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'There was no hope': Treatable disease often mistaken for Alzheimer's
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Normal pressure hydrocephalus, which causes mobility and memory issues, can be mistaken for dementia. (BBC News)
Athletes have poor teeth despite brushing
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Are sugary sports drinks and gels the problem? (BBC News)
Shrewsbury nurse describes tasting sewage in river swim
22. avgust 2019 (11:21)
Melissa Compton, who swam 220 miles along the River Severn for charity, contracted a stomach bug. (BBC News)
Fish oil pills 'no benefit' for type 2 diabetes
22. avgust 2019 (01:41)
People with type 2 diabetes "should not be encouraged" to take omega-3, researchers say. (BBC News)
Puppy helps Ellie May, 8, to cope with diabetes
21. avgust 2019 (23:00)
A family is hoping a seven-month-old golden retriever will help their daughter manage her type 1 diabetes. (BBC News)
West Lane Hospital patients 'at high risk of avoidable harm'
21. avgust 2019 (02:36)
Two patients died in two months at the Middlesbrough centre, which has been rated inadequate. (BBC News)
High blood pressure in mid-30s may pose risk to brain health
21. avgust 2019 (00:58)
People in their mid-30s need to watch their blood pressure to protect brain health in later life. (BBC News)
New drug for people who can bleed uncontrollably
21. avgust 2019 (00:52)
NHS England is funding a new treatment for patients with severe haemophilia A. (BBC News)
E-cigarettes change blood vessels after just one use, study says
20. avgust 2019 (14:53)
A new study is the latest to show changes in cardiovascular function after vaping e-liquids, though in this case, those liquids didn't even contain nicotine.  (CNN)
The little-known spinal injury 'costing the NHS millions'
19. avgust 2019 (11:00)
Cauda equina syndrome requires decompression surgery within hours to avoid catastrophic damage. (BBC News)