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'American Idol' finalist Chris Sligh reveals he is battling Covid-19 and pneumonia
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"American Idol" finalist Chris Sligh has Covid-19 and has developed pneumonia, he revealed on Instagram.  (CNN)
Amy Schumer takes viewers behind the scenes of her difficult pregnancy in 'Expecting Amy'
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"I found out two days ago that I'm pregnant," Amy Schumer says tearfully at the start of the "Expecting Amy." "Maybe I'll document it or something." That translates into a three-part docuseries, and a test of one's fandom level toward the comic/actor, offering a very-personal account of her gestation process for two things: The baby she had last year, and a Netflix stand-up special.  (CNN)
Kanye West says he no longer supports Trump and that he had coronavirus
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Kanye West is taking off his MAGA hat.  (CNN)
Kanye West: Presidential hopeful wants to run the White House like Wakanda
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The rapper and presidential hopeful wants to run the White House like Wakanda. (BBC News)
Usain Bolt shares first pictures of his baby daughter, revealing a name fit for a champion
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Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt has given his newborn daughter a name worthy of a future champion.  (CNN)
Thandie Newton explains why she dropped out of 2000's Charlie's Angels
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Newton says she was asked to play up to racial stereotypes and felt "objectified" in the role. (BBC News)
Kasabian confirm they ordered Tom Meighan to leave after his assault charge
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"Domestic violence can never be excused," say the band, in a statement clarifying the star's exit. (BBC News)
Inside the turbulent relaunch of Okayplayer: 'It all just came tumbling down'
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How Covid-19 and allegations of workplace bullying derailed the relaunch of the hip-hop website. (BBC News)
Virtual drama classes providing a lifeline for asylum seekers
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The young asylum seekers using music and drama to beat isolation during the pandemic. (BBC News)
Justin Timberlake says all Confederate monuments must come down for the US to 'move forward'
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Justin Timberlake has become the latest public figure to call for the removal of Confederate monuments across the US.  (CNN)