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Prince William makes historic visit to Middle East
pred 1 uro in 31 minutami
The prince embarks on the first official royal visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories. (BBC News)
Boy, 15, killed in Romford community centre party stabbing
pred 3 urami in 45 minutami
Police officers "were confronted with up to 100 youths" when they were called to the attack. (BBC News)
Child obesity plan targets sweets at checkouts
pred 6 urami
New measures also target junk food ads and aim to halve childhood obesity by 2030 in England. (BBC News)
Appeal decade after Adam Chadwick shot dead in Leeds
pred 6 urami in 11 minutami
Adam Chadwick was killed in a struggle with three masked men outside a house in Harehills, Leeds. (BBC News)
Newspaper headlines: 'Give me £20bn or I'll bring May down'
pred 6 urami in 18 minutami
The Mail on Sunday reports Gavin Williamson's threats over defence funding to the prime minister. (BBC News)
'All women I know have had unwanted sexual attention', says Wood
pred 6 urami in 24 minutami
The leader of Plaid Cymru says every woman she knows has experienced unwanted sexual attention. (BBC News)
Newport church's prayer room survives devastating fire
pred 6 urami in 25 minutami
Some worshippers believe the prayer room was protected by an impenetrable 'spiritual fire'. (BBC News)
Scottish fruit and vegetable growth strategy unveiled
pred 6 urami in 32 minutami
Scottish fruit and vegetable producers draw up new plans to support the industry through to 2030. (BBC News)
Major waste material fire in Londonderry
pred 7 urami in 39 minutami
The Northern Ireland Fire Service were dispatched to Gillen Fuels in the Creggan area on Saturday evening. (BBC News)
Greenwich murder: Man arrested after body found in garden
pred 9 urami in 39 minutami
A man is being questioned on suspicion of murder, after the body was found at a property in Greenwich. (BBC News)