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Wuhan residents keep wary eye on each other during lockdown
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Most people stay home waiting for updates while those on the streets try to stay free of coronavirusA handful of people wearing surgical masks and lugging bags of groceries were the only ones to be seen on the streets of Wuhan on Sunday. “It felt like everyone was observing everybody, to make sure no one was sick,” said Ashwini, who is Indian and moved to Wuhan last year, and who like most interviewees did not wish to give her full name.Sellers who could not afford to stop working could be seen wearing two face masks to try to protect themselves, Ashwini said. In the few bigger supermarkets that were still open, customers were being screened for fever before they entered. “This week was supposed to be the happy week,” said Ashwini. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Senior Australians face longer wait times to get into aged care
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About 40% of seniors are now waiting nine months or more, Productivity Commission report saysIt takes 152 days on average for senior Australians to be admitted to residential aged care, an increase in wait times of about a month in just the last year.According to the latest report on government services statistics, published by the Productivity Commission, about 40% of senior Australians are now waiting nine months or more to be admitted into aged care. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Warren falls behind in Iowa but wins coveted newspaper endorsement
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Des Moines Register: Warren is ‘the president this nation needs’Sanders emerges as frontrunner in Iowa and New HampshireBernie Sanders emerged as the frontrunner in the two earliest Democratic 2020 nomination voting states this weekend, Iowa and New Hampshire, according to the latest polls – but Elizabeth Warren received a powerful boost with an endorsement from the Des Moines Register newspaper in what is still considered an open race.Warren had been slipping behind in Iowa, which holds the first vote in the nation with its caucuses just a week a way on 3 February, but the Register this weekend named her “the president this nation needs”. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
A guide to viewing the 2020 Grammy Awards
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The 62nd annual Grammy Awards are Sunday night, honoring the year's best music.  (CNN)
Brexit: Plaid Cymru switch focus to Wales' future
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There is no longer any point fighting against the UK's departure from the EU, says the party's leader. (BBC News)
Brexit: Zero tariff, zero quota aim for trade talks, says Barclay
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The prime minister will set out trade talk details in a speech next month, says the Brexit secretary. (BBC News)
Post-mortem tests on man killed in Hull house fire with daughter
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A post-mortem examination is taking place to establish the cause of the 47-year-old's death in Hull. (BBC News)
Third US coronavirus case confirmed in California as China death toll rises Third US coronavirus case confirmed in California as China death toll rises
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A third U.S. case of the deadly new coronavirus that has killed more than 50 people in China has been confirmed in Southern California.          (USA Today)
Reynhard Sinaga victim: 'I thought I might have killed him'
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Student fought back after waking during assault and was treated by police as a suspectThe student who exposed the serial rapist Reynhard Sinaga has said he feared he had killed him after he woke and fought back when he found he was being abused.Sinaga, 36, was jailed this month for a minimum of 30 years for 136 rapes against dozens of young men in Manchester. Police believe he would have carried on offending had one of his victims not woken up during an attack and called 999. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Salvini vows to 'evict' government if far right wins Italy regional polls
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League leader hopes to secure political comeback via votes in Emilia-Romagna and CalabriaThe far-right Italian politician Matteo Salvini has threatened to “evict” the national government if his coalition triumphs in two regional elections.Italian newspapers reported a “boom” in turnout – up 23% in the wealthy northern region of Emilia-Romagna and 10% in Calabria, in the south – by midday, as voters headed to the polls in elections that could precipitate a return to national power for Salvini’s League. Continue reading... (The Guardian)