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Pakistan anti-vaccination movement leads to string of deadly attacks
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A string of deadly attacks in Pakistan targeting healthcare workers has sparked fears that the spread of misinformation is fueling a resurgence of violence against those attempting to rid the country of polio.  (CNN)
Aetna settles lawsuit at heart of California investigation
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Aetna has settled a lawsuit in which a company medical director said under oath that he never looked at patients' records when deciding whether to approve or deny coverage -- testimony that prompted an investigation by the California insurance commissioner.  (CNN)
Help Desk: No to Pseudoscientific Diets! Yes to Less Stress About Food!
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 (New York Times)
Ties: Out to Lunch
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 (New York Times)
There's a better way for couples to argue, therapists say
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Anyone who's been in a relationship has been there: the yelling and blaming, the insults, hurt feelings and ultimately withdrawal.  (CNN)
Black, Latino patients much more likely than whites to undergo amputations related to diabetes
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In California, people who are black or Latino are more than twice as likely as whites to undergo amputations related to diabetes, an analysis found. The pattern is not unique to that state.  (CNN)
Men fall asleep, women cuddle and other post-sex behaviors that affect relationships
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After sex with your partner, you may just want to relax in bed and cuddle a bit. But would you find it frustrating and a little hurtful if, instead of reaching for you, your partner rolls over and reaches for their phone? Or maybe you're totally spent and craving sleep, but your significant other is offended that you don't want to indulge in intimate, meaningful conversation.  (CNN)
Cavities? Blame Nurture, Not Nature
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Environmental factors are more important than genetics in determining who gets cavities, a new study reports. (New York Times)
Measles quarantine issued at 2 California universities
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A measles quarantine was ordered Thursday at two public universities in Los Angeles in an effort try to prevent the spread of the highly contagious disease.  (CNN)