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Google’s quantum supremacy algorithm has found its first practical use
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Google has put the algorithm it used to achieve quantum supremacy to work. It generated verifiably random numbers, which could be used one day in encryption or lotteries (New Scientist)
Airbus to test flying planes closer together to cut carbon emissions
13. december 2019 (15:32)
Plane manufacturer Airbus is working with airlines to test a fuel-reduction scheme inspired by the v-formation used by geese (New Scientist)
Hubble Space Telescope snaps best view of interstellar comet Borisov
13. december 2019 (11:40)
The interstellar comet Borisov is making its closest approach to the sun and Earth, giving astronomers their best look yet (New Scientist)
Quantum computer sets new record for finding prime number factors
13. december 2019 (11:10)
A relatively small quantum computer has broken a number-factoring record, which may one day threaten data encryption methods that rely on factoring large numbers (New Scientist)
Time travel without paradoxes is possible with many parallel timelines
13. december 2019 (10:00)
Time travel brings up paradoxes that break the laws of physics, but multiple similar timelines running parallel to one another could get around this (New Scientist)
‘Grazing fireball’ skimmed Earth's atmosphere then went back to space
13. december 2019 (08:00)
A space rock seen in July 2017 passed through Earth's atmosphere and back out the other side in a rare event known as a grazing fireball (New Scientist)
'Rediscovered' toad was known to Colombian locals for decades
12. december 2019 (17:00)
The starry night toad has been documented by biologists for the first time since 1991 in Colombia. But unlike other such stories of rediscovered species, we never really lost it (New Scientist)
AI genome scanner says Denisovans could live until 38 years old
12. december 2019 (16:00)
Artificial intelligence may be able to work out the maximum lifespans of extinct species and early humans. The technique relies on analysing specific regions of DNA that are linked to ageing (New Scientist)
Turkey is getting military drones armed with machine guns
12. december 2019 (13:17)
Many countries and groups already use military drones, but Turkey is about to be the first to have a military drone armed with a machine gun (New Scientist)
Google has performed the biggest quantum chemistry simulation ever
12. december 2019 (12:32)
Google's Sycamore quantum computer, which recently demonstrated its dominance over ordinary computers, is now breaking records in quantum chemistry (New Scientist)