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Why are trypophobics scared of crumpets?
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Scientists estimate it affects 15% of the population - but many people have no idea what it is. (BBC News)
Emiliano Sala's father dies three months after son is killed
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Emiliano Sala's father suffered a heart attack at his home in Argentina in the early hours. (BBC News)
Meghan praised as 'inspiration' to young people in the Commonwealth
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Many people are "very excited" about her mixed-race heritage, the head of the Commonwealth says. (BBC News)
WW2 lost 'clickers' sought for 75th D-Day anniversary
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The clickers were used by WW2 paratroopers dropped behind enemy lines to detect allies in the dark. (BBC News)
Burglary spree pair who 'taunted' police on Facebook jailed
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Mason McConnon and Harry Gill "taunted" police by replying to comments on the force's Facebook page. (BBC News)
RSPB birdsong track highlights loss of 40 million birds
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Featuring the songs of endangered UK species, the charity hopes it will highlight a drop in bird numbers. (BBC News)
British Korea War veteran remembers injured child
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Keith Leese hopes to discover what happened to an injured child he helped during the Korean War. (BBC News)
Poole mother 'heartbroken' after young sons' grave vandalised
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The two young brothers, who had a rare skin condition, died within days of each other in 2013. (BBC News)
Lyra McKee: New footage released of suspected gunman
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Police have released footage of the suspected gunman involved in the murder of journalist Lyra McKee. (BBC News)
Body image fashion show highlights importance of being yourself
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A woman bullied for her looks sets up a fashion show to highlight the importance of body confidence. (BBC News)