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Netanyahu hails Israel strikes against Syria to foil Iran 'killer drone attack'
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Israeli prime minister says Iran has ‘no immunity anywhere’ after military says Tehran drone plot thwartedThe Israeli air force struck in Syria to prevent an Iranian force from launching an attack on the Jewish state with drones armed with explosives, the army said on Sunday.Although Israel operates regularly in Syria, it rarely acknowledges its actions so swiftly, with its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, warning arch-foe Iran it had no immunity from his state’s military. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
G7: Scott Morrison to push for action against online terrorist content
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Australia’s PM flies into Biarritz, where he will have talks with world leaders – and a chat with Donald Trump Scott Morrison will try to push countries further on taking action against terrorist and violent extremist material on social media during a series of meetings on the sidelines of the G7 summit.Australia’s prime minister arrived in the French surfing town of Biarritz on Saturday night (early Sunday AEST) for the high-powered international forum. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Macron hopes to convince G7 leaders to halt trade war and heal divisions
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French president lunches with Donald Trump before summitNot the Messiah: Trump insists ‘chosen one’ remark was a jokeFrench president Emmanuel Macron has said he hopes to convince world leaders to pull back from trade war and heal growing divisions at the G7 summit in Biarritz, despite signs that will be a daunting task. Related: Boris Johnson prepares for Biarritz balancing act with Donald Trump Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Changing places: Why countries decide to move their capitals
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Indonesia is the latest country to embark on moving its capital city. Here are some other examples. (BBC News)
Zimbabwe: Is it worse off than under former President Mugabe?
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The opposition in Zimbabwe says things are worse than under former leader Robert Mugabe - it it right? (BBC News)
Imran Khan: A year facing Pakistan’s harsh realities
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Pakistan's cricketer-turned-PM has had success abroad but struggled at home during a tough year in office. (BBC News)
Is the US still Asia's only military superpower?
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A report finds the US' defence strategy in the Indo-Pacific region is close to a crisis. (BBC News)
Instagram influencers: Have we stopped believing?
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Instagrammer Tiffany Mitchell has been forced to deny faking a road crash for likes. (BBC News)
Six people injured after lightning strike
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Six people are injured as lightning strikes hit a tree at the season-ending Tour Championship in Atlanta. (BBC News)
Man in his 60s stabbed to death in west London
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Met police said man in his 30s arrested on suspicion of murder after incident in SouthallA man in his 60s has been stabbed to death in west London. The Metropolitan police said a man in his 30s has been arrested on suspicion of murder after the incident on Saturday evening in Southall.The man was pronounced dead at the scene in St Mary’s Avenue and his family has been informed. The arrested man is in hospital where he is under police guard and being treated for minor injuries. Continue reading... (The Guardian)