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Facebook’s ad data may put millions of gay people at risk
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Over four million people that live in countries where being gay is illegal have been labelled by Facebook as being interested in homosexuality (New Scientist)
Wild polio has been eradicated in Nigeria but infections will continue
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Nigeria has officially wiped out wild polio, but there have already been 15 cases of infection this year, caused by the live virus used in some vaccines (New Scientist)
Record Amazon rainforest fires spark row between Brazil and France
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The Brazilian space agency, INPE, this week reported more than 75,000 fires across the Brazilian part of the world’s greatest rainforest, up 84 per cent on last year (New Scientist)
Asteroid Ryugu has no dust on it and we don’t know why
22. avgust 2019 (18:00)
The most detailed pictures yet from the asteroid Ryugu show it has no dust, which is very strange. There are at least three competing possible explanations (New Scientist)
Bacteria fly into the Atacama Desert every afternoon on the wind
22. avgust 2019 (15:00)
The Atacama Desert is one of the most hostile places on Earth, but new microbes arrive there every day on dust grains carried by the wind (New Scientist)
Gene editing turns cells into minicomputers that can record data
22. avgust 2019 (15:00)
Gene editing can turn living cells into minicomputers that record data. The technology could track what happens inside the body over time (New Scientist)
Gravitational waves could settle mystery of the universe's expansion
22. avgust 2019 (11:44)
Supernovae and the big bang's afterglow give us conflicting numbers on how fast the universe is expanding. Gravitational waves could help settle things (New Scientist)
We could use bees' honey to track environmental lead pollution
21. avgust 2019 (22:55)
Honey is a surprisingly effective tool for monitoring the levels of lead in the environment. It could be used in places where sampling is hard to organise (New Scientist)
China’s two-child policy linked to 5 million extra babies in 18 months
21. avgust 2019 (22:30)
A Chinese government policy allowing all couples to have two children led to an additional 5.4 million births in the first 18 months after it took effect (New Scientist)
Sitting for nine and a half hours a day linked to early death
21. avgust 2019 (22:30)
Sitting less and moving more often is associated with a lower risk of early death in middle aged and older people, suggests a review of data from 36,000 people (New Scientist)