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Coronavirus: Why do we talk about 'fighting' illness?
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Dominic Raab's been criticised for his comments on Boris Johnson's coronavirus, but is this fair? (BBC News)
Coronavirus pressures 'put organ transplants at risk'
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The coronavirus epidemic is threatening the UK's organ transplant programme, experts warn. (BBC News)
Charlotte Figi, the girl who inspired a CBD movement, has died at age 13
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Charlotte Figi, a child with a catastrophic type of epilepsy who went on to inspire a CBD movement, passed away Tuesday at age 13.  (CNN)
Coronavirus: Will summer make a difference?
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Other coronaviruses are sensitive to the seasons. (BBC News)
Publisher of hydroxychloroquine study touted by Trump says the research didn't meet its standards
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President Trump has been a cheerleader for the drug hydroxychloroquine, pointing in a tweet and in person to a French study as evidence that one particular drug combination might be "one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine."  (CNN)
US suicide rate climbs 35% since 1999, new report finds
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The suicide rate in the United States continues to rise, increasing 35% for almost two decades from 1999 through 2018, according to a new data brief released by the National Center for Health Statistics on Wednesday. The report included mortality data from the center's National Vital Statistics System.  (CNN)
US coronavirus cases top 400,000. But future projections are better than expected
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The US war against coronavirus has taken devastating turns this week. But with more people taking social distancing seriously, researchers predict the coming months won't be as dire as initially feared.  (CNN)
A grocery clerk with cerebral palsy died of coronavirus. She had kept working to help seniors
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As the coronavirus pandemic intensified, Leilani Jordan insisted on going to her job as a clerk at a Maryland grocery so she could help seniors, her mother said.  (CNN)
New US model predicts much higher Covid-19 death toll in UK. But British scientists are skeptical
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British scientists have pushed back against an influential new coronavirus model that predicts the UK will be the worst-hit European country, with a death toll from Covid-19 possibly much higher than previously thought.  (CNN)
Amid a national shortage of Covid-19 tests, California's wealthy can still get tested
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At a time when there are not enough coronavirus tests to meet demand in hospitals across the United States, those who can afford it and have the right connections can still get tested.  (CNN)