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Coronavirus latest: North Korea puts foreign dignitaries in quarantine... as South Korea and Italy report jump in cases
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North Korea has quarantined hundreds of foreigners in a bid to prevent an outbreak of the coronavirus. (London News)
Canary Islands sandstorm: Stunning satellite images show 'apocalyptic' Saharan dust clouds engulf Lanzarote and Fuerteventura
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Stunning satellite images show the moment swirling dust clouds engulfed Spain's Canary Islands over the weekend, as a Saharan sandstorm brought "apolocalpytic" scenes to the holiday destination. (London News)
Donald Trump touches down in India to greet nation's 'biggest ever rally'
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Donald Trump has landed in India where he will greet huge crowds at a rally held in his honour. (London News)
Your morning briefing: What you should know for Monday, February 24
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The top stories you're waking up to Listen to your Morning Bulletin on Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa smart speakers or via Noa from 7am every weekday (London News)
Supermarket becomes first in UK to offer plasters for different skin tones
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A supermarket chain has become the first in the UK to launch plasters in a diverse range of skin tones, a move that the retailer has said could "make a genuine difference". (London News)
Weather latest: Snow expected to make morning commute treacherous and no respite likely for flooded communities
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Another dump of rain is likely Friday, although too early to say this could be the wettest February for 30 years (London News)
Julian Assange to start court battle against being extradited to the United States
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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange will formally begin his fight today against being handed over to the US. (London News)
Labour leadership ballot opens as members vote for Jeremy Corbyn's replacement
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Contenders Long-Bailey, Nandy and Starmer will offer losing rivals roles in shadow cabinet (London News)
Donald Trump ready to sign peace deal with Taliban to end America's longest war
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Donald Trump has said he is ready to sign a peace deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan if a temporary truce holds in America's longest war. (London News)
Environment Secretary George Eustice defends Boris Johnson for not visiting flood-hit communities
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The Environment Secretary has defended Boris Johnson for defying calls to visit flood-stricken communities in the wake of Storm Dennis. (London News)