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Coronavirus fears shouldn't stop you from investing in stocks and adding to your 401(k)
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Worried about how the coronavirus could affect your stock market returns? Here's how the virus could shape your 401(k) in 2020.        (USA Today)
Krispy Kreme launches 'national doughnut delivery' starting Feb. 29 Krispy Kreme launches 'national doughnut delivery' starting Feb. 29
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Krispy Kreme will leap into national doughnut delivery on leap day, Feb. 29. Doordash will deliver doughnuts and coffee if you live close to a store.         (USA Today)
Virus credit crunch hits millions of Chinese firms
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Prolonged shutdowns for businesses in China are bringing many firms to the brink of survival. (BBC News)
Rising number of middle-aged people still renting homes
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Statistics show a big rise in the number of middle-aged people renting their homes, rather than owning them. (BBC News)
Public redundancy bill hits seven-year high
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Taxpayers are facing a £346m bill after a spate of high-profile business failures on the High Street. (BBC News)
'Women cocoa farmers paid as little as 23p a day'
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Campaigning group, Fairtrade, is calling on the government to back a new global equality initiative. (BBC News)
Twitter suspends 70 pro-Michael Bloomberg accounts citing its 'platform manipulation' rule
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Twitter took steps to get rid of dozens of accounts supporting Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg on Friday for breaking its rules.        (USA Today)
Sun's owner reports £68m loss as paper sales fall
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News Group Newspapers still paying out millions over phone-hacking scandal. (BBC News)
TurboTax owner Intuit has plans to buy Credit Karma for $7 billion, report says TurboTax owner Intuit has plans to buy Credit Karma for $7 billion, report says
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Credit Karma would still function as a standalone business with its CEO Kenneth Lin remaining at the helm, the report said.         (USA Today)
Housing shortage: Scale of UK's housing gap revealed
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Renters speak of struggling to get on the property ladder, amid a shortage of over one million homes. (BBC News)