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Covid: Black leaders blame lower vaccine take-up on racism
pred 7 urami in 56 minutami
Mistrust and inequality may explain why vaccine take-up is lower in the black community, say campaigners. (BBC News)
Tokyo 2020: The mental strain of the delayed Olympics
pred 8 urami in 25 minutami
Two Olympic hopefuls tell the BBC about the mental health impact of the delay to the Tokyo games. (BBC News)
Mental health: 'We need to care for patients, but also ourselves'
pred 8 urami in 25 minutami
Following the death of his cousin, Dr Dan Gearon created the charity, You Okay, Doc? (BBC News)
Covid: Canada authorises Pfizer vaccine for children aged 12 to 15
pred 15 urami in 31 minutami
It's the first country to allow the Pfizer jab for this age group. (BBC News)
Covid: Depression rises in young and women during second peak
pred 21 urami in 16 minutami
Overall, the number of adults who feel depressed has doubled since before the pandemic. (BBC News)
Covid-variant vaccines fast-tracked with more investment
pred 1 dnevom, 7 urami in 15 minutami
A new variant that can escape the current vaccines is the greatest risk of a third wave, experts say. (BBC News)
Covid and cancer: The young scientists working overtime to combat lockdown disruption
pred 1 dnevom, 7 urami in 34 minutami
Lab staff are working long unpaid hours to reduce the impact Covid is having on cancer research. (BBC News)
Apetamin: Instagram criticised over weight gain drug
02. maj 2021 (23:49)
NHS England calls for a clamp down on the targeting of the "dangerous" unlicensed drug at young women. (BBC News)
Surgery in the womb: 'I've done the best for her'
02. maj 2021 (00:20)
Helena Purcell travelled to Belgium for an NHS-funded procedure on her unborn baby's spina bifida. (BBC News)
Covid: Quarantine for Covid contacts could be scrapped
01. maj 2021 (23:20)
If a trial is successful, close contacts of people with Covid may no longer have to self-isolate for 10 days. (BBC News)