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Plastic pollution is all around us
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The Mass-Shooting Survivor Network
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 (New York Times)
Why a faecal transplant could save your life
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Patient's lives are being saved by poo, but how far can microbial medicine go? (BBC News)
'The gym helps me cope with my OCD'
21. april 2018 (01:21)
Gemma has OCD, but has found bodybuilding helps her manage and works as coping strategy. (BBC News)
CDC expands E. coli warning to all romaine lettuce
20. april 2018 (21:51)
The CDC warns that an outbreak of E. coli is now connected to all types of romaine lettuce, including whole heads and hearts of romaine, as well as chopped romaine in salads and salad mixes.  (CNN)
Gestational diabetes an 'epidemic'
20. april 2018 (21:28)
Experts say more screening is needed to tackle the disease, which affects pregnant women. (BBC News)
Medic suspended over Tipton mother's sepsis death
20. april 2018 (13:42)
An internal investigation will take place at Russells Hall Hospital after Natalie Billingham's death (BBC News)
London Marathon: How to run in the heat
20. april 2018 (13:19)
This London Marathon may break the record for the hottest yet, so how do you run in the heat? (BBC News)