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'Covid-19 remains a real and deadly threat': Police urge Brits to comply with new rules ahead of weekend of warm weather
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Failure to stick to the new rules could result in a £100 fine (London News)
Woman throws drink at Irish premier Leo Varadkar during interview
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An unidentified woman was filmed throwing her drink at Irish Premier Leo Varadkar during an interview in Dublin. (London News)
London lockdown restrictions 'increasingly likely', Sadiq Khan warns
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Sadiq Khan has said it is "increasingly likely" lockdown restrictions will be required in London. (London News)
Police manhunt after woman sexually assaulted and beaten by stranger in Acton
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"This is a dangerous individual and we will not rest until he is arrested" (London News)
St Andrews University students urged to adhere to voluntary weekend lockdown
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"We have acted too slowly in the past, and thousands of people have died unnecessarily as a result" (London News)
Boris Johnson says UK 'now seeing second coronavirus wave coming in'
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Downing Street is considering whether it needs to "go further" than the current national restrictions (London News)
Pick-up artist known as 'Addy A-game' has conviction for targeting women quashed on appeal
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A self-styled pick-up artist who was jailed for two years for threatening behaviour towards young women has had his conviction quashed on appeal. (London News)
Majority of schools in England have pupils isolating at home 'due to coronavirus test access problems'
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"The system is in chaos. The Government has failed schools and children" (London News)
Hastings decorator 'batters seagull to death and jumps on body after it steals sandwich'
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The cafe that the contractor was painting was "threatened" by cruel trolls after the incident (London News)
East Croydon stabbing: Teenager found guilty of murdering boy, 16, with zombie knife in south London
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A teenager has been found guilty of murdering a 16-year-old boy in a "horrific and brazen attack" at a busy south London railway station. (London News)