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Coronavirus could double number of people going hungry
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Exclusive: multinationals write to G7 and G20 urging leaders to keep borders open to trade and avert global food crisisCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageFood supplies across the world will be “massively disrupted” by the coronavirus, and unless governments act the number of people suffering chronic hunger could double, some of the world’s biggest food companies have warned.Unilever, Nestlé and PepsiCo, along with farmers’ organisations, the UN Foundation, academics, and civil society groups, have written to world leaders, calling on them to keep borders open to trade in order to help society’s most vulnerable, and to invest in environmentally sustainable food production. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Covid-19 spreading quickly though refugee camps, warn Calais aid groups
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With over 1,000 refugees and migrants left without proper sanitation, water supplies or food there is no way to contain virus, say volunteersThe last remaining volunteers working with refugees and migrants in northern France have warned that Covid-19 is spreading quickly through the makeshift camps where over 1,000 people are sheltering without proper sanitation, water supplies or food.Care4Calais, one of the only organisations still providing emergency services to migrants and refugees in Calais, said the number of people exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 rose from two to nine in just three days last week. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
How coronavirus changed the world in three months – video
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In just three months, the coronavirus has turned the world upside down. But how did it play out so quickly? We take a look back to where it all began – from its origins in south east Asia, to its acceleration across Europe and the US. As the infection rate increased and countries went into lockdown, people began to find imaginative and inspiring ways of coping with our new reality Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Coronavirus lockdown set to continue as Dominic Raab chairs Cobra while Boris Johnson remains in hospital
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Public warned not to be 'complacent' Measures to face test of hot holiday weekend Follow our live updates here Coronavirus: the symptoms (London News)
Tributes to NHS nurses Rebecca Mack and Donald Suelto who died after suffering suspected coronavirus symptoms
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Read our live coronavirus updates HERE Coronavirus: The symptoms (London News)
My name-twin was arrested for robbery … and everyone thought it was me
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When I bumped into the other Davon Clark in college, it was funny. When friends confused our dating profiles, it was weird. When he got in trouble with the cops, my life started to fall apartI walked out of class and pulled my phone out of my pocket. There were dozens of missed calls and messages from my girlfriend. She was demanding to know why I was on Tinder. One of her friends was claiming that she had found me on the app, and she had sent a screenshot of the bio to my girlfriend. Sure enough, his first name and interests were identical to mine.After collecting myself, I gave my girlfriend a call. She answered yelling, understandably. I gave her a few minutes and then tried to explain: it was someone else. She shot back that she knew I was lying. Her friend had started a conversation with the guy and he’d told her his full name, Davon Clark – which was also my name. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Coronavirus could turn back the clock 30 years on global poverty
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Economic impact of global shutdown could push half a billion people into privation, researchers warnCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageHalf a billion people could be pushed into poverty as economies around the world shrink because of the coronavirus outbreak, a new study has warned.Poverty levels in developing countries could be set back by up to 30 years, research released by the United Nations University’s World Institute for Development Economics Research warned on Thursday. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
The cluster effect: how social gatherings were rocket fuel for coronavirus
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Holding hands, kissing, sharing drinks from the same glass all helped spread the virusOn 15 February, a merry crowd wearing clown wigs and jester hats gathered in the town hall of Gangelt, a small western German municipality nestled by the Dutch border, to ring in the peak of the carnival season.Beer and wine flowed aplenty as approximately 350 adults in fancy dress locked arms on long wooden benches and swayed to the rhythm of music provided by a live band. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
The sound of icebergs melting: my journey into the Antarctic
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Continue reading... (The Guardian)