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Newspaper headlines: PM warning and England faces 'two-week lockdown'
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Saturday's front pages are dominated by Boris Johnson suggesting the UK is entering a second wave of Covid-19. (BBC News)
Covid restrictions in London 'increasingly likely'
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Mayor Sadiq Khan says he is concerned by evidence showing the spread of the virus is "accelerating". (BBC News)
Award for Dorset newspaper girl who made life-saving call
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Naomi Jupp made a life-saving call after noticing an elderly man wasn't picking up his newspapers. (BBC News)
Covid: Can a 'circuit break' halt the second wave?
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Can a short burst of national restrictions change the course of the epidemic? (BBC News)
Covid: Call for answers over English visits to RCT test centre
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People from England are being directed to the centre in locked-down Rhondda Cynon Taf, an MP says. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Shielding unlikely in second Covid-19 wave
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Staying isolated could cause more harm to people's mental health, the Welsh Government says. (BBC News)
Bedfordshire dogs thefts: Police release suspect images
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Eight dogs said to be worth "about £50,000" were stolen on Sunday. (BBC News)
Woolton Picture House: 'Heartwarming' response reverses closure decision
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Woolton Picture House says the outpouring in response to its closure was "beyond expectation". (BBC News)
'Voluntary lockdown' plea to St Andrews University's students
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St Andrews University's principal has asked students to stay in their rooms as much as possible this weekend. (BBC News)
Covid: 'Mixed messages' in new lockdown measures
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The BBC speaks to residents of Spennymoor, County Durham, about the confusion surrounding the new measures. (BBC News)