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Italy’s cannabis light market fears legal buzzkill Italy’s cannabis light market fears legal buzzkill
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It’s been called the Italian "Green Gold Rush.” Barely there marijuana dubbed “cannabis light” has put Italy on the international weed map. But the industry is getting political and judicial blowback that some fear will nip business in the bud. (June 27)          (USA Today)
Analysis: immigration, health care dominate debate Analysis: immigration, health care dominate debate
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On a debate stage in Miami where a surprising amount of Spanish was spoken, Democrats blistered the White House for the deaths of a migrant father and his daughter whose drowned bodies were seen in searing photographs. (June 27)          (USA Today)
US election 2020: The biggest moments in Democratic debate
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There were policy disagreements, interruptions and some unexpected lines on the debate stage in Miami. (BBC News)
'Hero' 17-year-old catches falling toddler
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Feuzi Zabaat was working nearby when he caught a two-year-old girl as she fell out of a window. (BBC News)
'Nonsense': Malcolm Turnbull hits back at Christian Porter over Dutton exchange
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Former PM defends his view after reports he clashed with the attorney general over Dutton’s tilt at leadershipMalcolm Turnbull has hit back at the attorney general, Christian Porter, for claiming the former prime minister was “wrong in law” for believing that the governor general could have prevented Peter Dutton becoming the nation’s leader.On Thursday morning it was revealed that Porter and Turnbull had clashed amid last year’s Liberal leadership spill over whether General Sir Peter Cosgrove could refuse to appoint Dutton because of doubts over the home affairs minister’s eligibility to sit in parliament. It was reported that Turnbull believed Cosgrove should reject Dutton on that basis but that Porter had told him that view was “wrong in law”. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Technical issue interrupts Democratic debate – video
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A technical glitch delayed the second hour of the Democratic debate on Wednesday (June 26), forcing moderators Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow to pause and go to commercial. US president Donald Trump took aim at broadcasters NBC News and MSNBC, which he accuses of treating him unfairly. He posted on Twitter, "@NBCNews and @MSNBC should be ashamed of themselves for having such a horrible technical breakdown in the middle of the debate. Truly unprofessional and only worthy of a FAKE NEWS Organization, which they are!". Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Democratic 2020 candidates clash in first debate – video
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Ten of the Democrats running for their party’s 2020 presidential nomination faced off in Miami in the first of two primetime TV debates on Wednesday night, presenting their competing visions for a post-Trump America.The debates saw clashes on healthcare, inequality and foreign policy, promises on immigration, reproductive rights and the economy, and a lengthy discussion of the climate crisis – a novel development for US presidential debates Continue reading... (The Guardian)
US holidaymaker, 21, dies after being savaged by three sharks in the Bahamas
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An American woman on holiday in the Bahamas has been killed after being attacked by three sharks. (London News)
Japan's plastic problem: Tokyo spearheads push at G20 to tackle waste
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World’s second biggest producer of plastic waste per capita vows to put its plastic mountain on map at summitOne of the joys of traveling on Japan’s bullet trains is tucking into an ekiben “station bento”. But it is also a reminder of the country’s addiction to plastic.The Guardian’s ekiben, eaten en route to this week’s G20 summit in Osaka, contained no fewer than nine individual pieces of plastic, from functional sachets for sauce and mustard to purely decorative slivers of fake grass. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
'I feel lucky': millions have fled war-torn Yemen – the US has accepted 50
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The war in Middle Eastern country is the world’s worst humanitarian crisis but Trump has all but ended Yemeni immigration, leaving a community tornSince a devastating war began in Yemen in 2015, causing the displacement of 3 million people, the United States has taken in just 50 Yemeni refugees.Despite the deteriorating conditions in Yemen, where citizens must endure outbreaks of famine and disease amid the fighting, the number of Yemeni refugees resettled in the US has fallen almost to zero since Trump entered office. Continue reading... (The Guardian)