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Runaway Goats May Have Caused the First Cute Subway Delay Ever
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"Two very baaaaaad boys" (Time)
Record-Setting Runner Disqualified for Not Drinking Enough Beer
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Finish your beer. (Time)
Young Crazy Rich Asians Fan Recreates Constance Wu’s Epic Dress From the Movie
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Practically twinning (Time)
Woman Successfully Gets Many Men to Show Up for One Massive Tinder Date
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The Hunger Games met Tinder in Union Square (Time)
Chris Evans Just Took on Trump Tweet to Tweet
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“It’s ‘counsel’, Biff. The word is ‘counsel’,” Evans tweeted in response to Trump’s typo (Time)
Here’s the Secret Hidden in the Credits of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Credits That Hints at a Sequel
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Is there more romance in the air for Lara Jean? (Time)
Airport Forced to Use Whiteboard to Prevent Total Travel Mayhem
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Staff are handwriting departure information on temporary flight boards (Time)
The Fact That Baseball Nun Isn’t the MVP of Every Game Is an Unforgivable Sin
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Don't sleep on Sister Mary Jo (Time)
J.K. Rowling Mimics Trump’s Style With Her Latest Takedown
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There’s no doubt that J.K. Rowling is a talented writer, but when she’s not putting new Harry Potter adventures on paper, she is skewering President Donald Trump. Her latest work came after Trump issued a tweet after reports revealed that White House counsel Don McGahn has been cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation.… (Time)
Barack Obama Shares Five of the Best Books He Read This Summer
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Looking for something to read? Former President Obama has a few suggestions (Time)