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Federal Reserve: Trump sharpens attack on central bank
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The US president said Fed chair Jerome Powell almost seemed "happy" to be raising interest rates. (BBC News)
Walter Kwok, Hong Kong Developer Who Survived Kidnapping, Dies at 68
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 (New York Times)
Is democracy having a mid-life crisis?
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The anxieties of Western democracies are more like a mid-life crisis than a revolution, says politics professor. (BBC News)
The battle to curb our appetite for concrete
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Reducing our use of sand and cement cuts down on CO2 emissions and lessens the impact on the environment. (BBC News)
Budget 2018: What do young people want the government to spend more on?
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What do young people want from this year's Budget? (BBC News)
What do young people want from the Budget?
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Tuition fees, rents and youth services are among the issues bothering young people. (BBC News)
Renters who pay on time get better credit score
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A new scheme means around a million tenants should get better access to mortgages and bank accounts. (BBC News)
TSB loses 16,000 customers after IT meltdown
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More customers deserted the TSB than ever before in the wake of its IT meltdown. (BBC News)