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Two unborn babies' spines repaired in womb in UK surgery first
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A team of 30 surgeons in London operated on the babies weeks before they were born. (BBC News)
The day my best friend stopped me walking into the sea
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Mark Newsome is starring in a one-man show about his experience. (BBC News)
What's fact and fiction about working as a British spy?
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Spies from MI5, GCHQ and MI6 bust some of the common myths about their lives. (BBC News)
Bohemian Rhapsody: 'We want to stay true to Freddie'
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Queen's Brian May and Roger Taylor attended the world premiere of Bohemian Rhapsody in London. (BBC News)
Young couples 'trapped in car dependency'
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Researchers say planners are allowing edge-of-town housing estates where car travel is the only option. (BBC News)
Why author Judy Blume's classic novel still inspires fans
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With a film of Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret on its way, fans of the book talk about its impact on their lives. (BBC News)
Clyde marine hub 'could create 1,000 jobs' on derelict site
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Malin Group wants to establish a marine engineering hub on a derelict site in West Dunbartonshire. (BBC News)
The art collective breaking barriers
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Work by the Shadowlight Artists, whose members have learning disabilities, is going on display. (BBC News)
The stories behind the Face of Suffrage artwork
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The stories behind the Face of Suffrage artwork. (BBC News)
Summer baby school delays: Parents face postcode lottery
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Studies suggest children born later in the school year perform less well than older classmates. (BBC News)