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Queen speaks publicly on Brexit for first time during Dutch royal visit
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The Queen has spoken publicly about Brexit for the first time. (London News)
Lottery fever sweeps US as scores of people hope to claim $1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot
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A record-setting lottery draw has scores of players on edge, hoping for a slice of an enormous £1.6 billion jackpot. (London News)
Heartbreaking moment of misery for little boy as no one turns up for his birthday party
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This is the heartbreaking moment of misery for a little boy after no one turned up for his birthday party. (London News)
Bill Cosby's bid for a new trial rejected by judge
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Shamed star Bill Cosby has had his appeal for a new trial or sentencing rejected by a judge after an "exhaustive review" of post-trial motions. (London News)
Growing calls for Ryanair to issue an apology over treatment of elderly woman racially abused on flight
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Budget airline Ryanair has come under intense pressure to issue an apology over their treatment of an elderly woman who was racially abused on one of the company's flights. (London News)
Jon James McMurray: Rapper dies after falling off plane in music video stunt
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A rapper has died after falling from a plane while shooting a music video in Canada. (London News)
AS Roma vs CSKA Moscow: Shocking footage shows CSKA Moscow fans appearing to hurtle down escalator ahead of match
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Shocking footage has emerged showing a group of CSKA Moscow fans appearing to hurtle down an escalator in a Rome Metro station, ahead of CSKA Moscow and AS Roma's clash. (London News)
Perfectly shaped rectangular iceberg floating in Antarctica is 'nature acting in a pure and uncomplicated way'
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A perfectly shaped rectangular iceberg is "nature acting in a pure and uncomplicated way", according to an expert. (London News)
Toddler died after being tied down in 'monstrous cage bed', court hears
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A toddler died after being tied face-down in a "monstrous cage bed", a court heard. (London News)
Performers told not to swear or wear skimpy clothes at Wireless Festival
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Wireless Festival has survived after protesters tried to ban it from Finsbury Park – but artists will be encouraged not to swear. (London News)