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Cardiac arrest in fitness class caught on camera
pred 1 dnevom, 12 urami in 28 minutami
Mark Kingsland was sparring in a fitness class when he went into cardiac arrest. (BBC News)
Florida could require a prescription for certain sunscreens that could harm coral reefs
pred 1 dnevom, 14 urami in 38 minutami
Some sun protection may come at a steep price for the ocean's coral reefs. Now, a Florida state senator wants to ban some sunscreens entirely for the potential harm they cause marine life.  (CNN)
Liquid food safety alert leaves woman with no food for 10 days
pred 1 dnevom, 23 urami in 9 minutami
Jenny Evans is fed intravenously, but says a lack of deliveries left her without essential nutrition. (BBC News)
Royal Papworth Hospital rated 'outstanding' in all categories
16. oktober 2019 (07:12)
Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge is the first in the UK to achieve the rating in all five areas. (BBC News)
Top 34 bestselling 'fruit' drinks for kids deemed unhealthy
16. oktober 2019 (04:08)
Americans spent $1.4 billion on the most popular brands of children's fruit drinks and flavored waters last year. Yet according to nutritional guidelines, none of the drinks were healthy.  (CNN)
A third person has died after a Legionnaires' disease outbreak in North Carolina
16. oktober 2019 (01:50)
A third person has died from an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease in North Carolina, state health officials said.  (CNN)
How dad saved son from 'scalding cuppa' scars
16. oktober 2019 (01:19)
Each year hundreds of young UK children end up in hospital with severe but avoidable coffee and tea scalds, like Archie. (BBC News)
NHS screening 'needs to fit with busy lives'
16. oktober 2019 (01:18)
Mobile clinics and evening and weekend opening could help increase uptake of NHS screening programmes. (BBC News)
The world's first artificial womb for humans
15. oktober 2019 (23:54)
Doctors in the Netherlands say they are within 10 years of creating a 'second' womb for premature babies. (BBC News)
Deadly parasite 'jumped' from gorilla to humans
15. oktober 2019 (19:13)
Discovery of mutation 50,000 years ago could help in the fight against malaria. (BBC News)