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Spinning With My Shrink
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 (New York Times)
Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before My Chronic Illness
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 (New York Times)
Screen time for kids under 2 more than doubles, study finds
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Screen time has more than doubled for children under 2 years old since 1997, a study published Monday in the journal JAMA Pediatrics found, with time spent in front of a TV as the main driver despite a changing screen landscape.  (CNN)
Personal Health: The Case Against Cough Medicine
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 (New York Times)
The argument for playing video games with our kids
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There is, inevitably, a gap between the parents we are and the parents we think we are. Not unlike algorithms, we rely on the past to inform our parenting decisions in the present. But this world keeps on turning, and the parenting present is never quite like the past.  (CNN)
Can you eat your way to better mental health? Study says yes
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It is well known that eating lots of fruit and vegetables is good for your physical health, but research suggests that it might be good for your mental health too.  (CNN)
What is it like to suffer a stroke at 25?
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Emily Cane's dance career was cut short and now she has communication difficulties. (BBC News)
Anorexia recovery: 'I know the darkest of the darkest'
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Lara Rebecca, 18, says she knows the "darkest of the darkest" after recovering from her eating disorder. (BBC News)
Parents were protesting compulsory vaccinations 150 years ago. Some are still angry
17. februar 2019 (02:47)
More than a century before Facebook, anti-vaccination campaigners had another method for spreading their message -- an eye-catching march through town with tiny children's coffins emblazoned with the words: "Another victim of vaccination."  (CNN)