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Here’s What’s Open and Closed on President’s Day 2019
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Find out if banks, schools and the post office are open on President's day (Time)
5 Songs You Need to Listen to This Week
16. februar 2019 (18:18)
Cardi B and Bruno Mars are back (Time)
Hundreds of Kind Strangers Show Up to the Funeral for a Veteran With ‘No Surviving Family’
15. februar 2019 (17:54)
"We're grateful for his service" (Time)
Steve Martin and Martin Short Could Not Stop Thoroughly Roasting Jimmy Fallon
15. februar 2019 (17:11)
Leave it to legendary comics Steve Martin and Martin Short to put Jimmy Fallon in his place. On Thursday night, the two comedians stopped by Fallon’s Tonight Show and took their place on the couch — but instead of subjecting to being interviewed, as most of Fallon’s guests often do, they took it upon themselves… (Time)
Stacey Abrams Already Had a Plan for Trump Declaring a National Emergency
15. februar 2019 (16:52)
"More than anything, it's not real" (Time)
‘My Ex-Wife Thinks It’s Creepy.’ Ben Affleck’s Son Has a Tom Brady Chair
15. februar 2019 (16:13)
Here's why Affleck arranged for his son's room to be Patriots themed (Time)
People Are Having a Lot of Fun at the Expense of Dads With This Olive Oil Car Prank
15. februar 2019 (15:54)
The best way to fight dad jokes is with more dad jokes. (Time)
Concern Over Kenny G Trapped in a Massive Rose Maze for Kim Kardashian Is Growing
15. februar 2019 (15:38)
A romantic gift for Kim Kardashian has become a gift for the collective minds of the internet. To wish Kim Kardashian a very happy Valentine’s Day, Kenny G played “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on the saxophone amid innumerable single long-stemmed roses in glass vases. somewhere over the rainbow 🌈 — Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian)… (Time)
Jimmy Kimmel Helps Ben Affleck Say Goodbye to His Batman Suit in the Most Spectacular Way
15. februar 2019 (14:54)
With a special appearance by Matt Damon's thong (Time)
Knowing One’s Worth Matters And Luckily Spotify’s Valentine’s Day Playlist Is Actually About Self-Love
14. februar 2019 (19:41)
Featuring Lizzo, The Beatles and more (Time)