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Marijuana use during pregnancy linked to autism in babies, study says
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In what they call the largest study ever done, researchers found using marijuana while pregnant may increase the risk that a child will develop autism.  (CNN)
Thunderstorms can trigger asthma attacks that need hospitalization, study says
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The calm before the storm isn't really so calm, at least not for anyone with asthma or other severe breathing disorders, new research shows.  (CNN)
Adults may not be the only Covid 'long haulers.' Some kids still have symptoms, months after falling ill
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Fourteen-year-old Indiana Evans is a promising dancer from Hertfordshire, southern England, who was doing 16 hours of practice a week on top of school before the coronavirus pandemic hit.  (CNN)
Nursing apprenticeship funding gets £172m boost
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Ministers want nursing jobs in England to be more accessible, but a union says the plan falls short. (BBC News)
Georgia school seen in photo of a crowded hallway will briefly move to online learning after reporting 9 cases of Covid-19
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A Georgia high school that came under scrutiny last week when a student shared a photo of a crowded hallway will temporarily move to virtual learning after it reported nine cases of Covid-19, according to a letter the school district sent to parents Sunday.  (CNN)
Ninth staff member dies of Covid-19 at California Department of Corrections
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A ninth staff member has died from Covid-19, California's Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said Sunday.  (CNN)
Americans are still paying for sex in Mexico despite the pandemic
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Stay at home, be safe, but go hungry. Go out, earn a living, but risk your life. For so many in Mexico, this has been the pandemic's impossible choice.  (CNN)
Ohio governor warns people against seeing Covid-19 tests as unreliable after he received a false positive
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Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on Sunday warned Americans against seeing coronavirus tests as unreliable days after he received a false positive result before a scheduled meeting with President Donald Trump.  (CNN)
US surpasses 5 million known coronavirus cases
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The US topped 5 million cases of coronavirus early Sunday -- and as experts have highlighted before, the true number of infections could be many times higher.  (CNN)
Brazil passes 100,000 Covid-19 deaths, as cases top 3 million
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Brazil surpassed 100,000 deaths from Covid-19 on Saturday as cases exceeded 3 million, according to the latest numbers by the country's Health Ministry.  (CNN)