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How to make the perfect crêpe according to fluid dynamics
pred 1 dnevom, 18 urami in 8 minutami
It’s hard to make crêpe batter spread evenly before it cooks, but an analysis of the physics involved says a tilt and swirl of the pan gives the perfect pancake (New Scientist)
Superweeds are on the brink of becoming resistant to all weedkillers
14. junij 2019 (16:26)
The most damaging weed in the UK is evolving resistance to the powerful herbicide glyphosate - and many more superweeds are evolving worldwide (New Scientist)
High-tech vertical farming is on the rise – but is it any greener?
14. junij 2019 (14:59)
Online supermarket Ocado is investing £17 million in vertical farming in the UK. The approach uses no pesticides, but it can still have a hefty carbon footprint (New Scientist)
Strange fat cells in our bones grow rather than shrink when we starve
14. junij 2019 (14:29)
A special kind of fat cell in our bones grows when other cells shrink - a finding that could help explain the benefits of a calorie-restricted diet (New Scientist)
We may be witnessing the birth of an exomoon around a distant world
14. junij 2019 (10:41)
A planet 369 light years away appears to be surrounded by a disc of dust the like of which we’ve never seen before. It may eventually turn into rings or moons (New Scientist)
UK could use hydrogen instead of natural gas – if it can make enough
14. junij 2019 (07:00)
The UK can safely switch to using hydrogen for heating, power and manufacturing, but doing so will require a ten-fold production increase, says a new report (New Scientist)
More than half of all Ebola outbreaks are going undetected
13. junij 2019 (18:00)
As the second-largest Ebola epidemic in history spreads into Uganda, a modelling study has suggested that most Ebola outbreaks escape detection by doctors (New Scientist)
Gut microbes interfere with Parkinson's drug - but we could stop them
13. junij 2019 (18:00)
We have identified organisms in the gut that break down the main drug used to treat Parkinson's disease, a step towards making the therapy more effective (New Scientist)
Ethnic minority children are exposed to more noise pollution at school
13. junij 2019 (14:35)
Schoolchildren in the US who are from poorer or ethnic minority backgrounds are much more likely to be exposed to noise pollution from cars and planes (New Scientist)
Two hours a week spent outdoors in nature linked with better health
13. junij 2019 (13:00)
Just 2 hours a week spent in nature, such as parks and woodlands, seems to be enough for people to feel healthier and happier (New Scientist)