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Nightjars time their epic migration flights using a lunar calendar
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Nightjars are the first animal found to time migration by the moon, using its phases to know when to take flight on the journey from northern Europe to sub-Saharan Africa (New Scientist)
Extreme snow stopped plants and animals breeding in parts of Greenland
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Abnormally heavy snowfall in 2018 stopped almost all plants and animals breeding in parts of Greenland, and some migratory birds starved to death waiting for snow to melt (New Scientist)
Extremely dexterous robot can solve a Rubik's cube one-handed
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Artificial intelligence has learned to control a single robot hand with enough dexterity to solve a Rubik’s cube in around three minutes (New Scientist)
How deadly disease outbreaks could worsen as the climate changes
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Environmental destruction risks increasing the spread of deadly diseases including Ebola and malaria, with serious consequences for future public health (New Scientist)
US green economy has 10 times more jobs than the fossil fuel industry
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The green economy, covering renewable energy to environmental consultancy, is now so large in the US that it employs 10 times as many people as the fossil fuel industry (New Scientist)
Extinction Rebellion protests should be embraced, not banned
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The move to haul protesters off London’s streets reflects a scientifically and economically illiterate political and media elite in denial about the climate (New Scientist)
Ancient jungle capital of the Khmer Empire mapped for the first time
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The ancient city of Mahendraparvata has been hidden in the mountain forests of Cambodia for centuries, but thanks to airborne lasers we now have a detailed map of it (New Scientist)
Huge fire blankets can protect houses from destructive wildfires
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Wrapping a wooden house in a fire resistant blanket can protect it from a wildfire for around 10 minutes - enough to let it survive fast-moving blazes (New Scientist)
Astronomer Royal: We're destroying the book of life before reading it
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In a talk on energy policy, artificial intelligence and space exploration Astronomer Royal Martin Rees called for urgent action at a crucial turning point for humanity (New Scientist)
High levels of air pollution seem to be linked to early miscarriages
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Pregnant women who live and work in places with a lot of air pollution appear to be more likely to experience missed miscarriages (New Scientist)