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Stephen Lawrence: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to join family of murdered teen at memorial service 25 years on from fatal stabbing
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The family of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence will be joined by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at a memorial marking 25 years since his murder in south London. (London News)
Brexit latest: Government 'committed to leaving customs union', Theresa May insists
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The Government has stressed its commitment to leaving the EU's customs union as Theresa May is faces a week of fresh parliamentary battles over Brexit. (London News)
London woman dies following 'awful attack' near Lakeside Shopping Centre in West Thurrock
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A London woman who died following an "awful attack" near a major shopping centre has been named by police. (London News)
UK weather forecast latest: Temperatures set to drop 10C in parts of country as mini-heatwave comes to an end
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Temperatures are set to drop by 10C by the end of the week as a mini-heatwave comes to an end across a large swathe of the UK. (London News)
London Marathon 2018: Katie Price insists she did train for race after pulling out 'with knee injury'
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Katie Price hit back at criticism after she was forced to pull out of the London Marathon due to a reported knee injury. (London News)
London Marathon 2018: Heroic Grenfell Tower firefighters raise more than £42k for children who survived disaster
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The heroic fire crew who were first to arrive at the Grenfell Tower inferno have completed the London Marathon, raising more than £42,000 for children who survived the disaster. (London News)
Deaf and partially blind dog stays with toddler for 15 hours after she gets lost in Australian bush
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An elderly family dog stayed by the side of a three-year-old girl as she spent more than 15 hours lost in the Australian bush. (London News)
Saudi Arabia crash: Four Brits killed as coach bursts into flames after collision with fuel tanker
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Four Brits have been killed after a coach burst into flames following a horror crash with a petrol tanker in Saudi Arabia. (London News)
London Marathon 2018: Stands run out of water as runners race in hottest temperatures ever recorded at Marathon
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Tens of thousands of runners endured the hottest London Marathon on record as temperatures soared to 23.5C. (London News)
Nashville shooting: Nude gunman kills four at Waffle House restaurant
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A nude gunmen killed four people after opening fire at a waffle restaurant in the US. (London News)