua might be a fractal snowflake not an alien probe
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The interstellar asteroid ‘Oumuamua might be an alien spaceship, at least according to one prominent researcher, but now there is a much more reasonable explanation (New Scientist)
Smugglers are profiting from our failure to define endangered species
14. februar 2019 (21:13)
There are calls to improve a treaty on the international trade in endangered species – but there is no standard way to define species, says Stephen Garnett (New Scientist)
A gut bacteria toxin that damages DNA may be involved in bowel cancer
14. februar 2019 (19:00)
People with bowel cancer often have higher levels of certain toxic-producing bacteria. The toxin has now been shown to damage DNA in gut cells in mice (New Scientist)
CRISPR could help us protect ourselves from viruses like flu and HIV
14. februar 2019 (17:41)
Gene-edited white blood cells could let us hack our immune systems to prevent infections with pathogens like HIV, flu, and the virus that causes glandular fever (New Scientist)