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Emily Thornberry denies ex-Labour MP's claim that she called Leave voters 'stupid'
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Emily Thornberry has denied a former Labour MP's claim that she privately branded Leave voters "stupid", describing it as an "utter lie". (London News)
Harry Dunn's mother 'distraught' after US suspect in his death filmed driving
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Harry Dunn's mother has said she is "distraught" after the American suspect in the crash that killed him was filmed back behind the wheel. (London News)
Alex Rodda: Man charged with murder after schoolboy, 15, found dead in village
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Additional reporting by PA Media. (London News)
One of Prince Louis' first words was 'Mary' after seeing Mary Berry on cookbooks, Kate reveals
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One of Prince Louis' first words was "Mary" after seeing Mary Berry's face on cookbooks at home, Kate Middleton has revealed. (London News)
UK weather forecast: Severe weather warning for ice with heavy rain forecast amid plummeting temperatures
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A further severe warning for ice has been issued for Sunday night with heavy rain forecast across a large swathe of the UK. (London News)
Ex-Labour MP hits out at party's Remainers amid angry backlash... as John McDonnell 'owns' election 'disaster'
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A former Labour MP who lost her seat in the election today lashed out at the party's "ardent Remainers" as she insisted the next leader cannot be "Jeremy Corbyn without a beard." (London News)
Philippines earthquake: Child killed as fierce quake strikes Davao
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 (London News)
British Airways pilots report fumes in cockpit 'five times in seven weeks', accident investigators say
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British Airways is operating an aircraft on which pilots reported smelling fumes five times in seven weeks, accident investigators said. (London News)