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The Internet Can’t Handle Beyoncé and Solange Falling Onstage at Beychella
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There's even some speculation that Beyoncé may have even dropped Solange (Time)
The Queen’s Reaction to Prince Charles Calling Her ‘Mummy’ Is a Crowning Achievement
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Was it an eye roll? No one can be quite sure (Time)
5 Songs You Need to Listen to This Week
20. april 2018 (20:11)
Ariana Grande is back in action (Time)
Here’s How Celebrities Are Reacting to Avicii’s Tragic Death
20. april 2018 (19:13)
He was just 28 years old (Time)
Queen Elizabeth Is Turning 92 Years Old. Here’s Why She Has Two Birthdays.
20. april 2018 (17:04)
The Queen will celebrate twice this year (Time)
Teen Masterfully Recreates Beyoncé’s Coachella Dance Routine
20. april 2018 (15:03)
The internet wasn't ready for this jelly (Time)
The Subtle Way Meghan Markle’s Little Black Dress Paid Tribute to American First Lady Jackie O
20. april 2018 (14:58)
It's also a favorite of Kim Kardashian and Tyra Banks (Time)
Hockey Player From Viral ‘Puck Girl’ Video Wants to Know What Happened to ‘Ladies First’
20. april 2018 (12:45)
A video of a distraught bite-sized hockey fan waiting for a puck from a hockey player turned her into “puck girl,” an instant internet celebrity. Keelan Moxley, 6, really wanted a puck from Capitals forward Brett Connolly at Sunday’s Game 2. And he really wanted to throw it to her. But the first time the… (Time)
Man’s Chocolate Dreams Fulfilled After a Disappointing Piece of Candy
20. april 2018 (12:00)
A man’s life recently took a downward turn when he tore into a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup to find that sadly, shockingly, there was zero peanut butter inside. And so he shared his harrowing candy experience on Reddit, where sympathetic commenters rocketed his post up to viral status, because people care. “A crime against humanity,”… (Time)
That Animatronic Ellen DeGeneres That Went Viral Is Up For Auction
19. april 2018 (17:17)
The figure is expected to sell for $3,000 to $5,000 (Time)