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Brexit: Labour MPs who want PM's deal should 'be honest'
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Those MPs who fear a no-deal Brexit should back the new deal, a senior Tory MP says. (BBC News)
Scottish Court to review bid to stop 'illegal' Brexit deal
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Anti-Brexit campaigner Jo Maugham has lodged a petition at the Court of Session in Edinburgh. (BBC News)
The Papers: Johnson's plea to MPs after sealing Brexit deal
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A beaming Boris Johnson appears on most of Friday's front pages as the papers look ahead to Saturday's vote on his deal. (BBC News)
Demand for transgender awareness courses 'up 50%'
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Somerset-based Diversity Trust said people wanted to understand because they "don't want to offend". (BBC News)
The man who owns 1,000 meteorites
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Graham Ensor says finding rocks that have travelled billions of miles "is an incredible feeling". (BBC News)
Man's giant vegetables set new world records
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Joe Atherton, 64, hopes his world records will not be beet, after growing hefty turnips, carrots, leeks and parsnips. (BBC News)
Belfast: Police investigate death of man
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An area of Tullycarnet has been cordoned off following the death of a man earlier on Thursday. (BBC News)
Coventry doctor squeezed nurse's bottom 'after reaction to Pet Remedy'
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Dr Colin Gelder claimed he was "high" and not "thinking rationally" when he fondled a nurse. (BBC News)
Brexit deal: Where have the UK and EU compromised?
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After tense negotiations, both sides made concessions to reach a new deal. (BBC News)
Norfolk boy died after inhaling deodorant 'that smelt like his mother'
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Jack Waple, 13, suffered a cardiac arrest at his home in Hockwold, Norfolk, in June, an inquest hears. (BBC News)