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Coronavirus: Care homes 'refused kit because stock reserved for England'
pred 1 uro in 28 minutami
An owner of two homes says two of her usual suppliers are holding back stock for England. (BBC News)
NI health trusts 'stopped from carrying out early abortions'
pred 3 urami in 10 minutami
NI abortion laws changed last month to permit terminations in all circumstances up to 12 weeks. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Miss England returning to her job as an NHS junior doctor
pred 3 urami in 29 minutami
Bhasha Mukherjee is heading back to work at a hospital in Boston, Lincolnshire due to coronavirus. (BBC News)
Paul Lambert: Ex-BBC producer who was 'fixture of politics' dies
pred 7 urami in 30 minutami
Leading journalists remember Paul Lambert - known as "Gobby" - as a central character at Westminster. (BBC News)
Are minorities being hit hardest by coronavirus?
pred 7 urami in 43 minutami
Statistics show people from ethnic minorities have been hard hit by coronavirus in the US, but what about the UK? (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Flour mills working 'round the clock' to meet demand
pred 7 urami in 45 minutami
The industry is struggling to keep up with demand as shoppers turn to baking amid the coronavirus lockdown. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Passport Office staff told to go back to work
pred 7 urami in 48 minutami
Staff say their lives are being put at risk because of demands they return to work next week. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Students angry at empty rooms rent charge
pred 7 urami in 57 minutami
Students away from universities shut down by coronavirus want to stop paying rent. (BBC News)
Murder arrest after dog walker 'altercation' in Roade
pred 8 urami in 2 minutama
A 27-year-old man is arrested on suspicion of murder after a pensioner is attacked in a village. (BBC News)
Wheelchair fitness: Surviving coronavirus lockdown on wheels
pred 8 urami in 39 minutami
The BBC’s Frank Gardner shows how he’s keeping fit during the UK's coronavirus lockdown measures. (BBC News)