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Mental health: North Wales A&E support scheme extended
pred 10 urami in 57 minutami
A "life-changing" mental health service in hospitals is now being rolled out to GPs surgeries. (BBC News)
Group B Strep: ‘A common bug could have killed my baby’
pred 1 dnevom, 11 urami in 14 minutami
A mother whose baby got meningitis because of Group B Strep says all pregnant women should be tested. (BBC News)
Microblading: Therapist tattoos eyebrows for cancer patients
pred 1 dnevom, 11 urami in 27 minutami
Beautician Laura Woodward is giving women their confidence back through beauty treatments. (BBC News)
'Miracle' woman survives six-hour cardiac arrest
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A British woman has made a full recovery after suffering a six-hour cardiac arrest caused by severe hypothermia -- a condition that doctors say also saved her life.  (CNN)
'I was addicted to exercise'
07. december 2019 (00:51)
When does something healthy, such as exercise, become an unhealthy obsession? And can apps make things worse? (BBC News)
NHS e-health systems 'risk patient safety'
07. december 2019 (00:26)
The use 21 separate electronic record systems in NHS hospitals across England 'could lead to errors'. (BBC News)
Doddie Weir: The rugby legend who won't give in to MND
07. december 2019 (00:23)
Three years after being told he has a terminal illness, rugby legend Doddie Weir refuses to give it an inch. (BBC News)
No single e-cigarette brand linked to vaping-related lung injuries, CDC says
07. december 2019 (00:19)
No single product or brand is responsible for the thousands of vaping-related lung illnesses reported across the United States, according to a report released Friday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  (CNN)
Study links hair dyes and chemical straighteners to higher breast cancer risk, particularly among black women
06. december 2019 (14:10)
Permanent hair dye and chemical hair straightener use was linked to a higher risk of breast cancer in a new study from researchers at the National Institutes of Health. The risk is more than six times higher for black women.  (CNN)
'Anti-vaxxer' charged as Samoan government battles deadly measles outbreak
06. december 2019 (12:46)
An alleged anti-vaxxer has been charged with "incitement against the government vaccination order," the Samoan government said Thursday.  (CNN)